Zimmerman Found NOT GUILTY!


The State did not prove it’s case and that was their job.  It was not for George Zimmerman’s lawyers to prove he was not guilty and yet his lawyer laid out an interesting defense and actually took the steps to prove George was not guilty.  He clearly laid out the fact that the jury had to know the evidence proved his clients guilt and not do as the prosecutors kept asking was to look in their hearts or connect the dots.  It is not right to “connect dots” as a member of the jury.  They either proved he killed Mr. Martin with malice of forethought or intended to kill Mr. Martin and that just was not the case.    If you still think Mr. Zimmerman is guilty and are willing to listen to facts I share this video which clearly shows that not only was Mr. Zimmerman not guilty, but in fact he was the victim of aggravated battery.

I am not happy that anyone was shot.  The fact is this case should have never gone to trial. The District Attorney filed false indictment papers to appease her masters.  She left out the photos (evidence) that Mr. Zimmerman was injured.  She broke the law.  To understand just how egregious her acts were watch this:

Sadly, Mr. Zimmerman will never be safe in America.  He might move to a different area of the country where he might feel safer, but the fact is he won’t be safe and most likely neither will his family and possibly his lawyers who have received death threats against themselves and their families.  I personally hope his lawyers bring civil cases against the media race baiters who spent a year portraying him as a racist and tried him over and over damning him without any of the evidence presented.  I hope his lawyers sue the District Attorney who filed false indictment papers and she loses everything and is disbarred for her crimes. Yes, what she did was criminal.  And finally, I hope he sues President Obama and Eric Holder for their actions to inflame the nation against him.  He not only lost a year of his life, and gained a lot of weight which damages his health, but he  has the fear of never being safe now.

Did you hear anything about the 75+ people shot in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend?  Did you hear about the 17 and 15 year old black youths who murdered a white man and woman in home invasion robberies?  Why not?  Don’t they care when blacks die?  Or is it only when they can race bait and try to inflame the public against whites?  Mr. Zimmerman has more black and Hispanic lineage than white and yet that is how he was portrayed – WHITE.

Racism is alive and well in America, but if you look at the statistics, it’s not whites shooting, raping, beating, and murdering blacks, but blacks attacking whites.  Oh, blacks attack blacks far more than whites do, but if you believed the media there is an all out killing spree bedlam of whites hunting blacks.   The truth is just the opposite.  It’s not all blacks, but based on population they are doing it in far greater percentages than other races.  Cold hard facts are just that – cold.  Until the black community deals with this violence in their communities and faces facts we will never get healing.  I do believe healing comes from painful times, but you cannot begin without truly knowing what is wrong.

Will America recover?  Personally, I don’t think so, but with God all things are possible.

(To see the real facts watch the first video.  Truth is truth no matter if you like it or not)


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