ALERT : FEMA Preparing for Disaster (Video)

You must watch this video. It feels like someone is preparing for something big to happen.  There were reports of planning to lock down schools and bus kids off. I cannot confirm this information.  If you have data on this, please message me:

I am adding this for your consideration and I remind you that this is a spiritual war, and if you are fearful then you need to turn to God.  Having done all that we can, standing in faith, we have nothing to fear.  Our home is not of this world, just as Yeshua’s kingdom was not of this world.  If you are fearful of what is happening and you don’t know Yeshua/Jesus and want to then repent of your sins and accept him into your life as lord and savior.  If you do know Yeshua and are fearful then I say, stop looking at the world.  We are to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.  Walking in love towards all, and asking for God’s guidance.  Having done that, truth in God to guide you and your family.

Finally, it’s on the record!


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