White Slaves in America Outnumbered Black Slaves – Bet you didn’t know that did you?



As Shameful As Black Slavery

The Irish in Colonial America were considered

“Niggers Turned Inside Out”


“Negro slavery was efficiently established in colonial America because Black slaves were governed, organized and controlled by the structures and organization that were first used to enslave and control Whites.  Black slaves were ‘late comers fitted into a system already developed.'”
(Michael Hoffman, They Were White and They Were Slaves and Ulrich B. Phillips, Life and Labor in the Old South, pp. 25, 26)

Irish Slave Facts

The Irish slave trade began when James II sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World.  His Proclamation of 1625 required Irish political prisoners be sent overseas and sold to English settlers in the West Indies.

By the mid 1600s, the Irish were the main slaves sold to Antigua and Montserrat (70% of the total population of Montserrat were Irish slaves at this time).

From 1641 to 1652, over 500,000 Irish were killed by the English and over 300,000 were sold as slaves.

Ireland’s population fell from about 1,500,000 to 600,000 in one single decade.

During the 1650s, over 100,000 Irish children between the ages of 10 and 14 were forcibly taken from their parents and sold as slaves in the West Indies, Virginia and New England.  Another 52,000 Irish (mostly women and children) were sold to Barbados and Virginia while 30,000 Irish men were sold to the highest bidder.

In 1656, Oliver Cromwell ordered that 2000 Irish children be taken to Jamaica and sold as slaves to English settlers.

African slaves were very expensive (50 Sterling), had to be transported long distances and paid for not only in Africa but in the New World.  Irish slaves were cheap (no more than 5 Sterling) and most often were either kidnapped from Ireland, prisoners or forcibly removed.  They could be worked to death, whipped or branded without it being a crime.  Many, many times they were beat to death and while the death of an Irish slave was a monetary setback, it was far cheaper than the death of an expensive African.  Therefore, African slaves were treated much better in Colonial America.

The importation of Irish slaves continued well into the eighteenth century, long after the importation of African slaves became the norm.  Records state that after the 1798 Irish Rebellion, thousands of Irish slaves were sold to both America and Australia.

Irish slavery didn’t end until Britain decided to end slavery in 1839 and stopped transporting slaves.

The enactment of 1652 in the British Isles:

“it may be lawful for two or more justices of the peace within any county, citty or towne, corporate belonging to the commonwealth to from tyme to tyme by warrant cause to be apprehended, seized on and detained all and every person or persons that shall be found begging and vagrant.. in any towne, parish or place to be conveyed into the Port of London, or unto any other port from where such person or persons may be shipped into a forraign collonie or plantation.”

The judges of Edinburgh Scotland during the years 1662-1665 ordered the enslavement and shipment to the colonies a large number of rogues and others who made life unpleasant for the British upper class. (Register for the Privy Council of Scotland, third series, vol. 1, p 181, vol. 2, p 101).

White slaves were owned by Negroes and Indians to such an extent in the South that the Virginia Assembly passed a law against the practice!

“It is enacted that noe negro or Indian though baptized and enjoyned their owne ffreedome shall be capable of any such purchase of christians…”

Christians meant Whites
Statutes of the Virginia Assembly, Vol. 2, pp. 280-81)

White Christians were sold on the auction block, in chains

White Christians had their teeth checked and their muscles probed, like cattle

White Christians were stripped naked for all the world to see

White Christian families were split apart

These horrific deeds did not just happen to Africans

These horrific deeds happened to White Christian slaves to satisfy the “need for labor” on the plantations and in the factories of the elite, White and black

It’s estimated that in the colonial period of the United States, up to the Revolutionary war, at least half (some say two thirds) of all the Whites that entered Colonial America were slaves

Some say that the Blacks were slaves, the Whites were servants.  Historical documents proves this to be false

In the original documents of the White merchants who transported negroes from Africa for the slave markets the Blacks were called servants

“…one notes that the Company of Royal Adventurers referred to their cargo as ‘Negers,’ ‘Negro-servants,’ ‘servants…from Africa…”
(Handlin. p. 205)

This proves that slavery was not racist

Slavery was classist

Slavery was economic

In the 1600s slaves of both races were called servants

Elite Whites, and some blacks, would enslave whoever they could get, regardless of race

Notice this advertisement includes negro, Indian and a “fresh complexion servant” who has run away


All slaves

Ad for an East Indian slave

They were equal opportunity slave owners in this country!

Every ad for runaway Negros say just that, “negro”

Oscar Handlin says that “Through the first three-quarters of the 17th century, the Negroes, even in the South, were not numerous…They came into a society in which a large part of the White population was to some degree unfree…The Negroes lack of freedom was not unusual.  These Black newcomers, like so many others, were accepted, bought and held, as kinds of servants.”

He goes on to say that the desire for cheap labor caused the elite merchants and land owners to enslave not only the negroes but their own White kindred as well

Blacks were much  more expensive than Whites

Therefore, Whites were mistreated more often than blacks

During the Colonial period, Whites did the harder work, such as digging ditches, clearing land, and felling trees

The frontier demands for this kind of heavy manual labor was satisfied primarily by White slaves

As late as 1669 those who had large scale plantations were manning them with White slaves, not negroes

That’s the way it was done in the mother country, Great Britain!

In 1670 the Governor of Virginia said that he had 2000 Negro and 6000 White slaves

Hundreds of thousands of Whites in colonial America were owned outright by their masters and died in slavery

Even the blacks knew this.  If they were made to work too hard they accused their masters of

“treating them like the Irish”

Plantation slavery, the final stage of slavery in the United States, does not represent the entire history of slavery in this country

Indentured servants — slaves — working the plantations in South Carolina

This is historical fact

This is the Heritage of America

This is not taught in schools

Shame — Shame — Shame!



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    • I encourage you to do this. It’s always best to look at history for ourselves. We have all been slaves, and in America it was whites and blacks per my research. I wish you well on your journey of truth.

    • oh its true historically our country was built on oppression & enslavement of just about any race of people they could.now all of this history has been hidden but is no less true.its how nations were built back then thru conquest & enslavement not like these days …

      • Frankly sir, I have the articles for hunting down christian slaves, so they were not indentured servants as you say. Yes, some whites were indentured servants, but not the Irish who also went to the Caribbean and were called “red legs”. They were slaves.

    • Blacks Mexican latino arabs, Muslims, ISIS,,Latino really shipped and owned Black and white slaves..THERE WAS MORE WHITES FOR SLAVES FOR LONGER, they owned us both still do, Biggest slave owners was Blacks <ISIS, still are..less thabn 2% of whites really had slaves,THEY WAS PAID..Blacks Mexican Latino Every Arab nations, Every ISIS, Muslim Nation, INDIANS,,HID THE TRUTH, FROM HISTORY BOOKS…It was Indians, that hung blacks..It was Mexicans That did this…Black slavery in Mexico..Black slavery in Spain…Put the truth into every history book..WHITE SLAVERY MONTH, from NOV to DEC WHITE HISTORY MONTH, from DEC TO JAN, Post the truth on every black slavery Web site post the facts daily loved this


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  4. Reads the book, How the Irish Became White. The article here is mixing historical fact with fantasy and serves as one of many attempts to rewrite history to erase the legacy of racism that continues to exploit Africa and Africans while blaming the victim. The Irish were treated as less than human by the British, but nowhere on the planet has a crime of the magnitude of the transatlantic slave trade (African slaves) been perpetuated on any other people, and those people have continued to be held on the lowest rank of societies globally on an economic level ever since. The desecration of Africa continues unabated to this day and there is a popular trend in the US today by whites to say that racism is over (or never really was that bad). It is a continuation of white supremacy and the capitalist/classist system it promotes. The concept of whiteness evolved in part to keep Irish indentured servants from rising up with African slaves (created special rights for so-called “whites”) to pit the Irish against their African allies in the struggle for freedom. Much more to say, but please do know that attempts to show that African slavery wasn’t that bad, or that whites have (or had) it just as bad, or worse, as this article purports, are spread for one reason–to continue to undermine Africans. However, if we Irish, Jews, and others use our own histories of oppression to inspire us to learn and fight for equal rights and justice for all people, then we have a chance at changing the system for the betterment of all.

    • You can deny the history of being Irish slaves vs African, but it does not change those accounts in history. Please elucidate on who has enslaved the African blacks more than any other people? Nevermind, I’ll do that for you. Many millions, some 250 million black slaves were taken by Muslims, Middle Eastern countries. 2 out of 3 were female slaves who were used as sex slaves. Any children they had were murdered. The males were castrated immediately, and 90% died before they reached their new owners. So, for all the evils of the white slave trade against blacks, there have been many more Middle Eastern slavers.

      Every race has been enslaved at one time. Whites, Blacks, Asians, have all taken slaves and all been slaves. No race has the market cornered on being slaves. The Muslims are by far the greatest slavers in terms of numbers and brutality of any other slaver. It is not the white peoples fault that the most industrious, productive, inventive societies were white. It seems that many blame the white people for creating most of the modern world with all it’s conveniences in first world societies. Does every white person benefit from it? Hardly, but reading your response it sounds like you think being born white means you won the lottery and never need struggle in your life.

      I’ll stop here, and let you stew in your hatred of whitey.

    • the transatlantic slave trade is still fact, today, not as busy, but still fact. Black men women and children are still being bought and sold in Muslim countries, several documentaries have tracked down young escaped victims of this practice, and documented their testimony and evidence of beatings and scarrings received as punishment of previous unsuccessful escape attempts. multiple young white runaways have been freed from captivity as sex slaves of rich Muslim men, left to face a more heartbreaking reality of living without their children born as a result of their captivity, yet had to be left behind, according to Muslim Law the Children remain the fathers property, a slave has no right to her children.

      • BLACKS MADE THEMSELVES AS THE VICTIM..They need to blame themselves, and Mexican Indians Jews, BLACK JEWS…LATINO ARABS, ISIS, EVERY MUSLIM NATION..THEY LIED ABOUT US WHITES ….WHITE SLAVERY TODAY( BARE NAKED ISLAM)…B;lacks love slavery..Google: BLACK SLAVERY TODAY: today blacks ISIS, Has every race for slaves 55 million in Africa..THEY ARE FRAUDS, so is BLACK HISTORY, They show white with blacks and called them slaves when they was getting PAID a JOB!!

    • It wasn’t just the Irish. Whites all over the world were enslaved in earlier times. Muslims and Africans kidnapped millions of European Christians and forced them to slave in Africa. Whites were enslaved way before blacks were even a trade market. Jews created the slave market. Blacks sold to the U.S as slaves were already slaves in their own country. We didn’t have to kidnap you. You were sold to us by blacks and jews. Thing is.. like the article said. Blacks were expensive. Weren’t many black slaves in America. You think you know your history, you don’t know squat. Keep hating us whites. How that working out for you?

      • Googkle: BARE NAKED ISLAM……your right watch them butcher every race including blacks..ISIS, Arabs, Muslims, Drug Cartel, ILLEGALS..Thank you!

      • The really sad part is to even talk about this one gets attacked as if they are saying the black people did not suffer or their slavery wasn’t “that bad”. Of course it was that bad, and terrible, but the attitude that they were the ONLY slaves and whites are privileged is bs. Some people are privileged and most are not. Sadly, young minds are polluted with lies that do not tell the real truth and that is regarding power and using people. The oligarchs are the users, and they need us. We could do very well without them.

    • I am looking at this and the thought that whites suffered worst then blacks is rediculous is crazy is this a competition? Im not understanding slavery of any kind has been around for years. ITS AMERICA that makes it look like a black thing and America alone.

      I’m sorry the fact that he said whites were stripped naked.. what do you think happened to blacks and maybe anyone who was in slavery. Everyone is striped naked. Dont forget about the black women with her big behind that was out side standing for display for white people to look at. Come on seriously you said it like that. WHites were stripped of there clothes have you seen the brutality that Germany did to the african tribe Namibia come on.

      Everyone has been thro slavery and all is horrific.

      • Frankly, it is stated that all slavery is wrong. The fact is that the Irish were cheaper and used for more dangerous work because they cost 5 schilling verses 50 shilling. He’s speaking of historical evidence. No one is saying Blacks were not killed or brutally treated. The truth is, very few even know whites were enslaved first in America. No one is taught this nor the fact that a black man was the first slave owner in America, nor the fact that the middle east took over 100 million black slaves and still take them today, and no one in the black community even speaks out against this while thousands join the anti-white nation of Islam in complete ignorance of their true history.

      • Is that really the topic tho alot of ppl are not complaining of slavery… what alot of ppl are complaining about is the after effects of whites adjusting to blacks in there own communities and it still going on today. That is the real issue. Even tho blacks state things about slavery it still go back to the adjustment to after slavery. Even tho blacks had whites and whites had blacks.. whites being on top of somethings in this country dont know how to adjust to blacks coming into there community and anyone who is different from them. That is the real issue.

      • There is no legal state or national discrimination against blacks. There is against whites and other races via scholarships and affirmative action set asides for blacks. We have a black President, a black attorney General, black leaders in all walks of life. The plight of the black community today is the results of the war on poverty and their being used a vote fodder for the Democrat party. Remember who said, “I’ll have those damn N****** voting democrat for the next 100 years!” Blacks have misplaced rage. They and other poor people traded the Southern plantation for the Federal plantation.

  5. Blacks started slavery by trading blacks to blacks. Whites ended slavery. In the modern world the individual is a slave to his own shortcomings. Only those that have no self belief need to try their best to take away from those that do. I dream of a day when a ‘White Business Forum’, a white ‘Brotherhood’, a white ‘Young entrepreneurs Academy’, or any other group for white people will be recognized as legitimate, just as there are tons of organizations, that exist, exclusively for black people.

  6. Even if this so called white slavery was present the large amount of vicious cruelty was done to black people. White slaves didnt have any lash marks on there backs and was never called nigger or boy! I could go on but what the use,

    • Well, lack of a photograph does not mean it did not happen. Whites were worth 5 shilling and blacks were worth 50 shilling and therefore, whites were given the more dangerous jobs. I guess you are so filled with hatred of the past that you cannot see that blacks were not singled out for slavery. Sad really.

    • Charlton Bryant…where u there to witness a black slave being lashed or called names? I doubt that u even were since it was so so many years ago. And this “so called white slavery” as u called was present. Many many years ago. Read up on your history

      • Well, that does not work when you understand that all people have been enslaved and often by people of the same race. Warring tribes and societies often looked at the defeated as lessor, but this was about power and corruption to use another at little expense to yourself. Fact is all races have been slaves.

    • LOL I think that slaves were lashed plenty, white and black, and by whites and blacks, for many centuries before the American slavery institution even existed. No, blacks in the U.S. do not have a monopoly on the cruelty of slavery. It has existed amongst many peoples. Just fact.

  7. The word slave comes from SLAV or SLAVIC meaning white european. Look it up. Google imahes Slav and it will show pics of whites, mostly blond hair like nordic type, but whites none the less. Whenyou say slave you are saying whites. One comment above said whites were not called nigger or boy, no… just that slavery itself was named after white slavs. When you call a black a slave you are calling him a white term named after white slavs or slaves. Even the old testament, i think, maybe new, said whites were thought of as lepers and being unclean spiritually could lead to a curse of whitening of skin and blotches and only if turned completely white could one be considered clean again, coming out clean on the other side kinda thing. There were black slave owners. African tribes would war it out and the winners would enslave the losers. Africans were selling out their own brothers and sisters, whites were not sneaking over and stealing africans. There were black european royalty and noble men. And by the way, most african americans look like natives from new guinae and australia and other places. History is fucked and it is and always will be the ruling class elite against the rest of us slaves, we are all slaves, debt slaves, consumer slaves, time slaves, addiction slaves… Mind slaves… and you dont know and cannot see it. You are slaves told only what your masters want you to know and the system of illusion of choice and freedom keeps you from realizing you are in an invisible prison, a mental prison, a matrix prison. Divide and conquer works well, just look at the comments back and fourth on here between people.

    • Lots of truth here. I would like to present to you that at some point, the word slave came to mean anyone who had lost their freedom and was under the control of another who claimed to own them. The Israelite’s were white skinned people. Lots of those claiming to be Jews are not of the original house. Jesus came for the LOST house of Israel. They were sent away by God, dispersed throughout the world, and they also accepted the Gospel first, and have remained Christian Nations since. Jews were also allowed to submit to another for a time period as a slave. Slavery is evil no matter who it happens to. Voluntarily giving up your freedom for safety is human nature. Most of the people of the world today are slaves and they do not know it. Their zoo is broad and open, but let them try to actually live independently and free and they will find out just how much a slave they really are.

  8. As an aside…..while watching a PBS show on ‘The History of Chicago’ a few years back, old stills were filmed showing the Irish that were brought from NY to work to dig the Canal’s in Chicago after they had been used to work and dig in NY. They were considered & treated as less than human. An interesting line in the dialogue at one point mentioned that if & when the Irish moved into a neighborhood, the Blacks moved out immediately because the Irish were scum and considered the lowest of the low. I found this information quite interesting since I am 3rd generation Irish and I was born in Chicago. By the way, the film was exceptionally well done with regards to the history of Chicago and how it was built. It even exonerated Mrs. O’Leary from the Chicago Fire since investigative research has since proven that it was actually, ‘Pegleg’ O’Sullivan that knocked over the lantern starting the fire. He had slipped into O’Leary’s barn to steal milk from the cow, as he was drunk and he & friends were making a whiskey punch. True story!

  9. This is a interesting site. I see that you are suggesting or providing proof of the Irish Slavery experience as compared to African Slavery experience. I see the information, but at the same time, SO WHAT YOU ARE SAYING is I guess African Americans should not feel victimized because other ethnic groups suffered as well. Ok I get it. I guess you want to share the Irish History. As a Black male, who sees the the systemic benefits that white people enjoy because of racism, its hard not think there is a plot for us lose in this society. As black man I am also aware of my own people’s crabs in a barrel mentality and self defeated behaviors ( frivolous spending, gun violence, the embracing of stereotypes that scare white people ) that hinder us from coming together. Also I don’t think I am owed anything, I just wanted to treated fair and I don’t Irish Americans getting mistreated by society. I know its not competition for who got treated worse but which race is treated more unfairly today? Its hard out here smh

    • Quite frankly, I doubt you actually read it all because if you did, you will see that I plainly state that I in no way disregard the horrible treatment and slavery suffered by blacks. My whole point is that many have suffered under slavery. Many blacks owned slaves, including white slaves. So, where is the equal outrage and demand for reparations. Irish struggled for a long time and it took many years to assimilate into American culture. I have traveled across the world. I have known blacks from other countries and the odd thing is, despite their negative history, they don’t demand to be treated in a special way, they assimilate into their culture, and they have a desire to be and “Englishman” or whatever country they call home. I see a lot of anger from many blacks in America, I see a lot of demanding repayment, and I see a lot of misplaced anger. I see destroyed families, communities, and upheaval, and I wonder if they will move past the history and stop acting like they were the only ones who were treated badly. They simply were not.

      • The so called black in americas will never find peace until they return back to Yah .. Look at deut 28 . You will see that it fits the so called black man to a T. The only people who have left west africa by ships and arived by ships in egypt or America is the socalled negroe.. So by default the so called Negroes are the true Hebrews of the scriptures… ckeck these sites out .. http://WWW.Straitwaytruth.com. IUIC . GOCC. check out Pastor Dowell on Youtube, Send me a message on facebook https://www.facebook.com/EliasYasharahla I will give you more.. Also I will include a link to a short video describing Deut.28 in detail..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp9njwrqIC4.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoTNW6LwrpE. Shalawam or Peace in hebrew.

      • I have listened to the so called black hebrew movement. It’s amazing that the black Hebrews never loved the Torah. The Ethiopian Jews have a claim through an ancient connection, but to say that the Africans are the true Hebrews is crazy. I know I won’t convince you and you certainly won’t convince me, so if people are interested in studying this topic, I encourage them to study both sides of the arguments. The Hebrews are decendents through Seth back to Adam. Adam was ruddy complected which means shows blood in the face. David was described thus. Do black people blush and show blood in the face? I know you can cherry pick the scriptures about how in one part of the bible the hair in song of Solomon is woolly, and that is supposed to mean negroe. I think it means thick and curly. God made the races and was pleased with them. So, this is not to put any race down. It’s about truth. Here is a decent video debunking Black Israelite teaching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qn32QYD78KU

    • My take away from all these posts is that somehow black people think THEIR slavery experience is more relevant than any other culture’s experience throughout history. The fact of the matter is that EVERY SINGLE CULTURE and EVERY SINGLE RACE and EVERY SINGLE GEOGRAPHIC REGION has experienced slavery, in some way, at some point in their history.

      And an earlier post had it right that it has never particularly been based on the color of your skin, but more so on your ability to fight back (stated as socio-economic status) and slightly less so on your availability (geographical distance).

      The indigenous people of the US (American Indians) were also slave owners and traders, just like the African tribes, just like the Asians cultures, just like the European Cultures, just like every culture (does anyone remember the Vikings? do you think they took black people for slaves?)!

      The irony here is that it was the US whites who actually fought each other to end the practice! They were motivated by the realization that our very own concepts of freedom and self-governance were wholly incompatible with the actual practice of enslaving anyone, even to the betterment of our own ends. And they did something about it. Now we’re the bad guys?

      Well, I suppose we are. Had we not ended the practice and acceptance of slavery, everyone would still know their place. The immediate result of that struggle was uncertainty, confusion and fear. A whole new paradigm, based on our concept of all men being created equal. What no one considered, certainly not Mr. Lincoln, was how Blacks would be treated after emancipation. They had no place and no standing in mainstream society. Even though they were free, most (white) people did not consider them particularly human, certainly not equals. Even the people who organized the fight to free them!

      My point is: I think we miss the true message in these discussions about slavery. The true, underlying resentment has more to do with Black Americans’ struggle for inclusion and search for place in our society. Now, I’m no white apologist. Shit was what it was and it’s already been done. I didn’t have any part in it and I don’t feel personally responsible for any of it. What I am is a little tired of being blamed and judged for it. No, make that a LOT tired.

      I was born in 1964. Right smack dab in the middle of the Civil Rights Movement. What no one talks about today is that my generation was probably the first to be raised with it. Let me tell you what that means to me (I’m a white female, by the way): I was taught the principles of Martin Luther King as if they were fact, not just some crazy Black People’s notions or in any way Radical. It wasn’t something I even considered, it just was. My perceptions were more fully formed by the racism and brutality I experienced, first-hand, at the hands of black people as a child in school. By the time I was 11, I was so afraid of black people that, when I went to new school for the 6th grade, I was pretty sure the one black girl in my class was simply biding her time until she could get me alone and beat me up. My fear of her was very real and very strong. The day she was assigned to be my project partner for an assignment, I was certain that was the end. Of course, she turned out to be the nicest person, we had a great time on the project and we became friends.

      That’s when I learned, personally, that not everyone is the same. Even people who looked like each other. They were all different. I also knew that I wasn’t the same as people who looked like me. We were all people, but we were all different people. I didn’t realize it then, but that’s when I internalized the “content of their character, not the color of their skin” philosophy.

      That episode was 40 years ago. In the generations since, that philosophy has, I believe, been hard-wired into ourselves and our children. Certainly, there are still those who haven’t gotten the memo. They are in the margins and they will always be there; not just towards Blacks, but to most everyone.

      So, let’s get to why I’m tired: The 150 years since the Emancipation Proclamation have been years filled with turmoil, grief, fear, triumph, steps forward, steps back, unrest, injustice, accomplishment, pride, guilt, anger, confidence, achievement, persecution, prosecution, deliverance and salvation. The entire Human Condition. And now I’m tired because I feel like I’m seeing it all unravel. I feel like I’m watching an entire new generation being taught “Identity Politics”. Being taught that the color of their skin is the only thing they have to define themselves. Being taught that it’s all they need to be. Being taught that have nothing else to contribute. I’m not talking about only one color of people here. All of our children are being indoctrinated into this ‘group think’. They are all being sent back in time with the notion that the color of their skin will inform their entire lives and define their life’s outcomes and experiences. It can’t just be white people who can see this. My only hope is that the people in the black community see it too.

      The images we see on TV and in the news are reinforcing this premise every hour of every day. Even though I haven’t experienced what I see on TV in my own life. I’m beginning to believe it’s the reality. I watched a news report from DC (30 miles away from me) showing several black women participating in a BLM event. They locked arms on a sidewalk and spread out into the street. Their plan was to prevent people from walking through them. An older white man came around the corner, just trying to get where he was walking to, and they refuse to allow him to do that. They told him to walk around them, which would have entailed him walking more than halfway out into a busy street. When he tried to go around closer to the building, they moved to block his path.

      This man was the most innocuous-looking man you could imagine. He looked like an elderly college professor. The kind of guy who would disappear in a room full of people. My guess is he has never owned a slave, never treated a black person with anything less than the casual respect you show to anyone you don’t know in a public place, probably has never participated in a Klan rally and likely never did anything to keep a black person from getting a job or an education or a parking place or from walking down the sidewalk. I don’t know this. Neither did they.

      Please, somebody, tell me what the purpose of this exercise was? Is this what has become of Mr. King’s “Dream”? Were all the white people right 150 years ago? Tell me. Because I’m getting too tired to care.

      • Wow, I have to take a deep breath after reading your poignant response Tracy. You have summarized what I have felt as well. I think the media wants us to believe this BLM narrative speaks for most blacks and yet, I have talked with many blacks and they don’t think that way. Now, those were people our age. It seems the younger generation does have the identity politics pretty badly, but it’s up to us to link arms with our black and white brothers and sisters as one people of America so racists, be they white, black, tan, or red stay in the margins. They have a right to their opinions, but they need to be shown for what they are and that is racists on the fringe. I choose to always encounter each person with the Love of my Lord, to see each soul as the precious creation of His, and to know that most people truly do want to live and peace and love. I really believe this.

    • You obviously don’t know the history that they were killed right and left. Irish were 10 times cheaper to own than a black slave. They were hunted down as well. They were raped, beaten, killed in higher numbers than the blacks. It’s fine to be sympathetic to the plight of all people who suffered in slavery then and NOW! Yes, Africa is still selling slaves to the ugly Muslim nations. Where is the outrage? I’m just sick of the one sided history. They act as if being a white slaves was like being a guest in anothers home. They integrated somewhat after their slavery was ended. The hillbillies of Appalachia who have stayed away from society come from that slave stock for the most part. Why is it that somehow black slavery is worse than white slavery? Why is only black slavery is discussed and talked about? Most whites have ZERO clue whites were slaves to both white and black masters! The ignorance of Americans is sickening. They won’t study history for themselves. They take whatever is spoon fed to them, and that’s it. Nothing but sheep.

    • I will add to my comment that I have tried to bring this up in conversations with people and it’s like people spit on my words and say this never happened, told to go back to school, go read Real history books. Then there are people with Irish/Scottish heritage that have heard stories through their family or on the subject and they’re totally on the same page. I just feel that the biggest group who things they are owed something, especially by whites, are the blacks in America. (not all of them but majority) they look at me and my white skin and tell me that I have white privilege and I don’t understand the things they have been through. I’m half Mexican with the rest being English, Irish, and French Canadian. I am more native in my bloodline than they would ever be. The people in my bloodline were raped, murdered, forced out of land that they occupied, and worked. I don’t pull half the crap that the blacks who feel they are owed something do. We are in a whole different time period. I, nor my parents, nor my parents parents were forced off their land, raped, tortured, murdered, or enslaved. I am not owed anything. Yes, slavery was wrong, and in that particular time period it was every where and accepted. Eventually we said enough is enough and we ended slavery(in the form of owning people as property) here in America. People should stay informed and learn about history, so as not to repeat it but seriously they need to get over it, they aren’t owed anything. If people would just stop with the whole black vs white and be apart of a working society and do what they can to improve society then we would be in a much better place.

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  11. It’s hard to take you seriously when you start spitting God nonsense. You seem to know so much about historical facts, and yet you believe in some ancient flying spaghetti monster fairy tell?

    • Keith, I appreciate that you are a non-believer. I have had a very interesting and spiritual life. I do not believe in a flying spaghetti monster fairy tale. I do believe we are divinely created beings who are much more than we appear to be. For those not so fortunate super natural things, it might be very difficult to believe in a spiritual world. I do wish you well in your pursuits for truth.

  12. african americans have slavery. jews have the holocaust.
    both groups profit by exploiting and exaggerating the suffering of their ancestors.

    i’ve never heard an irish person demand reparations. and i’ve never heard a ukrainian complain about the holomodor.

  13. The Bible mentions slavery . It doesn’t say its a sin. I believe God allowed it to help Christianize the Negroes and the white indentured servants. Not all slaves were mistreated, some lived a better life than those who were free. Its just how things were back then. There was no electricity or modern convenience. But I am glad slavery is over today. At least here in the United States.

    • Thanks for the reply Meade. Slavery is indeed in the bible. I will point out though that it is often of choice and not forced. When a person wanted to belong to another family and serve them, it was a great honor. They asked and were accepted, and the family took them by the ear, drove and awl through it and put in a special earring. The slavery of capturing people, raping, beating is not of God. Paul in my belief was never a disciple and it was his writings that were often used by those who pushed slavery under Christian principles. It disgusts me.

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  15. So is that suppose to make us feel better because they made slaves out of white people too? If that is what you meant by posting this you failed because we are still suffering. And not one African has ever made a slave out of a white person that I have heard of. And if so not like the whites did the blacks never heard of black hanging whites. Or doing any of the other terrible things that was and still being done to the blacks.

    • There is no open racism in job applications, education, or opportunity in America. In reality, there is often overt anti-white bias in gaining job. The point I am raising with the posts about Irish slavery, is there is no special underclass based on race. Since the 1960’s civil rights movement, it is not the white society that has harmed the black community. Is it an ideology pushed in the liberal sectors that preaches hatred of others and their own community for trying to better themselves. Just look at the bastions of liberal strongholds such as Detroit and Chicago. You cannot blame whites for the condition of those communities. You have had control of them for decades. The problem is greed and entitlement. The achievers left because they were not going to work their hands to the bone to be taxed to death to support people who can, but will NOT help themselves. Black on black crime is rampant, and you cannot blame whites for that. Clean up your own mess before you point anymore fingers at white society.

  16. I think that black people hold on to this one idea that they were the only ones enslaved as a answer for the lack of their position in life and to blame the whites as the reason. You are right the lack on knowledge is main point for all people before we shout we should know the history much better then we do. The Irish, Asian and others who have fought to assimilate into the society and not isolate themselves as the ones who are picked on have gone on to better things not being held down by their own kind or a political party

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  18. In all honesty, let’s not have a pity party. It is understood the Irish were mistreated based on the fact that they had been and continue to battle with the British as far as British domination of the British Isles beginning in as early as 800. St. Patrick himself is said to have been a slave stolen from Ireland and raised in a monastery before he returned to further “Christianize” Ireland. however, the Irish are white. At best they underwent peonage similar to serfdom in Western Europe and latter Black sharecropping in the U.S., there were more Irish sent to Georgia which original was a penal colony than Blacks which were introduced upon the establishment of the state versus the colony of Georgia in 1776. Later most Irish were sent to serve as inmates under debtor jail conditions in Australia. What White people including Jewish people fail to understand is that never in the history of “White Slavery” including the slaves of Eastern Europe under the Almoravids that brought down the Songhay Empire, had Whites ever been socially and psychologically stripped of their culture or sense of “racial” pride or victims of historical disenfranchisement based on social stratification rooted in racial prejudice and violence. true, the Irish were sold for less than the so-called negro slaves, but the Irish could easily blend in with other Anglo and Germanic whites. This is what led to direct African Slave Trade between North America and West Africa until 1808, consider the Geechie and Gullah people. Later only slaves of mixed blood that had been processed through the Middle Passage were bought and sold in the states because pure Africans were considered too strong and unmanageable. Guess who they primarily mixed with? the poorest whites, the Irish, Scotch Irish, and Germans. i am descendant of every culture I named and a few others. The fact is refer to the Virginia Codes of 1705 that discouraged miscegenation. Slavery went from indentured servitude, to generational debtor’s servitude, to involuntary servitude based on race determined by one’s mother because so many mixed race men had white wives and inherited their fathers’ wealth. The Whites of British stock were socially and economically opposed to this, so the definition of race and the determination of status to be considered Black was loosely based on color and physical features. Blacks and Whites both were considered servants of the crown and later the state, but only Blacks were legally referred as slaves under the American Constitution. As an Irishmen, one was not asked of their status as far as citizenship; it was assumed by the White majority that they were just “White” Americans, not free “Negroes” (denizens), or “Negro” slaves.

  19. The southern slave owners felt they needed to acquire African slaves because they did not believe white people could withstand the heat and climate in the south. So, with this in mind, where did the millions of white slaves toil their lives away? I am a product of both African and Irish slaves, my paternal great grandmother was an indentured servant. She was barred by law from marrying a free white man so she married a black man, my paternal great grandfather. She came to this country as an indentured servant. I was not aware that some Irish were brought to America fully enslaved with no chance of freedom. I really wish you had included citations beside most of your assertions of fact. I believe in citing my sources when I make statements as fact if I want them to be believed as such by the reader. Thanks.

    • Many Irish were taken to Barbados and were known as red legs. They toiled just as hard as any black slaves and history proves they were far cheaper than an African slave. Some were indentured servants, but most were kidnapped and sold just as blacks were. There is a lot of documentation for this fact, but you’d have to go buy the books. There is some information on youtube that is very well sourced. It’s a touch subject.

  20. This is definitely a touchy subject. I hate reading some post because for the sack of proving one’s point people disrespect the other race. Everyone had truth’s to what they were saying, especially letting people know that blacks were NOT the only slaves. So if you’re black and thinking that, this should be your wake-up call. But, “scriplinque” really made valid points in explaining why slavery of the Irish slaves did not continue to suffer the persecution that blacks did. Like “scriplinque” mentioned, they could blend in. Once slavery was abolished, blacks still had struggles of equality, the Irish didn’t. Willie Lynch, in 1712 came to teach Virginian slave owners how to control their black slaves, which was intended to dominate this population for years, and it did. There were Jim Crow laws put in place and racial stratification that kept blacks from truly being equal members of society. So, while it is foolish for black people to think that they are the ONLY race to endure slavery, it is just as foolish for whites to dismiss the struggles after slavery suffered by the blacks that the Irish in America did not have to suffer.

    This is where slavery of blacks became more of an issue, because even after the end of slavery, blacks struggled with racism afterwards and still do. Blacks had to face the KKK, segregation, lynching and plain old racism more severely (in America) than any other enslaved race, like the Irish, did not (in America). So, I think it’s fair for blacks to be angry at the injustices, at the same time, it’s ignorant to be prejudiced towards all white people because you felt one treated you unfairly. I would agree that it has gotten better for blacks, even since MLK, but I hate when people of any race try to downplay or dismiss the suffering of another. My ancestry is extremely multi-racial, as is many Americans, yet we have to make everything black and white.

    Mankind most certainly has an evil barbaric past. But we don’t have to bring this into our future. Blacks appreciate where we are now in history and the advantages we have that our ancestors didn’t. Don’t cry inequality and your butt didn’t finish high school or even attempt college. Whites understand, that despite the slavery of the Irish, in America, I bet you, these people would still prefer to have their poor Irish status, because at least they weren’t black AFTER slavery. And if anyone had to choose which race they would have preferred, no one would pick black because you and I both know, to be black was far worse and undesirable. It’s easy to say let that go, but it’s a little harder when you living it.

    No intentions to offend anyone here….God Bless you all. We have to stop bashing one another. All races are beautiful, all are equal and all have suffered at the hand of their brother.

    • Things have changed a lot over the last 70 years. If you are still upset over jim crow laws, then you have a lot of issues that have nothing to do with most other people. I don’t see anyone trying to deny any person the right to sit anywhere they want, eat anywhere they want, drink out of any fountain they want to. This hatred I feel from some in the black community is directed at me simply based on my color because all I did was walk into a business or sit at a lunch table. It doesn’t happen all the time. Do blacks feel this way when they sit down at lunch? I don’t know, I am not black. I do know that I have friends of all colors and ethnicities. I also have traveled the world. I went to school in Saudi Arabia with a black girl from England. I notices in England that the blacks do not speak differently than the whites. They didn’t dress much differently either. One of the things I have noticed in America is a striving to remain different. The Irish don’t speak with their own dialect nor do the Italians or Polish. I wouldn’t know what their ancestry was necessarily by talking with them in general conversation. One of the means to integrate is to stop trying to remain separate. Why are black children ostracized with they speak clearly or get straight A’s in school? Why are they said to be oreos? It’s insulting and its hurtful I’m sure. I cringe when I hear it. I wish there were less judgement and more love on simply being a wonderful soul whom God has created and gifted with amazing abilities. I long for a world that truly loves and respects one another.

  21. I like how the Natives were left out of this slavery topic, Native American Indians were the first and still is slaves in this day and age. They actually suffered the most out of all races that ever has been slaves.

    • So, we have a rule that indians can be bought and sold today? Owned as chattel or that the Indians have refused to take control of their own lives and choose to live on reservations? Please, this is a red herring you present. All races have been slaves, the word Slav comes from slavics. Indians have had slaves. Taken captives from their wars. Stop acting like they are pure as the driven snow.

      PS… I didn’t mention French, German, Italian, Ethiopian, Chinese or Japanese slaves. So please deal with the real subject of my post. None of these people are held to some special standard as “whites” are over the issue of the history of slavery. Blacks owned slaves in America. They don’t deal with that. Whites were slaves IN America, they don’t deal with that. Instead, children are taught that evil white man hurt the poor innocent black people, and need to pay for that crime! It’s Bull Sh*t!

  22. I agree unified serenity I am so tired of the black playing the victims because of the fact the blacks were slaves. Or that they are less privileged than whites. I am so sick of hearing the shit they day

  23. What is your point exactly, unifiedserenity? That the Irish were “slaves”? Is that your point? What does any of that have to do with anything? The Bible clearly states who the people of Jacob are and from what region they come. The Irish are not from the region of Israel….LOL! Seriously? I would love to see a fair skin Irish make it for more than a month in the heat of Israel. It’s foolish on your part to distort history. The Bible lays out regions and geography that are no where close to Ireland…..Black Americans (not all, but most) are the true Hebrews. They were captured by the Africans and sold to the Europeans to be brought all over the world as slaves. In your account you mentioned 100,000 here and 300,000 there… of Irish were sold or killed in the slave trade. That is NOTHING compared to the over 100,000,000 of blacks who DIED in the trans-Atlantic trade. Re-read your Bible, please. Truly educate yourself on the facts, and not just merely on some lame attempt to make your “account” fit a paradigm for which it has no place.

    • My point is no one has a right to chastise the whites in America for slavery. Whites were slaves too. Blacks owned slaves. Blacks were actually carried on slave ships built for them, while white Irish and other white slaves were put in regular holds. Hell, there is evidence of throwing all the white slaves into the ocean for insurance purposes! As for Israel, you obviously do not know much about migrations of the ten lost tribes. There are plenty of excellent books and youtube videos that lay that history out, but I doubt you’ll read them because you can’t fathom that history as you know it was not recorded by truthful people.

      • Do you hate black people? The only reason why black people feel entitled is because our history is constantly being pushed to the side. You mention how the Irish were slaves. Indentured servitude and slavery is not the same thing. You mention how the first slave owner is a black man. Which if you really paid attention to your history you would know that it was false. In legal terms, yes castor was the first slave but black slaves were entering the country in 1619. Years before castor legally became a slave and before Johnson became free. It’s funny how there passing that “forgotten history” picture around with a face of an abolitionist. Don’t you think?

        We’ve all had it the same right? Do you understand the psychological pain blacks had to endure. Forget about the physical pain. It is because of slavery why so many blacks have a complex regarding there physical features. Why so many blacks bleach their skin. If you were lighter than the brown paper bag, you were in the house. If you were darker than the bag you were in the field. That same self hatred goes on between black people in the black community today (Africa included). Have you seen how badly cyber bullied that talented, female was in ghostbusters. To this day we are told that black is not beautiful. White people have not gone through that struggle.

        Everyone wants to be in a world where we are all equal. News flash that will never happen. The black community will never be excepted. I saw someone tell a story of being afraid of black people. I used to be afraid of both whites and Yemen people. I was bullied non stop by both groups throughout junior high and high school. When I think about that time in my life I wonder. Why wasn’t the only Muslim girl being ridiculed like me in class. I mean this was post 9/ll. Why? Because blacks are looked down upon the most in America. Please, do not give me that BS about Obama being our president. That was handed off to him. Obama is a puppet in the White House.

        Do you really not think there should be affirmative action? Do you even know why that is in place? So we should have scholarships for white people that take up more of the population? Your ignorance and racism shows well. Do you know why we have a BET or a “black girls rock”? Do some more reasearch about black history of you really care. I cannot believe some people like you exist in this world still but it makes me appreciate the friends I have that understand the struggle of being black in America.

        I bet you believe in reverse racism too? I won’t even go into that with you because you are indeed a racist or may be you’re not. May be you do see us all as equal. Sadly, that is untrue. Black people are way too complex to understand and you’re not black.

      • Exposing the truth denied to millions of children who learn about our history in this nation is not hatred, but love. The time for affirmative action is long past. Blacks have equal opportunity to education and jobs, more so even with all the special scholarships and set asides. Imagine if you were a young white person who can’t get into medical school because your score is not high enough but a black person gets in with a MUCH lower score! It’s discrimination. It’s disgusting, and it’s wrong.

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  25. This is actually a lie there is historical proof that the Irish were indentured servants and that is different from slavery. a lot of them volunteered to work to pay for their trip here. None of them had their families sold off or mutilated or they never had chains around there neck sorry but I can prove the Irish are not Hebrews but the African Americans are Irish are Caucasian which are all Edom. From Babylon to Timbuktu,The 13th tribe even Hitler himself said the real Jews are the African Americans. The very word Niger means black Solomon himself said he was black, Matter of a fact the word black was taken from the bible on purpose and even the apocrypha was removed because it told who the real Hebrews were. 1Maccabees Chapter 3:47-49 Clearly tells you the heathen had sought to paint themselves into the bible. Song Of Solomon Chapter 1 verse 5-6 Solomon said he was black but beautiful. The word Niger in the bible means black. Edom was described as a white man with red hair he was harry and he ate his food half cooked and he was a skillful hunter and he would conquer the world through war. The Irish the German the Khazar, the Europeans are all the same people they are Caucasian. The same blood line science has already proved that. So we know they are not Israel and they don’t fit none of the curses of Deuteronomy 28 and they were only indentured servants for 10 years. The transatlantic slave trade went on for way longer and the bible tells you the real Israel would still be in captivity for 400 years in 2019 would be the 400 year marker. So Israel is still in their captivity and will be on the bottom till Christ returns. And for a fact the Irish owned black slaves before they came to America for a fact!. So Please let go and stop trying to further take credit for what does not belong to you. White people just can not accept they are not the leaders of civilization the Black people brought that as well. do we need to go further. but to ad no disrespect just facts the bible says prove all things do you need more proof?

    • I can tell you listen to and buy into the lie of the Blacks being the Hebrews. It’s malarky and they will pay a heavy price for this one day. God made them as part of the ethnos that he saw as very good. Blacks owned Slaves, and the history of Irish Slavery is well documented NOT as indentured servants but plane ol’ slaves sold for 5 shilling. You cannot prove what you claim. Solomon spoke of being black as a sign of his being a sinner and worked in the outdoors as song of solomon 1:6 reveals. I’m not going to debate this issue of blacks trying to take over the title of Hebrew. There is plenty of evidence online for those interested that is not biased, but based on historical proofs they were white, red haired, blue eyed. Look into the Sythians.

  26. It’s such a shame that people today want to apply “evil” intentions to slavery. Today we feel that way but in times past, it was considered “normal” and in fact many thought they were doing the “poor ignorant bastards” a favor! History is rife with people trying to put themselves in the minds and hearts of people long dead. I say, see it as history, learn from it and don’t repeat it!

  27. It looks like I am a little late to the party. I want to thank you, Unifiedserenity, for bringing attention to this nearly forgotten chapter in our history. It hurts me that some are willing to deny the true history of our nation to further their political agenda. As flags are lowered, monuments removed, and graves exhumed, those that wish to re-write our history are pushing through their dogma. More importantly, if we dare challenge these prejudices, we are labeled, categorized, ostracized, and quickly dismissed. Since our public education system, from Kindergarten through High School and beyond, has been hijacked by those pushing their political views, many parents are turning to homeschooling. I can only hope that your information is included in their curriculum. Authors, such as yourself, are vital to restoring factual history to our nation. Thank you, for all that you do.

    • Thank you Devyn for understanding my post. I am not down playing black slavery. I am pointing our there was white slavery IN America. Blacks also owned slaves of both black and white color. Whites today are meant to ring their hands and constantly apologize for something we had nothing to do with, and were even victims of ourselves. Blacks are being funded by George Soros to riot, kill police and whites and it’s being excused by the media as we need to understand their pain while disregarding the facts of the real data that more whites are killed by police than are blacks despite blacks doing far more violent crime proportionally than do blacks. We are being set up for chaos to bring in a New America. We need to stop this programming, and stand together against the types like Soros.

      • I could not agree more with you, Unifiedserenity, with each and every point you just made. I would be proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone that wishes to create a unified front against Soros, and others, that want to further destroy our way of life, history, and rule of law.

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