Bank Holiday Warning 72 Hour Alert to Martial Law

According to Susan Possel who has a strong track record in her reporting especially in the financial markets has some information about what is really going on worldwide between China,Russia,Pakistan, Libya, Greece, UK and America is a currency war.  The fiat banking system is collapsing and America should have collapsed a couple years ago, but the debt crisis in America was put off into the UK and Greece collapsed instead.

China and Russia are trying to buy Iranian oil with gold and desire to move away from the default dollar method that has been used for decades.  In essence, all oil in the middle east had to be purchased with dollars. Thus the Chinese would have to purchase dollars to buy their oil.  Well, our dollar is worthless and these countries know it.  Gaddafi was trying to unite Africa via a new gold currency, and that is why he was overthrown.  It appears there will be a war with Iran and Syria very soon to gain control of the region and it all comes down to who controls the oil.

America cannot continue to live the high life as if our currency and debt is not a house of cards facing a tornado.  They are just creating money out of thin air with NOTHING to back it up but confidence!  What happens when the confidence is lost?  The people panic.  What happens when people panic?  The government declares martial law and the constitution is suspended.  I believe it’s all by design.  They want the crisis to change the world.  They want us to hate how things have changed and demand a new way.  So, it’s typical problem – crisis – solution.  “Never let a serious crisis go to waste” was famously said by one of the elites own, Rahm Emanuel.  This is an insightful audio of the explanations of what is happening:



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