Judge orders trial in allegedly missing Oklahoma City bombing video case



This was an interesting time in my life.  I had a radio show during the week on a rather large radio station (50,000 watts) and was covering various topics including the Oklahoma City bombing.  I was getting a lot of heat over my show, and it was upsetting some people.  I was given tips on stuff by people who did not want to go public with information.  Somehow my fax in my home went off early in the morning after this happened and I received a fax of the seismic data when the event happened, and I immediately called the gentleman who sent it to me.

He was at some Colorado school that received data covering this area of the country, and I asked him what I was looking at on the fax. He said, “You see those two increases in activity that are about a ten seconds apart?” I said, “Yeh, what’s it mean” and he said, it recorded two events that happened at the time of the bombing in the area meaning in his opinion it was not one bomb! I thanked him, and asked if I could contact him again if I had more questions.

About a half hour went by, and I decided to try to get him on my show and called him back. He answered, and said his name. I told him who I was and that I’d like to ask him some more questions and he got flustered, said, “I don’t know what you are talking about!” and hung up.

I don’t know what happened in those 30 minutes, but it seemed someone scared him. I then contacted General Partin and interviewed him on my show. He explained that in his over 20 years of experience as an expert in the military on bombs, detonation cord etc and the layout of that building that there as zero chance that truck bomb caused it because of how the columns behind the building were taken out while some in front that should have taken the larger part of the blast and were not the reinforced columns that were behind them still stood.

In his opinion, it was obviously a job that required wrapping the det cord around those columns and cutting them off and he said he had gotten samples from the rubble and it tested positive for military grade detonation cord.

I wish I had a tape of that interview, but there are other interviews available from him where he explains this. If those undisclosed videos would be released, I believe they would clearly show two explosions if what I was given was true, and I would love to see them.   Here is what was just released about a lawsuit over the unreleased surveillance tapes from that day:

This file photo taken May 5, 1995, shows thousands of search and rescue crews attending a memorial service in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. A Utah attorney is seeking security tapes from the the bombing scene as part of his unofficial inquiry into the explosion that killed 168 people and injured hundreds more. Jesse Trentadu already received more than two dozen tapes from security cameras on the buildings around the Federal Building, but he claims the FBI edited portions of them.
Associated Press


SALT LAKE CITY — A Salt Lake attorney who contends the FBI is hiding surveillance video associated with the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing might see his case go trial.

U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups denied the government’s motion to dismiss the case Monday and ordered both sides to prepare for a bench trial. He scheduled a status hearing for Nov. 21, at which a trial date will be set.

“This is a significant ruling,” said Jesse Trentadue, who has spent years trying to get the tapes. “There’s no doubt that evidence exists. The question then becomes why can’t you find it. The obvious answer is you don’t want to find it.”

At issue is whether the FBI adequately responded to Trentadue’s Freedom of Information Act request for footage of Timothy McVeigh parking a truckload of explosives at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995.

Specifically, he is after surveillance tape of the federal building and neighboring buildings as well as dashcam video from the Oklahoma state trooper who stopped McVeigh 90 minutes after the explosion that killed 168 people.  SOURCE






Things do not add up from that day:


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