3 Days of Darkness

We were told that one of the signs of the last days just prior to Messiah’s return would be that the sun would not give it’s light.  So, I was thinking about this, and what would happen if we had no light from the sun for 3 days.  Does it go into ultra violet light? What would that mean to us?  Would it get pretty darn cold by the third day?  Has the sun ever gone dark?  I did a little digging and yes, it happened in 2011 for a short time, and now NASA is filtering stuff even more on it’s SOHO site. Watch these two videos


You need to be aware of the global weather changes and disasters.  I think we are seeing the birth pangs increasing.  This video is the most resent update:

So, it was caught and downloaded in part before NASA could get rid of the footage.  I want you to imagine 3 days of total darkness.  What will you need?  Ok, besides calm and prayer, what would you do to prepare for 3 days of darkness?  Remember there was a time of Darkness that came upon Egypt when Moses was sent to bring the people out of slavery and bondage under Pharaoh.  Those who had the blood of the lamb over their doors had light inside, but those who did not were in darkness.   I would suggest we take this season of repentance as it is the time of Atonement / Yom Kippur.  I believe as followers of Messiah we are given forerunner signs and warnings.

Disasters are increasing, wars and rumors of wars are increasing, and those who are seeking the Lord never need to fear.   So, it’s time to trim our lamps.  Hmm, was Yeshua warning us of this darkness?  We know the oil represents the Holy Spirit, and the light is God’s light, but could there be a really physical aspect to this?  Is it time to prepare and having done all we can stand in faith knowing our blessed redeemer is coming closer and closer?  Before he comes, there will be darkness, crisis, and fear.  Walk in love and fear not for Yeshua has overcome the darkness.  We have nothing to fear, and need to be walking in the light as Yeshua is in the light.  Be ready with love, calm and patience in all things as His representatives.  This is an awesome time to be alive!

Do you realize the prophets of old longed to see these days and yet we who if you are as I am feel we are nothing special.  We just happen to be alive, but the bible says the last generation has a holy remnant.  The first shall be last and the last shall be first!  Don’t you get it?  We who love God, understand the words of Messiah Yeshua are a chosen generation to bear witness in a dark time.  We who overcome are blessed as part of the first resurrection!  I am urging you to look within your heart.  Ask the Lord to guide you in all things, and teach you.  No weapon formed against us shall prosper, that is His promise to us as we seek to follow Him.  So, just remember what we were told by Yeshua.  Read the end days signs Yeshua spoke of.  Do not be confused as we were told by the King of Kings exactly what is to come.


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