Chariots found at the bottom of the Red Sea – Was Ron Wyatt a liar?

I came across this video and it touched me.  I would love to go visit Gemorah and light the brimstone.   I am looking for the Red Sea imagery of the chariots, and may put it below, but I am enjoying my searches on the truths of what we are facing as believers.  I don’t necessarily hold to all these teachings.  I like Kent Hovind’s handling of the evolution vs creation issues.

I understand many have left Hovind over his being imprisoned for tax evasion.  I do not happen to have a problem with people trying to get out of the Washington D.C. Social Security citizen scam and giving up their U.S. citizenship and reclaiming their status as American Citizens.  It’s all legaleze and it’s very easy to get into trouble when trying to be a common law Citizen.  I think that is how they got Hovind.  It is my hope that he is doing very well in prison and witnessing to those who have no one to reach out to them.  God only knows how many lives he has touched there, and I pray for him.  He and I don’t have to agree on everything.  I can still love his zeal and love for lost souls.  So, with that in mind I share these videos that I pray will encourage you in your faith.  They will be a little lengthy, and I encourage you to grab a cup of coffee, sit back and invite your children to watch what you deem appropriate.  They are you greatest gift and treasure on this earth.  May they know the love of God and salvation in Yeshua our Messiah.





What is going on?  Why are we being destroyed as a society?  There is much trouble in the world today.  Do we have warnings of what is to come?  We are being called to repentance and salvation, but scoffers abound today.  The foolishness of man calls the truth a lie and lies as truth.  We call good evil and evil good, and what is happening to America and the world because of this?

I am sharing this video because of some of it’s very revealing segments.  I don’t like a short bit within it, but I just waded through it.  I hope you can see the truth within this video:






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