The New Emerging Church – Apostacism through False Unity

As you can imagine, unity if very important to me as the name of my site is unified Serenity.  But, what is unified serenity to me is obviously not what many think it is.  My greatest truth is that we have a divine relationship with our creator and that we all come from Him.  We all have that essence of the Creator that makes us unique and special as our souls were created by Him in love and that is our greatest lesson to love God and one another in perfect unity and peace.

The enemy of God, Lucifer who has many names likes to twist truth and cause us to fall away from the truth by crafty means of twisted logic.  Lucifer did not tell Eve to disobey God, but presented a reason to do something to be LIKE God.  If you are a parent then you know there is that short season where your child loves and adores you and wants to be just like you!  As a mother you might tell your daughter to not touch your make-up and perfumes or other special things that you use.  As a father you might tell your son to not touch your razor or shaving cream and cologne, but what if you hire a babysitter who has the intent to sow disobedience?    I can hear the babysitter saying after the daughter says how beautiful her mother is as the mom and dad go out for a fancy dinner, “Wouldn’t you like to be just like your mother?”  The girls eyes light up and she eagerly says yes, and the babysitter says, “If you put on her make-up and perfume you will be just like her and she wants you to be like her!”  The child forgetting the rule rushes to use the things her mother forbid her to use.  Similarly the babysitter uses the same sort of lines on the son and the boy rushes off to shave and put on cologne like his daddy and is sure he will be pleased with his efforts to be like him.

Of course, we know that when mommy and daddy get home and they see their things messed with will not be happy and pleased.  They will discipline the children and no amount of pointing fingers at the babysitter will matter.  Of course the babysitter is no longer welcome in the home, but the seeds of destruction were sown and the mission was accomplished.  We are told time and again to trust and believe upon the salvation of Yeshua and that is a faith decision.  We are also told in the bible that Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.  So, what happens if your faith is not truly based on the word of God, but on what someone has told you of the word of God.  Or some spiritual experience that you cannot test properly because you do not know how to test anything based on the word of God?  It’s an easy way to create an apostate church because the bible is made irrelevant, dry, stale, and frankly puts most people to sleep.

I grew up Roman Catholic.  As a child, I loved the rituals of the church.  I do not think rituals are bad in and of themselves as long as you do not put dogmatic faith in rituals.  We like doing things in an habitual manner.  Most people get dressed a certain way, shower a certain way, drive to work a certain way and that is normal.  It gives us peace in a sense, but we cannot hold onto a ritual as a means of salvation.  We humans also have a nasty habit of once seeing something as wrong we throw out anything associated with it as wrong.  So, while I am going to post a video, I want to make a precautionary statement.  Within the video, they trash all mystical experiences, contemplative prayer because if you base your faith on an experience and get your instruction from some experience then you are walking down the broad road that leads to damnation and not salvation.

One must temper their views in balance.  Would you pick your husband or bride simply by reading a sheet of paper and finding the one with the characteristics you like alone or do you need to spend time with them and get to know them and once that spark of love is ignited then you say, “This is the one for me!”  I hope you do it the second way and not just on qualifications.  Do you hire an employee just based on their resume or do you need to have an interview?  Obviously, an interview takes place where you decide if this is the kind of person you want to yoke your business to.  So, I present that all true faith is planted as a seed  in the truth of the word but it blossoms in the relationship.  I do not believe in God for I actually know God.  I do not believe in Yeshua for I actually know Yeshua.  I believed in Yeshua / Jesus all my life and I was not changed in my heart until that moment I experienced the love of God, understood how much I am loved and wounded and needed His help.  It was that moment in 1987 that my heart changed.  In 1995 I was terribly wounded in spirit because of some lies spread about me in a community online where I had thousands of friends involved in bible study online.  One group started a smear campaign and it did wound me.  In my spirit I heard that I was not to defend myself, and that was so hard, and it hurt.  I went to two sisters in the Lord and they said the obvious.  I was to forgive those who hurt me.  I did not feel like forgiving the liars.  I did not want to, but I knew I had to and in simple obedience I said a prayer like, “Lord, I do not feel forgiveness, but I know I must and so I forgive them and ask that you help me to forgive them in Jesus name, Amen.”

Immediately after that prayer a power came over me, and I was filled beyond words with divine love.    It was agony and it was ecstasy at the same time.  I can not explain it, but it lasted for hours and in that space, I truly understood Divine Unity.  I had never experienced anything like it.  It spreads to others as well when needed, and I have had many say they could not believe the love of God was like that.  It mattered not whether they were in person or thousands of miles away and we were chatting online.   I would simply open my heart in the Lord and the love would flow.  I knew that if we truly knew and experienced this love with one another we could not hurt anyone.  It would hurt us too much to cause pain to God or another.  I have not been perfect.  This love and fellowship in the Holy Spirit has not made me anything more than what I am, human.  I judge less now, and forgive more quickly.  I truly can embrace the ideas of the scriptures because they are alive to me, and yet I still falter every day.  So, while the video I am showing to you has much truth, please realize that for me and many others the experiencing of the Holy is real and it drives us more deeply into the bible and not to ignore it. That to me is the true sign of whether it is the Holy Spirit you are having an experience with or a charlatan.  As always, if you have any questions, please just post a comment.


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