Update one arrested, Marine savagely beaten by Black Mob in California Sunday

The Piratearian

I exchanged emails with Steven. He credits all my readers with helping put pressure on the Sheriff to take action. (7/23)

We MUST keep up pressure on law enforcement and local governments to prosecute ALL crime. Not just the crime that fits their political narrative.

I have heard from the Marines father. Multiple arrests have been made. Those arrested ARE being charged with attempted murder.
The police refuse to classify it as a hate crime, however the attackers have been identified as members of a nationwide gang.

If you have military members in your family please remind them that it can be as dangerous in 29 Palms as it was in Afghanistan.

Keep them safe

Update http://www.topix.com/wire/city/palm-springs-ca?q=melvin+peters

One man was arrested, and one was seriously injured, during a brawl in Twentynine Palms early Sunday morning. Shortly before 2 a.m…

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One comment on “Update one arrested, Marine savagely beaten by Black Mob in California Sunday

  1. The same thing happened in Okinawa when we were pulled out of Nam. Black friends became a force to fight. Bunk beds were separated with an 18” or so long piece of pipe. A couple of Marines laid in bad pretending to sleep. When a gang of blacks came in to beat them up, they would up in the hospital. No charges were sought or brought. Black gangs quit their roaming in our area. … The crime here is that in today’s world, these 29 Palms Marines would be sought and charges brought for resolving a crime problem in a manner that could end it. It is not murder to defend ones self, and just because you allow the enemy to approach, it is not the same as inviting them to approach.

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