Arsenic laced Alex Jones has the nerve to call Glen Beck Rat Poison – Pot calling the Kettle Black

Alex Jones like Glen Beck brings a lot of truth out, but I have caught Jones in elite agenda stuff just as I have caught Beck.   They both server their masters and keep the alternative media crowd entertained, but at key junctions they fumble or should I say, steer the people who love them in the wrong direction.  Never trust what anyone says, do you own research as much as possible.  Stop a video when a claim is made and go to a little bit of research.

No one is perfect and I know that better than anyone else.  The problem is both these guys have been confronted with these things and they are rabidly aggressive about shutting up anyone who does question them.  They have their sycophant followers just as other media types do.  You and the truth are a majority even if you are alone, the truth wins.

William Cooper Exposes Arsenic Alex Jones

Part 2

You see, propaganda has many levels including a disinformation section.  If a truth is coming out and you want it not to be believed then you put it out via a crazy source that people do not respect such as Alex Jones who during the Sandy Hook debacle acted like a raving lunatic.  These guys are not enemies.  I bet Alex Jones and Piers Morgan had a good laugh over a beer regarding his performance on Piers TV show.  Then Alex comes out talking about mentally disturbed military veterans and how we need to help them which was meant to lay the groundwork in his fans minds that ‘yes, we need to disarm military veterans for their own safety, because of the trauma of serving our country in a difficult war situation”.   Alex is their disinformation crazy guy tool.  He does bring forth truth, but it is truth they want discussed by a crazy guy.  In the end, the elites plan on destroying this current system, and we are being programmed to destroy it, and then demand a new system.  They have it ready and waiting for us, but we have to change our thinking and that is what has been happening the past 30 years.  I obviously keep my finger on the pulse of many sources, but I listen very carefully and you should as well.   Do you really think the elites would let a truther stay alive if they were really going against them?  William Cooper, Breitbart and just recently Michael Hastings are just a few.  There is no way Jones and Beck are bucking their masters.

The elites have a talking head for ever demographic be they liberal, conservative, or independent.  And let’s not forget the massive amounts of money they men bring in via their information networks!  It’s sickening how they know they are nothing but tools and they are leading the sheep, but then again, maybe the people want to be deceived and led while thinking they are so smart and on top of it all.

You see, the elites know they can’t let us who are waking up form our own real network and truly spread truth. Thus, every truth movement is quickly infiltrated and a voice that obeys the elites is brought forward.  They sound like us, but they are not like us.  If you know of a great citizen journalist site, drop me a comment. I am always looking for new sources that are not under the elite’s control and sadly they usually have very low memberships, and have a hard time getting their message out.  So, let me know, let us know.  If you like what I am doing, share this site with others so they can know.  The more of us who come together the more people we truly wake up!  Thanks for your support and comments.  We must remain ever vigilant in our search for truth and spotting deception.



2 comments on “Arsenic laced Alex Jones has the nerve to call Glen Beck Rat Poison – Pot calling the Kettle Black

  1. I’ll break these to sites up because I have not been able to post them here in a full link. When I do they are just gone.

    Michael Knight it at:

    He works with this center to, and they also have a news letter that costs me $50.00 a year [two great pieces of music here to]. This news letter is free.
    survival News/Newsletter Free JULY2013. html

    I droped the http : // www. on both.

    Now lets see if will post this way.

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