The First Age and Hidden Archeology

I have written in the past how the bible speaks of an age (aeon) before this age, this age, and an age to come.  Is there evidence to support this?  Yes, there is, but we cannot say who was alive at that time from this evidence, but it does point to a very advanced civilization that was completely destroyed.  I am posting this episode from Coast to Coast speaking about the historical and hidden finds that support what I am saying.

I believe God did not want to destroy us, but for us to have a chance to mature and come to embrace agape love.  That a great battle happened and in an instant God created this age, and set it in order for us to go through a limited physical existence without knowledge of the prior age and who we really are.  That our souls are very very old, and we carry forward our personalities and traits from that age. Each of us has to come through this age and learn our lessons and choose to follow God or not.  Even in this age though there is a final chapter called the millennium and I do believe the bible speaks that some of us were chosen from that first age because of what we chose then.  We are told that only ten percent of God’s children stood by his side then.  One third rebelled and the rest basically are not mentioned which tells me logically they didn’t feel strongly one way or the other and basically said, “It’s not my fight”.

God has chosen some from the foundation of this age based on their decisions in the first age to be a remnant always pointing to follow God.  That when the day of the Lord happens, we have 1000 years to make a final fully informed decision.  Only some will take part in the first resurrection and become immortals with God.  The rest will have a body change and live that 1000 millennium time with souls that are still liable to die.  Satan will be locked up and we will all know the truth so there won’t be any arguments about who created the universe, who Satan is and who God is.  There will be no question about spiritual truth or history, so it will be a time of simply choosing to do what is right or to rebel, and then the bible tells us that Satan will be released again!  To my amazement it appears some wills till rebel and choose to follow Satan, and then the final judgment will take place.

God is long suffering with us.  God wants none of us to perish.  I do not believe anyone will be able to accuse God of being tricked.  Most of us won’t be part of the first resurrection as that is a special group who loves God, seeks after God, and points us to the truth.  Nonetheless, God wants us all to learn truth and love and how many of us have really had a chance to learn the truth given the games that have been played the past 6000 years?  To the victors goes the right to write history, and much has been hidden though is coming to light.  I could go on and on how we are being deceived about history, how religion has been used to control us, and how Satan sneaked into the church and did terrible things through men seeking power and now the church is blamed for it rather than Satan.  God is extremely fair, and will not judge a soul who has been simply deceived.  We will go into the final judgement because we chose that path.  Thus, in the end, we will all know what we are choosing based on truth.

So, what has been found that points to what I have said. I can back all this up with scripture, but I wanted to post this video. I may come back and alter this text to add in the bible texts about the ages, some chosen from the first age and predestined to truth, the millenial kingdom and judgements.  I am hoping you have read your bible, and if you have not, then I encourage you to open your mind, start at Genesis and read it line by line until you get to the end of Revelation.  Never let anyone tell you what the bible says without checking them out.  If you have not read it, you really don’t know what is in it to agree with it or disagree with it.

If you love hidden archeology  you will love the website showing amazing discoveries.  BEFORE US


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