The Planned Destruction of America

What we see happening in America right now with high unemployment, over-burdened dependency system, racial hatred of whites and an all out war in some parts of the country with violent attacks, shootings and little justice was all planned long ago.  Most people are struggling to do their job and just want to come home to their families and enjoy a little down time, so they do not want to know what is happening in America.  They know things are bad for many, but the sentiment is “What can I do?”

I have written posts about an amazing man named Yuri Bezmenov who was an ex-KGB agent.  He boldly told the truth about what the Russians were doing through subversion to destroy America from within.  He said it would take four stages.


Each stage has a predictable time and we are about to enter the crisis stage.  That stages is what we witnessed last year in the Middle East.  It takes six weeks and then afterwards, you have normalization which is when the ideological fools realize they have been had and must be killed before they revolt.  Then you have typical tyranny.  So, how did they go about the demoralizing of America?  They used subversive groups to challenge anything traditional.  They got into education, media, and most importantly politics.  Passing laws to justify actions is a key necessity.  You see, Hitler never broke the laws of Germany.  Everything he did was legal!  And we see it happening today.  This is why the subversives in government and media are so bent on destroying our second amendment rights to own guns.  Hitler disarmed the people as well. He launched terror campaigns with is brown shirts, Stazi and Gestapo police.  We see story after story of police brutality and absolute disregard for the law all while claiming, “They are doing their jobs!”

Did the Weather Underground disappear?   I submit to you they are part of the terror wing from years gone by, only they traded in their bombs and overt terror to destroy the government and Christian morals and people from the inside.  The adage, “If you can’t beat em, join em” is so true.  What do we know about Bill Ayers?

In this picture, you see the typical dope smoking radical know it all ignoramus who thinks America is evil and knows what is best for Americans.  He hasn’t really changed a whole lot in the forty some odd years since he was killing cops and blowing up buildings.  In fact, he says he regrets that he did not do enough!  The radicalization of our youth takes a long time when they have been brought up to respect authority.  You have to get the right indoctrinators into the education system to undo all that their parents and society has ingrained in them.  I think I might be the last generation to not have sat through years of situational ethics classes. I was born in 1965, and I was not faced with this until my senior year in high school, and yes, the teacher was an absolute hippy throwback.  He was a brilliant English teacher, but he would press his liberal ideals to our young empty “skulls full of Mush” as Limbaugh likes to refer to them.  What of the children who came later? It’s much easier to indoctrinate young children.  Did they even have a chance to escape this demoralization?  They are taught America is unfair, America destroyed the Indians, blacks, and has ruined countries worldwide.  America is evil is what they are taught day after day.  They are taught to pretend they are starving children in Africa, and special events are planned where a small portion of the class is given a lavish meal, and then a little larger portion is given a moderate meal and the vast majority are given nothing!

Is there anything wrong with understanding others suffer? No, but there will always be the poor. Jesus told us this.  You cannot get rid of poverty.  It does not mean we do not help those in need, but the example of the food is to illustrate that this is what our children are doing in school.  They can’t read, write or do higher math but by God they know America is evil and unjust.  The recent Trayvon Martin case drives this point home.  Those blacks and liberal whites are reacting to years of indoctrination of how unjust and evil white America is!  This case was not even about race, but they are going to terrorize us in the streets just as Hitlers groups did to change the country.

This is who is running our country! Just another radical dope smoking communist hippy… This one is in charge!


The radicals have taken over the country.  They are terrorizing honest American citizens who speak up against them via their agents in the IRS.  They are militarizing the police who care nothing about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America.  They just broke into a nurses home without a warrant because they thought a criminal might be there!  She had the audacity to see men with guns pointed at her out of her window and nothing that said “COP” and was terrified! This is the new America.  They went door to door in Boston without warrants, making people leave their homes because of two men!  They shut down an entire city over the Boston bombers and the more that comes out about that event, the more we realize they are lying to us!

This is all social programming.  We are meant to feel confused.  We are meant to feel there is no justice whether it’s blacks feeling whites are getting away with killing blacks or whites feeling the government is getting away with crimes like Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, and that blacks are given freedom to attack whites.  The goal of chaos is being reached!  They want all out war in America.  They want to overwhelm the system with unsustainable welfare, food stamps, medicaid, social security, and the like.  They want us to be angry so we will destroy America for them!  The current marching in the streets over the Zimmerman acquittal might be the starting point of massive riots.  Anyone who has actually looked at the facts and the law knows Zimmerman was using self defense.  Thus, those for and those against will feel justified in fighting.

The communists in control of America are counting on it!




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