Where is the Outrage at 4 Black Teens Murdering Joshua Chellew

I hope this gets forwarded to twitter, facebook, and emails because the media just doesn’t care if a white man doing nothing but pumping gas is brutally beaten beyond recognition and thrown into traffic where he is hit and killed by an oncoming car!  This is why people have had it with the race baiting bullshit of the black race pimps and media who ignores the truth.

Where is the black communities outrage?  Do they not care when people are singled out and killed for no reason?  I guess Joshua Chellew was just guilty of being white and it’s ok to kill whites.


Last Tuesday in Atlanta, four young, black gang members beat a white man then threw him into traffic. He was hit and killed by an uncoming car. Why was he killed? Josh Chellew broke the cardinal rule for security. He found himself in close proximity to blacks. And he was white.

You won’t hear about this murder in the mainstream media. Just like you didn’t hear about black youth shooting a Hispanic/white baby in the face in March because his mother out for a stroll had no money on her to be robbed. Nor will you hear about the growning plague of blacks killing whites in the mainstream propaganda media. You certainly won’t hear of the skyrocketing black-on-black crime rate. It doesn’t fit the politically correct, liberal agenda.

To show the worthlessness and dishonesty of the propaganda media, here is how the Associated Press described what happened:

Police say 36-year-old Joshua Chellew died after being hit early Sunday morning on Mableton Parkway. Authorities say a fight between Chellew and the group of men spilled into the street.

A four on one fight? A white guy pumping gas was attacked for no reason by black gang members according to a black witness and friend of Chellew’s….but it was a fight that spilled into the street?

Joshua Chellew was killed because he was a white man. It’s that simple. He was killed by racist animals who hate white people and love violence. It’s that simple. And that sad. But you won’t hear white people threaten to kill black people if his killers are let free for some reason.

Black on white crime is very common while the propaganda media and white liberals have to find a Hispanic man who shot a black teen thug to make it a “white on black” crime.

Here’s another:

No mention of the race of the attackers but the reporter did say that one of the attackers said “this is justice for Trayvon.” The reporter will probably lose his job.

The quickest way to be a victim of violence in America is to be close to groups of black people. And that goes for black people, too. Chicago kills more blacks than are killed in Africa! Again, since it doesn’t fit the liberal narrative, no mention of this from the propaganda media.


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