The Undoing of the Theory of Evolution

Truth is pure.  Truth is honest.  Truth is simple.


I am an extreme lover of truth.  I have no sacred cows for I trust in truth.  No matter what I believe I can examine any presentation in search of truth and if my heart is set on truth, I have no reason to fear the undoing of some belief.  Is my belief based on truth is my soul reason for being.  In that thought, I have to be intellectually honest and be willing to examine all evidence that comes my way without prejudice.  Quite frankly, I drive my family nuts sometimes because when I get into a subject I take it from pro vs con.  I will immerse myself into the pro argument side whether or not it lines up with my beliefs. This could take days, weeks or months.  Then when I feel I have exhausted all the pro information opportunities, I switch to the con side and exhaust all the available con data on that subject.

Only after having done all that do I begin to evaluate the information based on my understandings and come to my conclusions in the most honest way possible.  This is why some of my blog posts seem very anti Christian doctrine.   Things like the rapture, how many people God created in the beginning, the flood of Noah, and the life of Jesus / Yeshua.  This particular article as the title says is about the undoing of the theory of evolution popularly taught to children and adults in k -12 school and university.

I will present some images and videos for you to watch.  These show the immeasurably complex biological systems and facts science as known about for decades and yet they still teach Darwinian theory!  Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was soundly disproved by the 1960’s.   In Darwin’s day, they use to think that a cell was some simple chemical blob like plasma.   We now know that cells are anything but simple!  The things that happen in your cells that enable you to live are akin to a nano sized factory with codes and keys that mathematically would boggle your mind to happen by pure chance.

For instance, this is one motor that is used to help a bacteria funtion. Now, does this look like something out of an auto manual or what?

motor bacteria

Here is another interesting cell model:

ATP synthesis

These images alone show an incredible design.  For your body to operate, you must have everything in working order on the smallest scale to thrive.  When things are not working we become ill.  For the simplest functions to take place requires proteins which in turn are created by amino acids.   Protein chains can be as short as 150 amino acids links in very specific sequences to 400 amino acid combinations and there are 20 amino acids that make up these protein chains!

The odds of them coming together by chance per evolutionary protocol is akin to 10 to the 123rd! Something like this:

protein chain math

I am not a mathematician, but that is a lot of zeroes!   This debate over evolution vs. creation has gone on for a long time.  If science is the pursuit of truth then the answers should only matter in truth and not in one’s spiritual beliefs.  What I mean by that is if you are a Christian or Jew or Muslim or any other religion you should not be afraid of evidence in any matter of truth.  The same holds for those who are agnostics or atheists.  When you examine something and the evidence points to intelligent design it should not be quashed because you don’t like the information.  If the facts point to intelligent design then that is factual no matter what it does to your personal comfort zone.  Sadly, the scientific community is being held hostage by those who are being made very uncomfortable with the evidence now being presented from a scientific methodology that points to life beginning by an intelligent design.  So much so that many world renowned scientists have left the evolution side and embraced intelligent design only to have their careers ruined!  This is the pressure they are under now.  They can not pursue truth if it does not agree with the beliefs of atheistic evolution if they want to continue working in their field.

The movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” covers this issue.

This is a very scary situation because we are no longer free to pursue truth.  Our best and brightest because a pursuit of truth is going against those power belief’s and lives are being ruined and opportunities lost!   These heads of foundations, schools, universities and publications are using bully tactics to shut other scientists up from revealing the EVIDENCE proving Intelligent Design!  Then ask yourself, are we teaching our children the truth? What are the outcomes of this atheistic dis-proven theory of evolution? Why do I say dis-proven?   I say it is a proven outcome of allowing for no right or wrong which leads us to a society in chaos.  Now, here is a question.  Do you get order our of chaos or does chaos come from a confusion of order?  Do you get highly evolved things to devolve then re-evolve?  There are ancient footprints that show perfectly formed human footprints that predate the whole neolithic period!  You won’t see them in the science curriculum, but it does not mean they don’t exist.  That subject though is not what this article is about. It’s just a point of information.

In order to have life, you must have over 250 proteins, and those are so complex that you have a 10 to the 123rd power of chance!  NOT HAPPENING FOLKS!

To get 1 protein to work is the odds of 1 in a trillion,trillion,trillion,trillion! How do you like your odds in spinning that wheel?  Think you feel lucky?  Do you play the lottery?  It was just 400 million in prize money yesterday.  Do you feel lucky?  What are the odds of winning that lottery?  State lottery is about 1 in 18 million.  The multi-state jackpot is about 1 in 120 million!   Obviously some win it, but now what if your chance is 1 in a trillion trillion trillion trillion?  NO ONE WILL WIN IT and that is just 1 protein! There are 250 of those, the math proves there is zero chance of Darwin’s theory of evolution explaining how life began.  Darwin didn’t even try to explain that. He started once life was here.  Sure animals adapt. No one is arguing that if you have successive very cold winters that the more wooly sheep are going to become predominant and the less wooly sheep will die out thus leaving a new group of more wooly sheep.  The problem is how did the sheep get here!  On a simple order of logic, if you require a reproductive system to multiply and it takes millions of years to develop then you would die before any such change happens.  The microbiological cell structures are just as complicated.   You have to have these proteins created by amino acids in order to have cellular function.  This is where the 1 in a trillion trillion trillion trillion issue comes into effect.

What does DNA do?

What is really going on?  The atheists who are really God haters gained a foothold in science.  This is what this is really about.  Destroying God and any reason to believe in God.  That this belief cannot be based in anything logical or factual.  The real war is spiritual and the God haters have control of education and the indoctrination of our children.  They spend year after year demeaning faith and sounding intellectual and reasonable, but they will not allow any scientific facts to be presented that would give credence to creation through intelligence.

What is the science behind Intelligent Design?

The Creation Conversation


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