Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined Full

This video covers a lot of subjects, inside players, and how our world is being manipulated into a soon to be realized one world system.  The documented facts are impossible to refute, and the media silence is astounding.  Yet, the people don’t care, they watch their tv shows, go to their jobs, and just want to be left alone.  I imagine a time will come they will gnash their teeth, scream and cry and wonder how this could have happened.  I am reminded of Nathan the prophet who went to David and told him a story of a rich man taking a poor man’s sheep for his party, and David was incensed only to be told “David, you are that man!”

In that moment, David saw his sin.  If you cannot watch a movie, cannot get your head out of your pleasure books, stop and look at the world and thus end up doing nothing, then you to can blame yourself.  Many have been watchmen crying in the wilderness for years, and the people won’t listen.  They won’t realize how they are being played, and how to regain control. Please watch this and share it.


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