Evolution vs. God – This is one to share with ALL your friends

This recent short documentary is really upsetting the evolutionist community. I found it an excellent example of listening to the evolution believers as they try to explain evolution and that it’s a belief system. Their cognitive dissonance is quite amazing to watch in progress. I can see why this is really upsetting the Darwinian fans.

Now they are demanding the cut pieces that the documentary is made from. They don’t demand this sort of footage from other works, yet they are trying to imply the documentary is leaving out things that would prove their theory. The Blaze has an article up about this documentary and the controversy it has created. I will post that below the documentary.

I highly encourage you to share this blog post with your friends, tweet it, facebook it, email it, twitter it!  This is an incredible short video and you will be amazed watching it.



Blaze Article


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