Obama blaming guns again

In the wake of the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, President Obama has come out asking for calm and inquiring if we have done all we can to stem the gun violence!  Are you freaking kidding me?  Why isn’t he asking if we are doing all we can to stem the violence of blacks against whites?  George Zimmerman was brutally attacked by a pissed off black man for following him in his neighborhood.  Nothing Zimmerman did was illegal. You have no expectation of privacy when walking on a public street.

The race baiting gun grabbing left are going to destroy us if we don’t stand up to them, but instead the white community and conservatives both black and white are going to shut up, cower and ask permission to speak.  I am getting pissed off at the absolute lack of journalistic integrity and allowing race baiters to make every incident involving whites into a hate crime.  Zimmerman is not a racist, has no intention of gunning down a black man, and the prosecution did not prove their case at all.

Obama wants this to be about guns. You watch now they will push for new laws. I hope Zimmerman is well armed, gets the hell out of America and takes his millions which he will surely get from the many civil lawsuits he will win and move to a wonderful place where he can live in peace without the race baiting white hating blacks of America trying to kill him.

Here is one more piece to consider. I don’t think there will be massive black riots because they want whites to rise up so they can be blamed for the ultimate downfall of America.  In Germany they blamed the Jews for everything.  Jews did not speak up to defend themselves. We have had well on 30 years of blaming whites, hating whites, and race pimping by black leaders seeking to destroy whites.  Will the whites be targeted in the near future and people justify it?

It won’t matter how you feel once that starts happening because we kept silent and there will be no one to stand up when they target you.


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