Paul Revere Finalists Chosen – Amazing Works Must SEE

You will really be moved by these videos, and I hope you share them with everyone.  Here is a page of the finalists.

We wonder why so many of our soldiers are committing suicide.

Youtube has taken that video down. I wonder why.


This video shows what is happening.  The German speaking is not realistic, but I think it has to be done like this to show we are under a fascist system and the NAZI party did not lose WWII.  They just moved into America with the help of sympathizers like the Bush Family and the major banking elites who funded the NAZI party from America.  This has all been planned for ultimate control.  The acting is stiff, but the message is true. This is a must see.


Why do they want our guns? Why is every “event” about gun control?  Why are they trying to convince us the veterans are mentally ill?  Why are veterans who come back from overseas having used weapons to kill Iraqi’s suddenly told they cannot own a gun because they are not stable?  The government is trying to scare the American people about guns, and convince them that patriots are sick and demented.  That the very veterans who put their lives on the line for us are now our enemy.  I have tried to buy .22 caliber ammunition for 6 months and it is NEVER in stock!  What the hell is so dangerous about .22 ammo?  Why is it not available, let alone, .380, .45, 7.62, .38 ?  All of this ammo is scarce and now reloading supplies are hard to obtain!   Follow the stories on DHS buying up all the ammo. All the stories blaming guns and patriots.

The facts prove out that gun ownership reduces crime!  I hope you share this video with everyone you know.


Can tyranny happen in America? This video shows the facts


You can watch the other finalists here.








2 comments on “Paul Revere Finalists Chosen – Amazing Works Must SEE

  1. If these could only make it on to HBO – I am glad that I don’t have to choose the winner from all these winners:~)))

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