Disabled Passenger made to crawl off the plane and to the gate by Delta – Oh Really?

I am going to post an alternate viewpoint, not because I have anything against disabled people and not because I am for big business which at this point I pretty much detest.  I am however, going to stay out of emotional response.  At first read of this story which I found on Infowars and Drudge I was equally aghast that this would happen to a person.  Then I started digging into this man, Kanaan, on youtube.  I don’t care about his views or politics.  What I do care about is another emotional story that has people making judgments about a case with only the facts shared by the media.

Within five minutes I found several youtube videos from 2008 to 2010 that show Mr. Dreamingbear Baraka Kanaan as very able bodied.  He claims that he has not been able to walk in over five years.  Well, not according to his 2010 videos.

Go to the 30 second mark and watch him get up quite easily.

Go to the 34 minute mark and watch him walking around.  It’s a shame he did not take his own advice which he gives in this video about not taking and eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth for as Ghandi said, “we will all be blind and toothless”. It seems maybe he needs money and that this airline issue is not all that it seems.

I saved one of the best for last.  Tell me that he looks disabled here?  Was he having a bad day when he traveled on Delta?  I nearly lost my leg in 2000 and there are some days that I have a very hard time walking.  Once you get a “disabled” rating you can play a lot of ADA games.   You were not there and neither was I.  We only know the information that has been brought out by the media, just like the Zimmerman case.  The people found Zimmerman guilty well before the trial and then some facts came out!  Some still think he is guilty, but a lot more now think he was not!  Delta deserves the same innocent until PROVEN guilty!   Watch Mr. Kanaan moving around with amazing ease as he kneels, rises, walks around with NO problems.  EDIT….. HE TOOK IT DOWN!!! So much for his, “I have nothing to hide” crap!  This guy is nothing but an opportunist trying to fleece Delta.

As for his comments about his videos online showing him moving well and he was not going to remove them because he wants the truth to come out and has nothing to hide, well he has made his own videos private now!

He has left the ones on that he is sitting, but the ones where he was moving about… nope they are now private!

Here is one more….

Some have made comments on sites about this case of “Why didn’t any of the passengers help him?”

How do you know they did not offer to and he declined their help?  How do you know if you carried him and he fell that he would not sue you for hurting him?  This is what has happened to us folks.  We make snap judgements based on a story.  We have no video of that day.  We don’t know if he is really disabled anymore.  We don’t know if he needs money for his lovealution program and knows that these small planes don’t have a lot of assistance.  I have not had to take stairs onto a plane in years as most use the gates, and only those with less than 31 passengers require one to walk to the gate across the tarmac.

What you have experienced at an airport or what a disabled friend has experienced does not matter in this case.

Now from a simple marketing point of view, Delta is stupid!  This has already harmed them well more than the cost of helping ANY passenger who makes a request of them.  For that I say they have dug their own hole here.

Now I am thinking even more and let me ask you:


Did he crawl into the airport on his hands and knees? Did he crawl out of the airport on his hands and knees?  He claims to use an electric wheelchair at home.  Maybe he used that to get there, but what about leaving once he got to his destination?  This story is beginning to smell very badly.  Let me also point out that he chose to crawl.  Apparently there was a vehicle nearby.  Why didn’t he sit on the stairs and say, “No one is getting off of this plane until you jackasses get that vehicle or some wheelchair over here for me!”

I think there is a very good possibility that he staged this for effect, sympathy, and a great opportunity to stick it to Delta who has got to be one of the stupidest businesses going!  It’s called CUSTOMER SERVICE you jackwads!  What if it’s an elderly person who says, “I can’t walk that far” and they say, “Sorry grandma” and as she walks across has a stroke or heart attack?  It doesn’t matter who is asking for help to and from the airplane, get them a damn wheelchair and avoid the publicity nightmare!


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