Earthquakes and Disasters Increasing : Signs Foretold

Jesus was asked by his disciples to explain what would happen in the last days.  Jesus told them that there would be disasters, earthquakes, famines, and wars increasing as birth pains upon a woman.  That these were the beginnings of sorrows.  In my studies, I have also come across those who say there is a plan to gain control of the world through economic chaos, disasters, terrorism, and oddly asteroid and a fake alien invasion was reported by a Dr. Carol Rosin who worked with Werner Von Braun:

Note that Werner Von Braun warned of a fake alien invasion to be used to fool the world, and yet later Dr. Rosin talks about extra-terrestrials that are real.  I don’t believe in ET.  I don’t believe in aliens from other solar systems coming here to experiment on us, to enlighten us, or to kill us.  I do believe in psy-ops meant to make us fear aliens, to think they are real, and to condition us to a time when Project Bluebeam is activated and through holographic technology we believe what our eyes see!  I also believe in Demonic inter-dimensional beings and craft that are used.  God visited us on a craft that is well described in the book of Ezekiel as “HIGHLY POLISHED BRONZE”!    Read it for yourself.  It’s like a wheel on a cart sideways with people in it and when it goes up the people go up and when it goes down the people go down.  The “Eyes” on it are windows.  How else would a man who has never seen a vehicle like this describe it? It has legs that are really three pronged landing gear and out of it came the throne of God per Ezekiel.  Don’t believe me? LOOK IT UP!  LOOK up the color given and it says, “Highly polished Bronze.”   Regardless of Dr. Rosin’s belief in aliens, I do find it interesting of the order of events she discussed.  Rogue nations, terrorism, asteroids and a fake alien invasion.  Oh, you want to see about this holographic tech being used and project bluebeam?




So, we have Terrorism this past decade to spend our money on, and now we have had a massive asteroid hit in Russia recently.  Is this all part of a plan to further control? I mean, I don’t think they made the asteroids, but if they knew there were coming, then they decide how to use it to further their goals.  If we are to have a massive energy grid failure will this get rid of all of those unemployed, robbed by the government, and angry people who are waking up to their shenanigans?  What better way than a natural disaster?

This video of a woman who gives her name and credentials as having access to top secret satellite images that show NASA warned the government 50 years ago of a coming calamity when our second sun enters our system with it’s seven planets!  The first part of the video is interesting, but I see it as pure propaganda.  The part that interested me is what follows the RT report, and it’s what I want you to listen to.  If you have any insider information, please contact me so I can go over it.  If you have other sources please reply.  It does appear earth has had successive disasters that happen about ever 3600 years.  Is this Niburu?  I don’t really know.  Is it propaganda to freak people out? Again, I do not know.  What I do know is that if you love God and believe in Jesus we do not need to fear for God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of a sound mind.  Are we getting warnings to take steps to prepare?  What would you do if we lost all power for the next 7 years?


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