The Apostacy of the Church

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If you have been reading this blog for some time, then you know about the Gospel of Paul vs. the Gospel of Yeshua / Jesus.   Paul’s words of grace are true in the sense that we are saved through grace by the shed blood of Yeshua, but it does not give license to do things that are wrong.  Paul repeatedly goes against the law as if it were a punishment for us.   If you are a parent, you do not put rules on your children because you just like to lord over them, but because if they heed your wisdom they will have a more successful life filled with love, peace, joy and happiness and so the same is true of our father Yahoveh.  While I have shared the truths regarding Yeshua’s New Covenant which is the Law written upon our heart and urged those who love God to seek that singular heart that seeks His will, I have come across a sad fact regarding this truth about Paul and that is that some use his lies to spread a new lie that Christianity is thus a false religion because of Paul.

If you are a Paulinian believer then you are rejecting the words of Jesus / Yeshua who exhorted his disciples and Apostles to do all that he did, to keep the commandments and to spread the truth of the New Covenant to all the lost sheep of Israel.  All who believe in Yeshua and his words are welcome, but  he did say he came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and that is either truth or a lie.  I believe Yeshua and therefore I believe his words are true.  Once Paul came into the church and Rome adopted his teachings, then all those who followed after despite their ignorance are following another way and thus have rejected the words of Yeshua / Jesus and are apostate from his teachings.  There is nothing wrong with being ignorant.  We are all ignorant until we learn truth, but we have to be willing to study, to learn, and to be open to truth.

Have you never changed your mind once facts were revealed to you?  Have you never come to some conclusion to only learn later that you were not given all the information or if it were presented to you that somehow you missed it and then said to yourself that you were wrong and changed your thinking?  Why are so many Christians so upset when they look at the truths about Paul and think warnings of him are just to cause division.  If I am correct about Paul then it is Paul who sowed the division in the first place, and that is what I do believe what his purpose.  Now, there are those teaching that Jesus never existed.  That the whole beginning of the church and the bible are made up stories despite the abundance of historical and archeological evidence to the contrary. Do you doubt Julius Caesar existed?  There is less evidence of his life than of Yeshua’s life and yet you never hear people question if he and other ancient great men existed, why is that?  I will tell you, that it is because there is a very real war on for your soul.

You come into this world naked and you will leave this world with nothing but yourself.  You will answer to the truths of your decisions and life. It won’t be your pastor, your teacher, mom, dad or anyone else, for when you die you will stand and answer for your life on your own.  I know it sounds harsh, but do you simply yawn and think it’s not important that so many are now bringing this information out about Paul?   God is calling out for those who love him to avail themselves of data.  I have no sacred cows when it comes to truth.  As a baby believer, I was surrounded by charismatic Christians who believed in speaking in tongues and the rapture.  I thought they were right, but I loved the study of truth.  As I grew and studied, I saw that those teachings did NOT hold up to scripture when studied line upon line and precept upon precept.  I had to politely disagree with my friends.   Many who were open saw the truth but some never did.  They were afraid of what their family would say.  I tell you this, as Yeshua said, unless your love father, mother, all family less than you love him you will not enter the kingdom of God.  It was not to hate them, but to love them less than the living word of truth, Yeshua.

I do believe the days are growing shorter, and we shall see the greatest deception very soon which if not cut short would deceive the very elect chosen by God from the foundation of this age.  Yes, some of you have always yearned for truth. You have always loved God and seen the beauty of every soul He has created, and you were chosen to be alive at this time.  I believe it is because of what you did in the first age.  As Peter writes of the age that was, the age that is and the age that is to come.  The three ages are in the bible.  That is why those who try to throw rocks and say the bible is false because it says that God created this world in seven days are showing their incredible ignorance.  Yes, the bible does say this age was created in seven days, but it does not say this planet was.  In the very first and second  verse we are given a clue.

Gen 1:1  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
Gen 1:2  And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

My friends, the church was infiltrated less than 100 years after it started.  I hope you know my words are to reach out to you because I do not care about who is offended by the truth.  I care about the truth.

Read my study on Paul’s Gospel vs. Jesus Gospel

If you want to talk about it, respond to this post.  If you have questions or comments to bring more truth please post them.  Your soul is more precious than you can imagine.  I believe those who are drawn to read this are meant to do it because you do seek truth, you do love God, and you are being reached out to so that you can separate yourself from the harlot!  Read Hosea, and see the parallels.  Of the seven churches, only two of the them were approved of in Revelation.  Are you a Ladocean who has turned luke warm?  Are you aware of those who claim to be Jews and are not like those in Philadelphia and Smyrna?  Few know the truth about the imposter Jews who joined Judah under Nebuchadnezzar reign and have been there ever since.   They are the tares of the parable of the wheat and the tares, but if you have never been taught this parable and you do not know how to follow them in the bible, then Jesus’ words mean little when he said they were of their father the devil.  That they are liars and vipers.  They killed Jesus because he was telling the people about them.  Again, if you don’t know who the Kenites are then you are lost in that truth.  Why is Cain not listed in Adam’s genealogy?  Might it be because he is not Adam’s son?  Why did Cain so want to kill his brother Abel? Is it not possible because as Satan’s son he knew that if Eve did not have children then the promised Savior could not come and therefore Satan would not lose the battle?

Are you aware that the book of Enoch is quoted in the bible by Jude?  Why is the book of Enoch not read?  Why did Paul’s church take out the books by the disciples?  God is calling us out of the whore.  Why is the church the whore? She is married in contract to Yeshua but has long been running after Lucifer.  We were fooled, and for thousands of years we have been taught the words of Paul.  Paul is quoted more and more in churches that Jesus is.  Who is Paul? Why is he so damn sacred to you?  Can you not allow yourself to consider the truth about his words vs. Jesus words?  The falling way has happened and it will grow worse.  The church will be changed again and this time to complete the lie and worship openly the false one, Lucifer.  I pray you are not fooled.

Some people enjoy video presentations.  This particular video can make you very uncomfortable.  That is not a bad thing for I do believe it is God’s work to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.  Since I have been around charismatic Christians and as I said when I was a baby believer I did believe in the gift of babbling tongues and well, anyone can babble.  So, this presentation goes into the name it and claim it faith teachings which come from lies.  Yes, Paul is quoted, but as I have said before, Paul spoke 95% truth and slipped in the lies.  Paul himself did not teach babbling tongues, but many have twisted his words about speaking and God and the Angels can understand him.  Well, trust me, if I go to Russia and speak not a word of Russian and they don’t speak or understand a word of English, I can preach all night long and God and His angels will understand me but my words will be meaningless to those Russians!  That is why Paul said it would be better to speak five words known than thousands unknown!  I have digressed, but it was for worthy purpose.   I cannot judge the man Saul of Tarsus.  He may have had an experience which he attributed to God and Yeshua.  He may have meant well and was deceived by lying spirits.  I know that Jesus said not to believe anyone after he left us who said he was here or there for they were a liar.  Yeshua will not return but on the Day of the Lord with a mighty shout and trumpet blast of the last shofar.   Thus it is that I know Paul was not commissioned by God to be an Apostle, but I do believe he was used by Satan to cause division and even his teachings are twisted so easily by the ignorant to teach that he spoke of a rapture or babbling tongues.

This video literally troubled my heart because of the great delusion so many are under.  They are not ill willed who follow these teachings.  It is the ministers who play these games who are false shepherds.  They are hirelings.

Joh 10:9  I am the gate; if someone enters through me, he will be safe and will go in and out and find pasture.
Joh 10:10  The thief comes only in order to steal, kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life, life in its fullest measure.
Joh 10:11  “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.
Joh 10:12  The hired hand, since he isn’t a shepherd and the sheep aren’t his own, sees the wolf coming, abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf drags them off and scatters them.
Joh 10:13  The hired worker behaves like this because that’s all he is, a hired worker; so it doesn’t matter to him what happens to the sheep.
Joh 10:14  I am the good shepherd; I know my own, and my own know me —
Joh 10:15  just as the Father knows me, and I know the Father — and I lay down my life on behalf of the sheep.

Who are you entering by? Jesus or Paul?  Jesus said to call no one father but God, and yet Paul said he is your father!  Do you believe Yeshua / Jesus or Paul?

Come out of Babylon my friends.  The hour is so very late.

I also watched this one…. the false religion is rising and my heart weeps.  I come to understand Yeshua’s words of being as a mother hen and wishing to cover them with wings.  The warning is going forth, but do you revere God or man?  The word is truth.

If you only believe if you see signs and wonders, I have a sad warning.  You shall see mighty signs and wonders very soon.  The false one will do miracles, snap his fingers to create lighting (I think this goes to free energy, but maybe not), he will say terrible blasphemies and millions will believe.  Thomas did not believe until he saw the Lord’s wounds and touched them.  Jesus says those who believe and have not seen are more blessed.  I know so many are angry today. So many have been hurt by these false shepherds.  These liars do not serve God.  If you are hurting, if you are in need I know that God is there for us.  I simply say talk to him, open your heart and ask for him to be with you, to guide you, and to heal you and forgive you as you forgive those who have harmed you.

May God bless you richly.


3 comments on “The Apostacy of the Church

  1. The Russian Orthodox Church is no way a part of these so-called churches, nor the Roman Catholic.

    On the first video I felt compassion for these people preached to. I never got into TBN, but I have on occasion seen it. I spent a couple of months in the late spring of 71 living in a commune – San Francisco – with “Campus Crusade for Christ.” That was about all I needed of that. However, I have a brother who is and has been an Evangelical. God help him I pray, because the works of the spirit in his church are not holy; it is political – republican is always correct and democrat is always wrong, with the war in Iraq being right and just. Popular Mechanics is all that there is to be said about building 7 according to my brother. This does not add up for me, and I spent my life in large construction after an education on “how things come apart” on my Asian Vacation. We all know there was more than just this building to.

    The second video I got half way through. I took a break and when I came back I somehow started it at the beginning again. I had no idea where I was, and I feel that I have seen enough; a lot of Paul who I am attempting to put into proper prospective.

    Christina, this issue is important enough to have a dedicated blog for. Time is short, and truth of the Gospels needs to be spoken by those who know, so we that don’t are pointed in the right direction. I admit that I spend little time in the Bible these days. With that said, when I was a FNG, the only company that I had was my St. Christopher metal, and my pocket size Bible. I did spend my free time reading, and in war there is a lot of “free time”, believe it or not. For me, I somehow knew long ago that “speaking in tongs” was not the correct thing to do, the 10 Commandments were / are Law, and Christ was / is love, yet there is justified anger, such as walking into a Temple and flipping over tables – I hope you understand my point so I can keep it short.

    Question: I will read all three of “Christ’s Original Doctrines”, but I’d like to ask you to point this out to me first, if you would please – are Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John in my Bible [Orthodox Study Bible] true and correct, or have they been edited by the early Church who obviously followed Paul?

    Thank you from the depths of my heart for what you have brought my attention to. Please continue!

    • Hi John,

      I have been debating doing a specific blog on the issues of the Apostacy and false doctrines and religions that pollute the truth of the bible.

      As for the truth of the Gospels, I am not an expert. I do encourage you to get a bible called “The Companion Bible” which contains EW Bullingers notes. It is a KJV, but if you are a good student of the word you will learn to use a Strong’s Concordance to study for yourself.

      I must tell you as I told my partner last night that I never liked the Gospel of Luke much. My favorites were Mathew and John. I feel they are the most true to what happened, and if we study the OT to understand the prophecies you can see how clearly Messiah lines up with these prophecies.

      My biggest concern in this sort of study is people becoming jaded. One group now denies the entire bible because of Paul’s obvious lies. Another group seeks to turn the whole life of Jesus into an allegory because of the early church.

      I always strive for truth. In reading the NT Apocrypha I was both enthusiastic, entertained with this “new” information, and yet apprehensive. It’s like I am looking for a special group of the Church of Philadelphia and Smyrna who have kept the words of Yeshua and been faithful through the centuries. Pray for wisdom, seek truth in the word and elsewhere. I do believe if we are open and love God he will guide us. I hold onto one simple fact that I do hold faithful to and that is that the law of God is summed up in 1 commandment and you can add a second for more understanding. That is to do everything out of a Love for God and my neighbor. If I do those simple things then I cannot fail. My spirit tells me instantly if I am being in right relationship to God and my fellow man and that is all that matters.

      I will think about a blog dedicated to this. I am thinking of doing some youtube videos on this stuff as well.

      As always John, thank you for sharing and may you be blessed with all peace and joy!


  2. Hi Christina,

    i will do some “book shopping” when I’m back in the states. I do want to know the truth, just as you do. However, the total truth will not be fully known in this world, as no human can grasp the mind [for lack of a better word] of God. … If you do a blog, please let me be of the first to know. However you decide to go, keep sharing as it is your gift of calling.

    I am not jaded one little bit! I will continue to read Paul, but now looking closly for where things differ from Christ. God works wonders, and who am I to say that the Lord did not put Paul & the Church where they are to seperate the wheat from the chaft? I’ll do all that I can for a lazy-lofer-human to be counted with the wheat. …

    Friends in Christ,

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