FEC emails colluding with IRS to Target Conservative Groups

This is how you change a free nation into a despotic controlled state of tyranny!  They target their opponents who might win against them in elections with the big bad IRS.  Target the enemies supporters and shut down the opposition.  This all ties in with the NSA spying situation.  Do not think they will hesitate to dig up dirt on people with targeted surveillance of their communications to black mail them into submission.

The people are stressed out in the Nation and it’s one more scandal.  Pretty soon it will just be business as usual.  At what point do we throw all the bastards out of Washington, shut down the Federal Government except for Military requirements to secure the nation?  We need a reboot and this is all planned.  They want us so mad we are willing to end America.  Nothing was wrong with America as it was set-up.  What went wrong was a bloated Federal monster and stolen states rights.  This is the Cloward/Piven strategy at work.  Divide the people, keep them distracted and angry with each other, and conquer them via laws, programs, grants, and outright theft.  The system is overwhelmed and it will crash.  It just seems to depend on when they want to end it.

FEC Official: New Emails Show Agency May Have Colluded With IRS in Political Targeting Scandal


The vice chairman of the Federal Election Commission said Monday he had seen undisclosed email exchanges between FEC employees and the Internal Revenue Service that show the two agencies may have worked together to target conservative groups.

Don McGahn’s admission would seem to confirm earlier reports that raised questions regarding a possible collusion between the two agencies.

An investigator with the FEC had contacted Lois Lerner, the IRS official at the center of the targeting scandal, to discuss the status of the American Future Fund, a conservative political advocacy group, McGahn told CNNSOURCE


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