New Alt Media Star Russel Brand – Illuminati Puppet?

Russel is a fast rising star in the alt media world.  He has a ton of fans as he takes jabs and punches at major media types and government, but is he trustworthy?  He will be part of David Icke’s new media venture.  Icke is another one of those astrotheology pushers bent on bring in the new world religion and destroying Christianity, and this video now puts a spotlight on Russel Brand.

Ask yourself why they are doing the devil hand sign all the time.  We did not see this in your face afront and the worship of Satan thirty years ago, but these stars, politicians and even world leaders are doing this forked finger sign all the time now.   Enjoy the video and be aware of what is distracting you because the hour is late:


10 comments on “New Alt Media Star Russel Brand – Illuminati Puppet?

  1. Hi Christina,

    I have never heard of these people before, so thanks for the heads up.

    I like this music more, and I already know that you do to:~)))

    God And Country

    Well they let it play this morning in Russia, but not this evening. So, here is a free news letter and you will find it at the bottom – this one I know you will love.
    A Puerto Rican, a South Korean and a New Yorker met for the first time in a bar…


    • You know, it could be a glitch or I might have pissed someone off. I have no idea, but please accept my apologies for the trouble. Sometimes it takes me a while to check back and see who has replied and approve them. I won’t approve nasty comments and thankfully I have only had to deny a couple of those.

  2. What happens is when I reply, I usually see it awaiting approval. What has been happening is they just are totally gone. Russian sending to the U.S. maybe:(

    • I am beginning to wonder if there is more going on, because I just realized that for the last couple of days when I have been online, that occasionally the comment button lights up and when I click it, there is nothing there! So, is someone trying to comment? Very odd. You can always try my on skype. Just click unified.serenity

  3. Very odd – a yahoo search for Dug Hagmenn has this at the top otf the page:

    Northeast Intelligence Network « Pursuing the truth to … Cached
    Please comment on this article at Canada Free Press. By Douglas J. Hagmann. 15 July 2013: Being a whistleblower under the tyrannical rule of Barack Hussein Obama …

    And this at the bottom:

    Hagmann & Hagmann Recent Broadcasts « Northeast Intelligence … Cached
    Visit Click above to view a unique variety of physics and “other” science toys, science fair project ideas, gifts, & household items.


    Comes this –
    : CONTACT :

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