Dehumanizing the American Police Officer – How to make a thug

I came across this article and it shows how good and honest men and women can be turned into monsters who will beat, torture, and kill their fellow citizen.  Do you think most cops go into law enforcement (note they are no longer peace keepers) because they just want to abuse people and get away with it?  I don’t think that. I worked with cops for years, and I can tell you they were dedicated men and women who tried to help the community.   Has something happened to our officers and our citizens over the past four decades?  I believe it has.

This is how cops looked in 1971


When they gather today, this is what we see

The Boston bombing provided the opportunity for the government to turn what should have been a police investigation into a military-style occupation of an American city-Ron Paul

What happens when you put on a uniform?  It makes you anonymous, one of the group, and fearful looking as these guys look like storm troopers.  What happens to a normal person who is placed in this position of authority?  That was proven out in some studies years ago.  You should watch the documentary on it, but I am going to post a couple of videos dealing with how we are losing control of our lives through the dehumanizing of the police and the police dehumanizing the population.

That was a study funded by the U.S. Navy!  Why does the government need to learn how to turn people into thugs and victims?  Look at where society has gone after the study.  If they wanted to make us feel safer, make us better citizens then why would they push this uniform stuff even further?  Oh, I know, cops just need to wear all that crap to do their jobs right? I mean it’s a war zone out there!   No it isn’t. They are trying to turn it into one, and the more violent they get, the more violent the push back from the people will get until there is all our war on American streets and they  have to bring in the really big guns like tanks, bombs, drone attacks etc..

The more America is moved towards a police state, the more aggressive, and deadly the police will become, just like the Stanford Experiment showed. And the more citizens will break down psychologically and do things they wouldn’t normally due, because no one likes to be pushed into a corner..

It’s time that the citizens wake up to this intentional psychological agenda by the people we call “authorities”, and reign in their “authority”, and remind them that they serve us. Cops need to take a look at themselves, and seriously question why they wanted to become cops in the first place, and ask themselves if they have become abusive bullies, just like in the Stanford experiment.  source


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