The Abortion Battle Lie in Texas


The debate we are currently hearing about in Texas is a circus side show.  If you were not informed, you would think Texas is about to ban abortions.  They are simply voting on whether to stop abortions after the 20th week!  Do you realize there are over 40 states with time limits on abortions including New York and New Jersey which are bastions of liberal ideology.   Oh, they give the poor child one more month so you can’t kill them after the 24th week!

Texas has a limit currently and is seeking to lower it to 20 weeks.  Some states have it as low as  6 weeks, and you don’t hear anything about that now do you? So, what is this really about? It’s more sex baiting.  The cry from the left is to keep the Republicans our of women’s pants!  The truth is they don’t give a damn about who is in their pants male, female or animal, but any opportunity to smear Republicans and all conservatives is a winning move for them.  I hate hypocrites, and this is the height of hypocrasy.  Why don’t they go on smear campaigns with coat hangers in their vaunted liberal bastion states? Why? Because they don’t give a damn about abortion, they care about separating Americans at any and every opportunity.  Keep us fighting about sex, race,religion and we will ignore their stealing our heritage and money.


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6 comments on “The Abortion Battle Lie in Texas

  1. I made a remark on one pro 20+ week abortion pages. I told her that I hoped that everyone of those woman who enjoy having those abortions hear the machines sucks noises and the cries of babies in the night because they will be there. She told me that I just didn’t understand. I told her no I did not understand but she had given me a whole new perspective on the abortion battle. That would be a great way to kill generations of liberals.

  2. I almost just filed this without a look, but I looked. This is totally ass-hole political.

    Life begins at conception, and to make a point of 20 weeks or 24 weeks is just elect-me-hype. What is it called when they push a pair of scissors into the back of a childs head, and into the brain, of a child who is half in and half out – excuse me while I break for a puke!

    I don’t really know how to stand on this issue as an American. I remember back in the day where a fellow female class mate’s mother offered abortions with a coat hanger, and I just can not go for that being the only option forced upon woman.

    Nonetheless, an abortion is a murder. I don’t even why I am writing here – I have no answers to this question of morality. Should government be allowed to legislate morality? No. Should murder of a child be legal? No. I guess this is between a Doctor, a woman, and God. I hate that answer!

    Life deserves a defense, but I can’t hold up an M-16 to defend this one. Who would I pull the trigger on? Saying the Doctor is akin to shooting a man in bed someone else’s wife – he is a man and he was invited – it is just what men will do, and it is also just what Doctors will do to. … The woman, and kill the child first – na!

    My Evangelical brother is battling me over homosexuality. Same shit, different bucket. …

    Straight guy,

    • Don’t get me even started on the homosexual issue. Sin is sin, God will judge but Adulterers and disobedient children are an abomination as well, but we don’t see bible thumping over that now do we? Paul lived in Jesus day and yet Paul prattles on about homosexuals and yet Jesus had nothing to say about it. Love God and follow the Lord.

  3. Right on Sister – here is what I wrote to my brother, and I admit that I did bring the Paul issue to him as well. No-way can I bring it to my frend who is an Orthodox Monk!

    My brother knows the Bible from the first page to the laset, yet he can not point me to a thing that defends Paul – on homosexuals:

    “Some people are born that way, and Jesus would both minister & heal them. Judgment is not mine.

    Now with that out of the way, where you sit homosexuality is taught in pre-school through graduate school, is promoted in pre-school T.V, through adult R rated T.V. and films. It is promoted in the news, and is all over yahoo home page. To speak against it is now a hate crime. welcome to the New America – Bush’s New World Order as he proclaimed in his speech [he was not the first].

    Where I sit it is an enforced crime for a man / man, woman / woman to embrace in public. It is not to be found on T.V. or the internet. It is not in the schools at all because teachers are screened long before they are allowed to teach. What goes on behind closed doors is just that, and left between the individual and the Lord.

    Putin is doing the correct thing here. If a person is born homosexual, than keep it behind closed doors. here is is not “an educated” thing.

    Please do not judgment Gary. There is so much more deserving of your time and energy.


    • I think there are many types of gays. Some are just being rebellious and seeking attention, especially girls trying to titillate guys when they are teens or young adults. I know a lot of gay males were sexually molested by a guy. A lot of lesbians were sexually molested by a guy as well, but they don’t become interested in men. Then there are those who were just born differently. They never followed the “normal” way for boys and girls.

      I believe there are some that are genetically wired differently. The problem with “keeping it hidden” is what do you think that does to gay people who cannot be honest about themselves? How must they feel if they cannot enjoy the love of their life while men and women go out to romantic dinners, holding hands, kissing sweetly goodbye as they go off to work and announcing to the world who rejoices with them when they get married? Are you saying then that gays should just not have any of that?

      I will judge no one, and I think this is a very contentious issue because it seems people cannot just allow others to be. The flaming queers / Queens and bull dykes have to be out there in your face doing things that embarrass others and offend parents, but what if they never did any of that stuff? I bet you a million dollars American gays would still be mostly in the closet.

      How about the money issue? Is it fair for a man to marry a woman and they are instantly monetarily connected? If he dies she gets his pension. If he falls in love with a foreign woman he can bring her here and she can get a work visa. Try that if you are gay… NOT! There is a higher tax burden for married people and maybe the government should be out of marriage. Why should married people pay higher taxes? That seems stupid to me because they are raising families usually.

      This is a tough issue and the bible does specifically state that it is wrong to have same sex relationships. It’s very blatant in Deuteronomy. Lots of things are an abomination to the Lord. I can’t justify them, but I can’t judge either. I pray that God knows the heart and can see all things clearly.

  4. Yes it is a tough issue. It’s also an issue that the Bible can not really settle. I’m just going to comment on those who were born attracted to their own sex, or those who went through some trauma that has caused this situation, and note that I did not use the word “behavior”, because those that choose this sexuality to rebel, be cool, or because some idol is out and they want what they have are not worthy of my time & print – no offence, but I am old enough to be from the “old school”, and I am from that school.

    To me, the word “marriage” goes back to Adam and Eve, and is a bond between a man and a woman. There is a “civil contract”, and than there is a church marriage – meaning an “oath” between a man and a woman to become one flesh, as in the manner God intended us to be.

    I am around a lot of ESL teachers here in Moscow Russia [no, I am not one], and I hear every year about all of the new English words that are entered into the many dictionaries. Same sex bonds need their own new word, and that is just my opinion on this matter. There will be a civil contract, and there are many churches that will also perform a religious “oath” as well, and I personally have no issue with that, other than the word “marriage” is the essence of a definition that exists exclusively between a man and a woman.

    Taxes are another issue all together. Don’t look for fair there in the U.S. Did G.E. pay any taxes this year? It’s a 13% flat tax here, and for that you have free medical, education, and retirement. I have a friend who flies an Aerobus 330. His flight schooling cost him nothing. Sure, there is a draft, and most all serve; he was an officer for one year, and that entitled him to get his education in civilian life free of charge.

    Insurance, taxes, wills & deeds and the like can easily be managed through a “civil contract.” The government is not in the business of legislating morality, and we are not here to judge. They have as much right to a civil contract as anyone.

    Holding hands does happen here. Swapping-spit on the street corner you won’t see. An arm over a shoulder is common even for “straight people” here. There is a moral obligation that most of the world takes for granted – do not induce or promote immoral trends to the youth! I happen to agree totally with that point of view. I know, there are those who will argue with my use of the word “immoral”, but that is just how this world turns.

    There are many rooms in Heaven, and I personally feel that God is loving and understanding enough to not even see homosexuality as an issue, provided that it is the emotional sexuality of said person’s soul.

    I knew that I should not have opened this one;~))) Glad we side tracked though.

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