More Proof Zimmerman is Not a Racist




These are supposedly images of Zimmerman’s family.  The Black man is reported to be George Zimmerman’s great grandfather.  The young woman his grandmother and the baby is his mother.  So, for those who believe George Zimmerman was racially profiling Trayvon Martin, this should stop that idea.  George’s neighbors have defended him as not being a racist.  George says Trayvon was looking in windows when he saw him and followed him.  Trayvon could have gone home, but it appears he decided to attack George and after he was beating Georges head into the concrete and told him he was going to die, George shot him.

The police originally saw it as self defense, but it was not until Obama said if he had a son he would look like Trayvon and the other race baiters got involved that the DA gave a false report, ignored the photos of Georges head bleeding and a broken nose that he was charged with 2nd degree murder.

For me, the jury just needs to look at these images and see that George was telling the truth.   Those who are filled with hatred against whites (George was originally reported as a white man) want any white person dead who kills a black whether they are defending themselves or not.  Obama has caused more division than ever and America will not heal from this especially if George is found innocent or not guilty and a race war starts.


3 comments on “More Proof Zimmerman is Not a Racist

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  2. haha not a racist..sure sure….he is the worst racist, a latino being racist against other latinos.

    From Zimmermans myspace

    “I dont miss driving around scared to hit mexicans walkin on the side of the street, soft ass wanna be thugs messin with peoples cars when they aint around (what are you provin, that you can dent a car when no ones watchin) dont make you a man in my book. Workin 96 hours to get a decent pay check, gettin knifes pulled on you by every mexican you run into!”

    Because every person in America get knives pulled on them by mexicans on their way home.. yup.. happens every day….

    And his previous dealings with the law.. punching a Police officer in 2005, having a restraining order filed by his GF and this other lil nugget on his myspace.

    “2 felonies dropped to 1 misdemeanor!!!!!!!!!!! The man knows he was wrong but still got this hump, Thanks to everyone friends and fam, G baby you know your my rock! ”

    But yeah…… a grown armed man going after an unarmed minor is a hero.. give me a break

    And how can you say Obama has caused racial divisions…. by being black? Obama is the only President that has been attacked since day one because of his color.. So far we’ve seen Obama the Communist, Obama the Black Radical, Obama the Secret Muslim, Obama the Atheist, Obama the Kenyan, Obama the Indonesian, Obama the Black Panther, Obama the Guy Who Is Just Like Adolph Hitler, and even Obama the Antichrist.

    What makes Obama the most interesting man in the world is not just that he is able to simultaneously be all of these things – a gay Muslim who is really an atheist yet claims to be a Christian – but that no one who he ever met in all that time seems to be willing to verify any of these details. Which, if you really want to get into conspiratorial mode, is probably because he had everyone who knew his secrets killed execution-style by the Illuminati Hit Squad.

    • I have not seen his page, and I don’t even know that it is his page…. Anyone can make a page. I can make a page claiming to be Jose Kuervo and show I have more than anger, hate, and hood in me. Of course if it is, it shows he is used to being jumped by mexicans. Jesse Jackson once said getting into an elevator with young black men made him uncomfortable… is he a racist too or just smart?

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