Debunking of Plane Crash in San Francisco

Now, I was very hesitant to watch this video about the plane crash that just happened in San Francisco, because he is calling it a hoax.  My first thought was, “Why would they fake a plane accident?”    I am still not really sure why they would do this, but he is right when you look at the video footage the condition of the plane does not match up to what the people claim happened to the plane!  Just as when I looked into the supposed plane that crashed into the Pentagon there was nothing to back up their story.  There was no marking on the ground, no wing parts, and the plane supposedly disappeared like liquid into a 16 ft hole despite having two 7 ton titanium engines that would have damaged the building as they hit and yet nothing was there to support that.  So, while it seems crazy that this plane crash in San Francisco would be a hoax, this guy gives a really good analysis for why he believes it is a hoax:

no marks

Where are the skid marks

no marks runway

290,000 pound plane hits so where are the marks?

Remember 9/11 Where are the Skid marks?

Where is the debris?

DO YOU JUST LIKE TO BE LIED TO ?  Again, why would they do this?


6 comments on “Debunking of Plane Crash in San Francisco

  1. Hi Christina,

    I am posting this reply here for the reason of getting it to you. I don’t know if you agree with the subject, but I know you will approve of where this film takes us. It is for sure sad, but it is equally true. I hope that you might make a post of these required action[s].

    This is also a good site that sends films to my inbox, just so you know:~)))

    Peace we Pray,

    • Hi John, Thanks for the information. I really don’t know what to make of this San Fran incident. Did it happen or not? I hate shady situations. I will check out that site.

      Is that your site btw?

      Thanks as always,


  2. Well Christina, I think I would want to go to a few days prior google-earth and see if that plane was in that place before the day of the incident. Frankly though, I put nothing past the “powers that be!!!” That is why I sent the link to the film. This stuff must stop – Semper Fi –

    No, not my site, but they do send me some good stuff. I’m at, not hosted though. I have a Delaware Close Corporation sitting still for now, and when it goes actvie, so will my peb-page.

    Keep up the good work my Friend,

    • That’s a good idea, but I did not know google earth was that current. Of course they can put anything on a map or use earlier pics etc.. That’s the problem, no idea who to believe, and in this case for what gain, though I did hear a Facebook bigwig was supposed to be on that flight and cancelled lat minute.

  3. Yeah, after I made my comment, I thought to myself that google-earth will not work in the manned that I wrote. However, google-earth does have that location from some time past. I don’t use it, so I can’t say for sure.
    The video is convincing, but it is just one piece. If there were more, than I’d take it a bit more seriously. The gain could be as little as someone putting an air-line out of business. The world is just that evil –

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