Zimmerman case in reverse …. sort of

I just got this off a thread about the zimmerman case on abovetopsecret.

“Zimmerman was arrested 6 weeks later right, after a national outrage from the media, and even the President interjecting into the case.

Now here is a case where a black man killed a mentally challenged hispanic man and claimed self defense.

But in the Arizona case, the gunman was black and the victim was Hispanic, not the other way around. And, should 22-year-old Cordell Jude be convicted of murder in the shooting of 29-year-old Daniel Adkins, no doubt some people will point to George Zimmerman’s acquittal and say the determining difference was the race of the accused.

The victim in the Arizona case, Adkins, was mentally disabled and was estimated to have a mental age of 13. Adkins was walking his yellow lab, Sandy, in Laveen on the evening of April 3, 2012, when he cut through the parking lot of a Taco Bell. He came around a blind corner of the drive-in lane just as an SUV pulled up. Jude was at the wheel. His pregnant fiancée was beside him.

“What the hell, you almost hit me!” Adkins reportedly exclaimed. “Watch where the f— you’re going!”

Jude pulled a .40 caliber automatic pistol from the waistband of his sweatpants and fired once. He would say afterward that Adkins had threatened him with a pipe-like object and that he could not drive off because the dog was blocking his way. Police would not find evidence that Adkins had anything but the dog leash in his hand. Sandy remained at Adkins’s side as he bled to death on the pavement.


Happened April 3rd. When was he arrested? July 14th.

Thats about 14 weeks. Where was the medias outrage?

Oh and in this case the suspect admits he wasn’t in fear for his life. Also, of course, it was immediately determined race had nothing to do with this case.”




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