David Icke’s Circus and His Reality / His Box for YOU

I became aware of David Icke in the late 1980’s.  I was drawn to read his stuff because I am a seeker.  If it was odd, weird, unexplained then I wanted to read about it.  So, when I read one of his early works, I was so shocked when he told the story of the “Messiah” character that had pretty much an exact story to Jesus but had lived a thousand or so years prior to Jesus.  He gave his name, the historical references etc. and it shocked me because I was pretty much a new “born again” Christian having been raised Roman Catholic.   I tucked that bit of information he had shared back in my mind, and then years later there was this movie “Zeitgeist” that had a whole section about these “Messiah” myths that threw me for a loop.

I was uncomfortable with the information, but I didn’t just go “Oh yeh, now I can chuck my belief in Jesus / Yeshua away”.  I had a real solitary born again experience.  No one was with me, I was seeking truth, and while I was reading a spiritual book one day the pieces finally fell into place for me, and my heart was truly changed. I no longer believed in Jesus Christ.  I KNEW Jesus Christ and I LOVE Jesus Christ / Yeshua the Messiah.  The best way I can explain the difference for me is that prior to that event if you asked me if I believed in Jesus (as so many Baptist witnesses knocking on my door asked me) I would say, “Yes, of coarse, I’m Roman Catholic” and in my mind I would think I sure hope you get the truth because you in error not being Catholic you poor thing.  In my heart, I believed that if someone put a gun to my head and threatened to kill me unless I denounced my belief in Jesus I would gladly have said, “SHOOT ME”.  I believed in Jesus!  I did not know or Love Jesus as I know and love Him today.   I believe in Abraham Lincoln.  I love Abraham Lincoln for many of the things he did, but I DO NOT KNOW Abraham Lincoln.  I know about him.  I do not know his humor, his love or joy or warmth.  But, if you said, deny Abraham Lincoln was the X President of the United States or I’ll kill you, well if I am not to lie then I’d have to say, “SHOOT ME”.   You can believe something and not truly know it.  It’s like a child who loses a parent very young. They love their mom or dad, but do they have that experiential knowledge to truly KNOW them?  So, you can imagine when all this information came out about these duplicate stories that pre-dated the Gospel story of Jesus, I was a bit confused.  I said a simple prayer of, “God, please help me to understand the truth of this.” and I left it there.  Then years later the answer came to me.

What they are trying to do is negate the truths of Jesus / Yeshua of Nazareth life and the gift of eternal life through Jesus via their new/old religion of astrotheology.  There is not one, let me repeat this, THERE IS NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE PRIOR TO 150 A.D FOR THEIR MYTHS!  Every one of those stories can only be traced back historically to well after the life of Jesus of Nazareth.  Now, their stories say these characters or god’s were from x thousand years prior to Jesus, but there is nothing, NOTHING factual prior to 150 AD and they know it.   If you challenge them for the proof they give some bullshit answer of “It’s in my books, go read them”.  They attack you on an emotional ground, and their sycophant followers who desperately want to believe them because they hate Christianity attack you at every turn.  Just try going onto a forum and showing these facts to them and watch their sweet Love and Light persona’s fade as their teeth grow three inches, their eyes turn black, and the hatred spews off of them like a heat wave in death valley.

love and light horse

My favorite image for false love and light preachers

They feel very threatened by the facts presented because they have a new faith in their NEW Religion.  They don’t want to even deal with new facts brought to them, and thus they attack any who try to show the truth about  “many messiah myths prior to Jesus” is a false teaching .  The truth started to slowly trickle out about the lies in Zeitgeist to the point that they had to redo that section.  Acharya S. who is one of the main teachers now of Astrotheology changed all her footnotes in her book to obscure foreign books that actually linked back to her original footnotes.  Why am I bringing all this up in a David Icke article?  Because, I believe he is doing the same thing as Jordon Maxwell, Zeitgeist movie, and other astrotheological teachers.  I have a degree in marketing.  In sales, we are always taught to get your clients head moving in a “yes” fashion.  In other words, say things they will agree with and then slip in the things to move the sale forward.

Now, with ideology it’s not as simple as, “Mr. Smith, you want your car to last a long time right?”  Head begins moving up and down.  “And, you would like it to get great gas mileage right?  More head movement agreeing.  “And, you said, that you need it to fit in your budget right?”  Head movement and verbal “yes”  “So, would you like this red one or blue one?”  Mr. Smith says, “Oh, I like the blue one”  “That’s great, let me just get some details from you….” and you begin filling out the paperwork.   It’s a method of getting them to be open to saying yes, and moving them into action for closing.  With David Icke, he is funny, irreverent, and speaks a lot of truth.  He puts you at ease that he’s not going to sell you anything by saying things like, “I’m not hear to give you a new belief system” or “You have to make up your own mind, I’m just going to show you things I have researched for thirty years, and it’s up to you to decide”.  Well of coarse it’s up to me to decide but so is whether or not you get that car or item X right?  Have you never been sold something that you had no intention of buying?    I almost bought a Ninja Blender the other night watching the awesome infomercial.  I love the thing, but I don’t need it.  Imagine if I am at a home party / meeting and they are presenting it with all it’s great do hickies.  With all the others sitting around going, “oooooh” and “OH MY, I’ve got to get one of those” you might just as easily be even more swaying into buying one.  Then you get it, use it for a month and it begins to collect dust!  I don’t want to beat a dead horse here, but I think you are following me.

David Icke in the video below which he says is about “Freeing your mind” is full of this sort of salesmanship.  A good con is created in a very real and believable set of events or truths.  David does not ever debate with anyone, and uses the typical “I’m not going to argue” or “That’s just silly” or “you’re stuck in an old belief system” or “you’re just not ready to see the truth” rather than actually dealing with the facts presented that challenge his teaching, and yes, he is trying to indoctrinate that audience.  He says, “I’m not here to give you a belief system” and then spends hours tearing down things your belief in  Christianity and main stream religions.  The main focus though is Christianity.  This new religion / belief system is the oldest lie repackaged for us that our ancient mother, Eve, fell for, and that is, “You too can be as God”.

I am writing this to those who are truth seekers.  If you have read my writings then you know I have some serious issues with the modern post 300 A.D. church.  I have serious issues with massive parts of the New Testament and lay out those reasons in those posts.  If you are curious, just read “Pauls Gospel vs. Jesus Gospel” but be prepared to be pissed off at me.  I’m used to it.   Most every argument people have against Christianity come from false teachings and understanding, and that lays the groundwork for men and women like David Icke to ensnare you.  David sprinkles in things in the beginning of the video and then about the 39 minute mark he really begins with his belief system.  While I watch videos to see what people are sharing, I stop them when they bring something up that seems credible and I do a search for myself. For instance, there is one section where he is making fun of George Bush and while we know these Politicians are controlled puppets, he uses a picture to show that even in a debate you can see the earpiece George is wearing to actually tell him what to say.  This is the image he shows.

bush wire

First of all, you need to know that ear pieces are NOT allowed in debates and a cry of “FOUL” would have reverberated in the media. So, I looked for that image and found this article and picture:

Many doctors have wondered if after Bush’s fainting spell if he was not suffering from atrial fibrillation (AF) and possible suffered some minor strokes because the left side of his mouth began appearing to droop some in later speeches and photographs.  The wire is more than likely a life vest meant to control the problem.  Many have said David Icke does Masonic handshakes and show an image like this:

It’s easily disproved because David Icke has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and cannot shake hands in the standard fashion.  Thus, anyone who suspects things about Mr. Icke looks stupid when they proffer this sort of bad correlations of his hand shake.

Now, Mr. Icke is doing the same sort of thing regarding Bush who is easily ridiculed for his many stupid statements.  Of course, that does not negate Bush being a puppet, but it does show a false image to make a point, and Icke is doing it just as others have done it to him.  I mean, just show Obama not being able to talk without the TOTUS.  He’s a blithering idiot without that thing.  So, as you watch this video begin to notice the subtle tricks Icke uses, and how the audience just goes along with it.  Granted, many may be worshipers of the new religion already, but many may not be and are being swayed and drawn into it.  This is the job of Icke, Maxwell, Acharya s. and others.  Get newly awakening people who realize we are being lied to by government and the world is run by the super rich elites who see us as mere cattle and appear to be against said system.  Then bring in the new religion of the system and when these elites destroy the current system this religion will come into bloom as they set up a new zoo for us.  We are being played by both sides folks, and it’s high time you realized this and save your spiritual house before it burns to the ground.

Zeitgeist Debunked


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  1. Oops – I feel so bad because I left out a very important part!!!

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

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