Japanese Tsunami Video : Unbelievable Footage Released

I could not believe how calm they were before the flood came. I was talking throughout watching this.  “RUN!!!”  “Why are they standing there?!”  “OH MY GOD…. ”  “It looks like Hell”  Please pray for our Japanese friends and hope for things to be fixed in Fukushima.  This is a major tragedy still:


2 comments on “Japanese Tsunami Video : Unbelievable Footage Released

  1. Every time that I watch footage of the Japanese tsunami (which I do fairly often) all I can think of besides the terrible loss and devastation in Japan is what would happen if this happened here. I live on the Oregon Coast and we are overdue for a major rupture of the Cascadia Subduction Zone, and when it finally snaps it will produce a quake of similar magnitude to the Sendai quake. When this happens the devastation along the Coast will rival that in Japan, and many of our coastal communities will simply be wiped out. It’s a tragedy waiting to happen yet most people here are so unaware of the danger and totally unprepared for a disaster of this magnitude.

    • are you sure they are not aware or just in denial? I personally am more concerned about a planned tsunami and think the one in Japan may have been triggered. The classic HAARP lights were in the sky.

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