TWA Flight – Hastings Death – Breitbart Death – Boston Bombing Suspects Killed

Ever notice how we are inundated with scandals and whistle blowers and nothing comes from it.  It’s like unless the media makes it a massive story the people just don’t care.  The incident of the death (murder?) of Michael Hastings who had real enemies is appearing more and more shady just as Breitbart’s death was declared not a murder before the autopsy was even done!  Consider the suspect who was being questioned by the FBI who they claim attacked them and they just had to shoot him in the head 6 times!  America is run by lawless men and women and one day they will answer for their crimes.  If not to you and me, then they will answer to God.

Police refuse to release their report about Hastings death and the firefighters won’t talk about it.


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