Corporation Nation

Did you know your state is no longer a State, but a district?  This is a long video and you won’t believe what I am about to show you.  How has America been robbed of our heritage LEGALLY?



Evolution vs. God – This is one to share with ALL your friends

This recent short documentary is really upsetting the evolutionist community. I found it an excellent example of listening to the evolution believers as they try to explain evolution and that it’s a belief system. Their cognitive dissonance is quite amazing to watch in progress. I can see why this is really upsetting the Darwinian fans.

Now they are demanding the cut pieces that the documentary is made from. They don’t demand this sort of footage from other works, yet they are trying to imply the documentary is leaving out things that would prove their theory. The Blaze has an article up about this documentary and the controversy it has created. I will post that below the documentary.

I highly encourage you to share this blog post with your friends, tweet it, facebook it, email it, twitter it!  This is an incredible short video and you will be amazed watching it.



Blaze Article

Leaked Memo – Obama approved chemical attack plan to blame on Assad Regime in Syria

This is interesting, sick and sad.  It appears this is being blocked in news outlets and even the wayback machine site that caches internet pages has removed it last I checked, but this was up some time ago and ignored by major media. You can read the article at the link provided below:


assad chemical weapons



assad chemical weapons2





Child Paints Her Visions of Heaven



Some of her art goes for 3 million!  I’m not sure how I feel about that sort of exorbitant pricing, but it is her talent and gift from God.   My only reservation is does she lift up Jesus / Yeshua or some ethereal all encompassing new age god?  I do hope she knows the truth.


Visit her beautiful site.

Chariots found at the bottom of the Red Sea – Was Ron Wyatt a liar?

I came across this video and it touched me.  I would love to go visit Gemorah and light the brimstone.   I am looking for the Red Sea imagery of the chariots, and may put it below, but I am enjoying my searches on the truths of what we are facing as believers.  I don’t necessarily hold to all these teachings.  I like Kent Hovind’s handling of the evolution vs creation issues.

I understand many have left Hovind over his being imprisoned for tax evasion.  I do not happen to have a problem with people trying to get out of the Washington D.C. Social Security citizen scam and giving up their U.S. citizenship and reclaiming their status as American Citizens.  It’s all legaleze and it’s very easy to get into trouble when trying to be a common law Citizen.  I think that is how they got Hovind.  It is my hope that he is doing very well in prison and witnessing to those who have no one to reach out to them.  God only knows how many lives he has touched there, and I pray for him.  He and I don’t have to agree on everything.  I can still love his zeal and love for lost souls.  So, with that in mind I share these videos that I pray will encourage you in your faith.  They will be a little lengthy, and I encourage you to grab a cup of coffee, sit back and invite your children to watch what you deem appropriate.  They are you greatest gift and treasure on this earth.  May they know the love of God and salvation in Yeshua our Messiah.





What is going on?  Why are we being destroyed as a society?  There is much trouble in the world today.  Do we have warnings of what is to come?  We are being called to repentance and salvation, but scoffers abound today.  The foolishness of man calls the truth a lie and lies as truth.  We call good evil and evil good, and what is happening to America and the world because of this?

I am sharing this video because of some of it’s very revealing segments.  I don’t like a short bit within it, but I just waded through it.  I hope you can see the truth within this video:





Christians Arrested for Reading the Bible in Public

Welcome to pagan Rome where Christians are harassed and arrested for reading their bible in public!  The pressure to shut up and go along is moving forward friends.  Watch out of those home bible study groups or prayer circles in public!  You might offend a heathen!


Late Tuesday, Superior Court Judge Timothy Freer found two men “not guilty” after they were charged and tried for reading the Bible aloud in front of a line of people waiting to enter the DMV in Hemet, California. One of them is Pastor Brett Coronado of Reconciled Christian Fellowship in Hemet, California and the other is an elder of the church.

he prosecution needed to prove that the men were required to obtain a permit before engaging in their expressive activity of reading the Bible. After the prosecution rested, the defense team made a motion for directed verdict and Judge Freer entered a verdict of “not guilty” before the defense was required to present its own witnesses and evidence.

Robert Tyler, one of the defense attorneys and General Counsel for Advocates for Faith & Freedom stated, “The prosecution failed to meet its burden of proof that our clients committed a crime when they read the Bible aloud in front of a line of people.”

Nic Cocis, defense attorney and co-counsel, remarked, “These men were exercising their First Amendment right of Free Speech. They were simply sharing their faith on public property and the criminal charges should never have been filed.”

In order for the prosecution to prove that a permit was required under Title 13, Section 1860 of the California Administrative Code, it was required to prove that the defendants were engaged in a “demonstration or gathering” as defined in Section 1851. Judge Freer ruled that there was insufficient evidence to prove that the men conducted either a “demonstration or gathering.” Both definitions require that the conduct of defendants was such that it had “the effect, intent or propensity to draw a crowd or onlookers” and the prosecution couldn’t prove that to be the case.



More Fake Terror

The Boston Bombing had lots of evidence of “fake terror victims” and for the average person it is just too hard to believe that we are being lied to.  Well, oddly, it’s a lot easier to believe it’s happening in other countries, so enjoy the video and images of another fake victim.  I love how he tries to raise his leg to cover up the obvious lack of injury:


On Week of U.S. Launch, Al Jazeera English Airs Video of Apparently Fake Protester Thats Now Gone Viral


On Week of U.S. Launch, Al Jazeera English Airs Video of Apparently Fake Protester Thats Now Gone Viral


On Week of U.S. Launch, Al Jazeera English Airs Video of Apparently Fake Protester Thats Now Gone Viral


On Week of U.S. Launch, Al Jazeera English Airs Video of Apparently Fake Protester Thats Now Gone Viral

9/11 The Untold Stories

This is a story that will never die because the truth has never come out regarding what happened September 11, 2001.  This is a new movie that has been released, and it brings up the questions the families directly affected by 9/11 have raised that have never been answered satisfactorily.


Evolution and Humanism war on Truth

Some of you know that I debate on the forum ATS.  I have been making some threads there dealing with the problems of evolution and those who call themselves Christians who are really not following the bible, but want to change Christianity into a humanistic religion.  Evolution can be a catch all phrase.  For the purpose of this article, I wish to deal with Darwin’s theory as it pertains to the idea of common ancestry and species changing from one species to another over long periods of time in increments.  You see, Darwin was right when he noticed that species adapt to their environment and that the strongest will survive while the less fit will die off.  Thus the traits in the strong will become dominant.  One easy example would be sheep with various coats from thin to very thick wool.

If there were successive very cold winters, the less wooly sheep would not survive and thus those that breed would have a more wooly coat and one would say, the newer sheep has “evolved” to be more wooly.  I don’t see this as the classic idea of evolution.  Of course we adapt.  If you take a very white person and put them in Florida and they spend more and more time in the sun, their skin will tan.  That doesn’t mean the homo sapiens have evolved, but merely adapted.  I do not think all people who believe in evolution have an ax to grind against religion.  They don’t all know they are lying or using lies to defend their faith in evolution.  The fact is though that the evolutionists have managed to gain control of the learning institutions, journals, and science academies etc to the point that they will not allow any scientist to let the facts lead where they may even if they go against evolution.

In fact, once very popular and lauded scientists have had their careers ruined over-night because they no longer believed in that part of evolution that teaches we come from a common ancestor and life happened by chance.  In the last decade, major strides in understanding how cells work, what it takes to make the basic building blocks of life (proteins) are so complex that massive coding needs to be in place to create the things needed to function.

Here is one basic problem.  How did the simple cell know it would need legs, eyes, teeth, digestion, reproduction, and two sexes to evolve at just the same time to reproduce life?  Why are there no intermediate fossils showing this slow gradual change from one creature to a new species?  Darwin had a dilemma and that was the fact that he knew he didn’t have the intermediate fossils to prove his theory.  He believed they would be found.  The Theory of Evolution was not well accepted when it came out.  It was not just being put in science classes and taught as fact as it is today.  How did they manage to get this strangle hold and push creation out of the classroom?  They did it by lies, fraud, and hoaxes!

The famous “Piltdown Man” from England was the proof of evolution.  Here was their missing link!  It was not allowed to be studied and tested for 40 years and when it was tested, it was proven to be a complete fraud. Not a simple fraud though.  Whoever did it knew about aging bones and how important such techniques would be to fool the scientific community.  Regardless of the lie though, this was a major factor in “proving” evolution to give it more standing in the academic scientific world.

Some may say, “What’s the big deal? It’s just a theory anyway.”

There is a war going on and many understand different aspects of it, but when examined in total the only logical explanation is that there is an absolute full on assault through the new age movement and science to undermine Christianity via fantastic tales and hoaxes which they seek to hide via their compliant media whores. When an anthropological hoax is revealed it becomes news for a week and then it’s forgotten. Later, that same idea is still taught to children in schools to support the theory of evolution. The natural outcome of that theory is to create disbelief in young children.

Rules are not fun. Many children will do anything to test the boundaries of their parents rules. It’s actually a safety mechanism because if the boundary is real then the child can trust their parent. If the parent does not enforce a rule then the child cannot trust the parent. Now, if education can come along and sow seeds of disbelief in a most logical way, then the child can learn to distrust their parents judgment and if their parent is a Christian then it’s easier to dismiss this idea of God and the gift of salvation in Jesus. Once you get rid of that notion then situational ethics is perfectly logical and there is no right or wrong. After generations of this we have the outcome of lying politicians and a country in ruins. This was the plan all along of the Marxist communists in their plan to destroy America from within through demoralization, destabilization, crisis and then normalization as explained by the Russian KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov when he explained the true purpose of their system. These globalists do have a plan for the world. We are seeing the final pieces falling into place today. Once the crisis hits the effects of demoralization and destabilization will be realized when the totalitarian control of the world takes place. Anyone who will not comply will be seen as a traitor to humanity. These individuals will be seen as the enemy to mankind, peace, and utopia. The logical step is to remove these people and they will believe they are doing good ultimately.

The problem with evolution is that it is used to teach how life began when that was not even Darwin’s starting point. Darwin’s theory begins after life is here and tries to show that we all come from a common ancestor. My recent blog post about Intelligent Design shows the myriad of problems with Darwin’s ideas when one understands just what is necessary for cellular function. I believe, that had Darwin known this information, he would never have presented his theory because of the fact that for life to begin by chance in some chemical soup would be a one in a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion chance! It just could not happen by chance alone. Amazingly, one of the chief proponents of evolution, Dawkins author of “God Delusion”, actually gives credence to aliens seeding life on earth!

Even in the church today, we have the teaching that “we are gods” being pushed!  People like Kenneth Copeland of the name it and claim it or blab it and grab it theology crowd actually pushes this as does Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, and a sundry of other popular preachers.  The Roman Catholic Church is making room for evolution to be ok, and alien visitors to possible.   The church is slowly being taken over from the inside by humanists who want to create a new one world religion backed up by science and mystical experiences that do not line up with the bible.

“My people perish for lack of knowledge” is one factor in the bible regarding the last days generation.  We will call evil good and good evil.  We will turn aside from truth to those teachers who will tickle our ears with tales we want to accept.  Most Christians do not study the bible line upon line and precept upon precept.  They do not know that studying in the original language is quite easy, and frankly they don’t want to.  They go to church out of tradition. It feels good, it’s part of their community, it provides a strong moral foundation, and often it’s how one succeeds in business and finds a spouse who is a respected member of the community.  None of that has anything to do with spiritual maturity, growth, or truth.   The regurgitate what their pastor teaches them or Sunday school teaches them or if they go to seminary, what their cemetery taught them.  Is there a problem with not knowing the truth?  If your child is spending 8 hours a day being indoctrinated by secular humanists then YES there is a problem.  They are being taught that what they were raised in is stupid, unscientific and a lie.  That the bible is fairy tales and the idea there is a “man up in the sky” is stupid and just as silly as Santa Claus.  So, what are the other lies they used and even still use to prove evolution?

You think this is not a direct against the bible and they are not trying to change it?  Watch this :

More on Piltdown man:

“Piltdown Man” was presented to the world as the missing link proving evolution. But, what do we now know about the “Piltdown Man”?

A fossil human skull found near Piltdown, England, in 1912. It was taken from a gravel pit cut into an ancient alluvial fan. The deposit itself probably dates from the third glaciation but contains much older materials washed in from higher levels. The skull while exceedingly thick and showing some primitive characteristics is essentially that of modern man (ibid., volume 15, p. 782).

Dr. Don Boys clarified information on the Piltdown Man and it’s discover:

The evolutionists, flushed and excited, pointed to their “missing link” for more than 40 years [from 1912 until 1953], and boasted about it in all the textbooks as being “proof of evolution.” In fact more than 500 doctoral dissertations were written on Piltdown Man, seeking to establish him as one of the most impressive “finds” in the history of science…[But] in 1953, three honest scientists found that the modern ape’s jaw and human skull had been “doctored” to resemble an ape man, and the fake [had] fooled the world’s greatest experts! The persons responsible for the hoax (fraud) some allege, were [Charles] Dawson [himself – the man who “found” the fossil] and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who had written several books trying to harmonize evolution and [Catholicism] (Don Boys, Ph.D., Evolution: Fact, Fraud or Faith, Largo, Florida: Freedom Publications, 1994, pp. 259-260).

Completely fabricated fraud showing the willingness of evolutionists to swollow anything that seems to support their pet theory.

Dr. Boys pointed out that the British Museum, where the “fossil” was stored, prevented it from being examined by experts for over forty years (ibid., p. 261). Dr. Henry M. Morris points out that Pierre Teilhard de Chardin has been “implicated by a number of his fellow evolutionists as one of the perpetrators of the infamous Piltdown Man hoax” (Henry M. Morris, Ph.D., The Long War Against God, Master Books, 2000, p. 23). De Chardin was one of the leading evolutionists of the twentieth century.

Dr. Michael Pitman writes:

Only in 1953, when a method for determining the age of fossil bones by analyzing their fluorine content was revived, were critical tests carried out on the Piltdown fossils. The human skull and ape-like jaw, contradicting updated ideas about man’s evolution, had aroused suspicion. They were found to be of commensurate [equal] age but much younger than the other fossils and articles which were supposed to have been found. Most of the specimens had been artificially stained with bichromate [a saline solution derived from potassium. The specimens had been artificially stained to give them the appearance of great age]. The canine tooth had been filed, coloured and packed [artificially] with grains of sand. An elephant bone associated with the skull, of a type found…in Egypt, had been cut with steel instruments into an improbable “bat” shape. The Piltdown skull was a deliberate fraud. The faking of the mandible and canine was skilful and deliberate: it was certainly a determined and unscrupulous hoax. Sir Solly Zuckerman, who later reviewed the story, considered the hoaxer knew more about primate anatomy than the experts who were several times deluded (Michael Pitman, Adam and Evolution, London: Century Hutchinson, Ltd., 1984; reprinted by Baker Book House, 1987, p. 93).

Who was responsible for this hoax? Charles Dawson, a Sussex lawyer, who led the excavation, was twice “surprised…in his office staining bones” by two paleontologists who did not trust him (p. 93). Arthur Smith Woodward was the head of the anthropology department at the British Museum – who collaborated with Dawson. Although he was an expert on fish bones, Woodward was “certainly not an anthropologist” (ibid., p. 91). Teilhard is the third man. All three, Dawson, Woodward, and Teilhard, took part in the “discovery.” The tooth, filed down from that of an elephant from Tunisia, was almost certainly supplied by Teilhard, who had visited the place where these elephants are buried in Tunisia. Michael Pitman tells us,

Dawson was certainly at the bottom of it but probably didn’t know enough of primate anatomy to do the job well. Others from the British Museum may have been involved [this would explain why the “fossil” was kept under lock and key for so many years, and even such [leading] anthropologists as Dr. Louis Leakey were not allowed to examine it, ibid,. p. 93], and Teilhard de Chardin almost certainly planted the [ground-down and stained elephant] tooth (ibid., p. 94).

Thus, Eoanthropus dawsonii (Dawson’s Dawn Man) was proved to be a hoax. Why did these men create this fraud? The answer is simple: they were trying to find “missing links” to prove the theory of evolution. When they couldn’t find any in Britain, they created one – to try to prove the theory of evolution. But you can’t “prove” this theory with hoaxes!

“And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables” (II Timothy 4:4).

How many people had their faith destroyed because of this hoax? This is not the only one, and I want you to consider that if science needs to hoax us into believing the theory of evolution, can you trust these people? They control higher education and lower education! These are the people influencing your children. Anyone who questions evolution is looked at as some backwards thinking knuckle dragging bible thumper. You have met these pseudo intellectuals who can’t be bothered with watching an hour long video on intelligent design or discuss this topic without spewing insults and hatred towards the questioning observer. Let us explore some more!One of Darwin’s contemporaries was Earnst Haeckel. His embryo drawings have been in all major biology books for ages. He tried to show that because embryos look so similar that we have a common ancestor, but it’s just not true.
Images are hard to forget, and if you were never aware that scientists now disregard these images, then you have it in your mind without even realizing it when faced with such logical sounding arguments. I remember being shown these images when I was in k-12 up to 1983. It is only by my own independent study that I found out they were fraudulent! Are your children still exposed to this today?This short video talks about this issue:
So, this evolution God denying Intelligent design denying anthropologist in that video blows this off as just an easy way to demonstrate a point. She is absolutely correct. What is that point exactly? That evolution is real and damn the facts, it supports our theory! Is this honest and trustworthy education or indoctrination to subordinate a child’s trust in their parents and their faith? I present that it is the latter.

“Nebraska Man”

They drew a man and his wife from a tooth! An extinct pig’s tooth!

On receiving a tooth [found in Nebraska] from a Mr. Harold Cook, H. F. Osborn (head of the American Museum of Natural History) declared it had characteristics which were a mixture of human, chimpanzee and pithecanthropus. He named it Hesperopithecus haroldcookii (Harold Cook’s Evening Ape). In Britain Sir Grafton Elliott Smith fully supported him and, on the basis of a single tooth, there appeared in the Illustrated London Times (24 June 1922) a center-spread of an artist’s impression of “man-ape” Hesperopithecus cavorting with his wife. [Nearly everyone believed in “Nebraska Man” in 1922].

You want to know just how stupid these liars think you are? That tooth was discovered in 1930 to be that of an extinct pig! This subterfuge has continued right up to the 1980′s .

A skull, found in Spain and promoted as the oldest example of [man] in Eurasia, was later identified as that of a young donkey [This was in 1984]. (Pitman, ibid., p. 100).

They Faked Fossils!

A report from the Los Angeles Times recently had the byline, “Once Hailed as a Missing Link, Forgery is Found to be Mosaic of Fossils from Microraptor and a Bird” (Los Angeles Times, December 2, 2002, p. A12). Here are the highlights of that news report:

NEW YORK – When the smuggled stone slab first surfaced at a Tucson mineral show, it seemed the likely key to a mystery of evolution. To the collector who paid $80,000 for it, the Chinese fossil had every appearance of a feathered dinosaur that flew like a modern bird. The purported missing link made headlines when National Geographic trumpeted the find in 1999, then caused red faces when it was revealed as a forgery a year later. Researchers in China and at the American Museum of Natural History in New York now have completely deciphered the deception. The find wrongly hailed as a crucial link between the dinosaurs and the birds actually does contain fossils of a dinosaur and a bird. But the only connection between them is glue.

In a study published recently in the journal Nature, the researchers revealed that the major part of the doctored fossil belongs to an ancient, fish-eating bird called Yanornis martini. Its lizard-like tail belongs to a small, carnivorous dinosaur previously identified as Microraptor zhaoianus. Both creatures lived and died more than 110 million years ago. Working with Julia A. Clarke at the American Museum of Natural History, [paleontologist Zhonghe Zhou of Beijing] compared the front half of the forged fossil with the only two known specimens of the long-extinct bird.

The researchers compared more than 200 features to pinpoint the creature’s true identity. Suspicions about these bones of contention were first confirmed when X-ray analysis revealed that the fossil was a mosaic made from 88 fragments of rock and fossil leaved together in three layers and glued to a single supporting slab of shale. Grout had been used to fill any gaps…. a hoax to deliberately mislead scientists, as was the case with the infamous Piltdown Man.

In that 1912 incident, a researcher deliberately altered a set of human and orangutan bones to make them seem to be remains from the same creature, then buried them in an English quarry. When they were dug up, they were hailed as a missing link between ape and modern mankind. The hoax distorted scientific ideas on the descent of man for almost 40 years.


One of the latest hoaxes is the Peppered Moth:

The latest Darwinian “evidence” to bite the dust: the peppered moth. Most high school biology textbooks today cite this creature as a proof of evolution…According to the evolutionary scenario, the peppered moth rests on tree trunks during the day. Industrial pollution blackened the tree trunks, making the dark moths invisible to preying birds, which caused them to become the dominant variety. Later, pollution controls caused the light variety to resurge.

Biologist Jonathan Wells, who holds PhDs from Yale and Berkeley, exposes the myth of the peppered moth in his book Icons of Evolution (Washington, DC: Regnery, 2000). As it turns out, peppered moths do not rest on tree trunks during the day. In some studies, this was faked by gluing and pinning dead moths to trees and photographing them. (James Perloff, The Case Against Darwin, Refuge Books, 2002, p. 59).

So, my friends, we have stained monkey bones, pigs teeth, an elephant tooth, donkey’s head, glued together fossils, and moths glued and pinned to trees in a desperate effort to prove a theory of a man whose only formal degree was in theology. You see, Darwin didn’t even have a degree in science.

“Naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace admitted that he received the basic tenets of the Darwinian…heresy while in an occult trance in a Malaysian jungle. It does not take a theologian to figure out the identity of the revealer…Modern evolution is simply the continuation of Satan’s long war against God” (Henry M. Morris, Ph.D., The Long War Against God, Master Books, 2000, p. 10).

What about LUCY?


The above image is what they created the image of Lucy from. Now, how do you get hands and feet from that? Note the human like appearance on her face and the human hands and feet! Years later, more skeletons were discovered and guess what? The hands and feet were ape like with locking wrists for using hands to walk like and ape!

Neanderthal Man

Neanderthal man, another deliberate fraud by evolutionist scientists.

“If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” Most of us have heard this piece of advice on more than one occasion. Yet, this was exactly the case with a famous Neanderthal fossil discovered in a peat bog near Hamburg, Germany. Prior to its discovery, the evolutionary timeline of ape-like creatures remained extremely “fuzzy” as it approached modern man. There simply were not any fossils that shed light on this period. But a single discovery dated by Professor Reiner Protsch cleared up the picture. Many years ago, he was invited to date the famous skull, which he later pronounced to be the vital missing link between Neanderthals and modern humans. He dated the skull at 36,000 years old, allowing it to fall neatly into the evolutionists’ timeline between Neanderthals and modern man. Finally, thanks to Protsch, the gap had been filled. All the pieces were in place.

For evolutionists, it was too good to be true. And indeed, it was. On February 18, 2005, Protsch was forced to retire in disgrace after a Frankfurt University panel ruled he had “fabricated data and plagiarized the work of his colleagues” (see “Anthropologist Resigns in ‘Dating Disaster,’ ” 2005). Once believed to be a world-renowned expert on carbon dating, Protsch’s entire professional career is now being questioned. The university noted: “The commission finds that Prof. Protsch has forged and manipulated scientific facts over the past 30 years” (“Anthropologist Resigns…”).

Read more here

Thus, it is now believed that Neanderthal man was just some guy who lived in the distant past with rickets and a vitamin D deficiency. Hardly proof of evolution!

At the end of the above video, the gentleman explains how mutations cannot build complex structures and rarely is a mutation in the creatures best interest. If you were told today that your child had a mutated gene would you be excited that they were going to be the next evolutionary step or worried about what struggles your child would have? You know the answer if you are honest! When is a mutation in your best interest? Darwin’s theory is nothing more than an attempt to undermine faith in God, and I submit to you that it takes a lot more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in a divine intelligent creator who loves us.

The facts that we have learned about the simple cell which was once believed in Darwin’s day to be a glob of goo show that this simple cell is one of the most amazing and coded systems on the planet.  DNA which is held in every one of your cells and has from day one of your creation is so packed with code that it could reach to the moon and back several times over!  CODE means intelligence.  Look at the tiny machines within cells, and then say it’s all just chance.  Look at the very world around you and say it’s all just chance.  I will talk about the miracles within nature and the mathematics surrounding us that points to a creator in every way later.  First the the fleggelum of bacteria:

I just love this movie about the cell.  It is from a BBC documentary where they show this amazing world inside each cell in your body, and yet all throughout this hour long  show, they keep talking evolution all while speaking about code.  HOW DID THE CODE GET THERE?

The next portion of this article is going to look at our world and things unexplained like how frequency, mathematics, and such were used in creating Coral Castle and the great pyramids.

The very world around us speaks of the beauty and design by intelligence from the smallest DNA to nature, and the universe. It amazingly is avoided in geometry classes that are all about shape and mathematics; however the Fibonacci sequence is not discussed. The golden ratio is not discussed. This is a part of an article. I will post a video afterwards. It should give much to ponder and discuss.

Let’s begin with a shape with which we are all familiar. It is the spiral commonly seen in shells. By taking a careful look at that spiral (the chambered nautilus is probably the clearest example) you will observe that as it gets larger, it retains its identical form. Since the body of the organism grows in the path of a spiral that is equiangular and logarithmic, its form never changes. The beauty of this form is commonly called the “golden spiral.”

This spiral is visible in things as diverse as: hurricanes, spiral seeds, the cochlea of the human ear, ram’s horn, sea-horse tail, growing fern leaves, DNA molecule, waves breaking on the beach, tornados, galaxies, the tail of a comet as it winds around the sun, whirlpools, seed patterns of sunflowers, daisies, dandelions, and in the construction of the ears of most mammals. This spiral follows a precise mathematical pattern. We will first look at this spiral in sunflowers.

By looking carefully at a sunflower you will observe two sets of spirals (rows of seeds or florets) spiraling in opposite directions. When these spiral rows are counted in each direction, you will discover that in the overwhelming majority of the cases that their numbers, depending upon the size of the flower, will be of the following ratio: if small, 34 and 55; if medium 55 and 89; if large 89 and 144

These numbers are part of the Fibonacci numbering sequence, a pattern discovered around A.D. 1200 by Leonardo Pisa (historically known as Fibonacci). Each succeeding number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. The sequence of these numbers is 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233, ad infinitum.

This numbering pattern reveals itself in various ways throughout all of nature, as we shall see. When the smaller number of this pattern is divided into the larger number adjacent to it, the ratio will be approximately 1.618; if the larger one adjacent to it divides the smaller number, the ratio is very close to 0.618. This ratio is the most efficient of similar series of numbers.


Why did Phideas, the Greek sculptor, and others in ancient Greece and Egypt often use this ratio in designing many of their works of art? Because this ratio has been found to be remarkably pleasing to the human eye, it produces what is called a Golden Rectangle. If the short side of the rectangle is 1, the long side will be 1.618. This rectangular shape was close to the pattern used in the designing of the Parthenon of Greece and for many of their numerous pictures, vases, doorways, windows, statues, etc., and even for certain features of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. The United Nations building is a golden rectangle.

Many of the things you use are (approximately) patterned after the golden rectangle—credit cards, playing cards, postcards, light switch plates, writing pads, 3-by-5 and 5-by-8 cards, etc.1 Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, Vermeer, Sargent, Monet, Whistler, Renoir, and others employed the golden proportion in many of their works. They would “take a blank easel and divide it into areas based on the golden proportions to determine the placement of horizons, trees, and so on.”2 Why the golden proportion?

Prepare to be blown away by facts and science and the proof that nothing is random:

I believe nature plays out Psalm 19

Psa 19:1 To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.
Psa 19:2 Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.
Psa 19:3 There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.
Psa 19:4 Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun,

What could possibly be so amazing that shows for the hand of God and His design? I present images from nature and sculpture, buildings, and art some of our most brilliant architects and artists have made. Why are these things so pleasing to our eye? Might it help us to identify perfect balance and order in this chaotic world?

Now, having looked at this Fibonacci sequence throughout nature how in the world can anyone believe random chance created life?

Repeating part 2

Now is a section that is both great and has some twists I do not like.  Please understand that you either believe in the bible or you do not.  Some information is used to draw people into the new humanist religion which will portray Lucifer as the true friend of man, the true messiah, and the coming king of kings.  That the bible was changed to draw us away from that “truth”.  Lucifer creates nothing, but he can and does use the very things of God to confuse us, and get us to dabble into the hidden mysteries.  His fallen friends took women, created giants and taught mankind the hidden things we were not supposed to dabble in.

Some of these people try to say that Judaism’s greatest secrets are hidden in the Kabbalah.  I want you to look at that word.  Kabba  alah   or better Kaba Allah as in the big black cube they march around in a vortex on special days worshiping a black stone and it goes back to the black sun worship of Saturn aka Lucifer / Satan!  Nothing they say in regards to this is leading one to God.  So, in the following series be mindful.  Special music is playing to lull you into a hypnotic state and to take in what is said.  There is much truth, but a very clear twist.  I give you fair warning ahead of time.


Now, if after reading all this information and watching the videos you can still believe we are here by chance, that the world is not created and operating under direct mathematical systems, they there is nothing more to say.  If you however, are now thinking there is much more to this world than you believed, but you can’t believe in the bible, then I ask you if you have a personal grudge because an abusive upbringing, forced religious indoctrination which turned you away from the bible, then are you doing yourself possibly the biggest disservice of your life?  You see, imagine you had a loving parent who provided everything for you and one day an evil person kidnapped you as a child.  Conned you into following them, and then spent your entire life tearing down your loving parent whom you have forgotten loved you.  Imagine that evil person telling you all kinds of garbage and lies about your true parent.  Imagine that you become so filled with hatred for them, that even if you came across a letter written to you by that parent you would not even read it with an open mind.  And then, imagine one day your eyes are opened, you get a clear understanding of what happened to you, and you realize you were lied to by the evil person who pretended to love you and be your friend, but who in reality hates you because they hate your parent.  They hate him so much they take great joy in poisoning you against your true parent.  How would you feel about the life you had lived, the opportunity you had lost when you discover that your true parent, your true brothers and sisters have nothing but love for you, and want nothing more than for your freedom, and it only takes you learning the truth.

Do you really know the truth?  Or do you just hate someone because you have been taught to ridicule and hate them?

The creator loves you, made you, and only wants you to learn the truth about Love.  Yeshua is the greatest gift and it is a free gift.  If you want that love for your life, then accept him as your Savior and Lord in following His path of Love.  It is so simple.  Just open your heart and ask him to come and and forgive you, teach you, and guide you in all things and my friend, He will.  Your greatest journey lay ahead!

Soros orders major PUT OPTION on S&P

From the Blaze:

Soros in Q2 bought a put on 1,248,643 SPY units (“SPY,” also known as “SPDR” or “spiders,” is an abbreviation for a Standard & Poor’s depositary receipt. “Each share of spider contains one-tenth of the S&P index and trades at roughly one-tenth of the dollar-value level of the S&P 500,” Investopedia explains).


Okay, so what does this matter?

Well, as mentioned in the above, a “put” is is basically a bearish or — as Roche puts it — a “downward” bet.

“It appears that Soros has placed a large bet through S&P 500 puts, basically giving him the right, but not the obligation, to sell them in the future,” she writes.

Translation: If the S&P 500 and/or the exchange traded fund which tracks the S&P tanks, Soros will profit — and he’ll profit big.

However, recall that the “man who broke the bank of England” also purchased a large amount of stock in Apple. So maybe he’s just be hedging.

Lastly, keep in mind Roche’s final thought: “13F filings come 45 days after the end of the quarter.  Fund managers only have to disclose their long equity holdings in these 13Fs. We don’t know what he’s shorting.”

In short, Soros’ “put” could be something ingenious or it could be him acting on a hunch.