Military Bases Denied 4th of July Celebrations over Budget issues while Obama Spends 100 million touring Africa – I hate Selfish People!

I am sick and tired of the working men and women, especially those in uniform continually suffering from budget cuts while the hot shot CEO’s and our President spend like crazy!  Obama works for the American People.  He is not in office to have a vacation every other month, golf every other day, and his friggin wife complaining that living in the White house is akin to being in prison – a nice prison she says!

She has the audacity to complain when they are spending American taxpayer money on lavish vacations and yet close the White house tours and now 4th of July celebrations for our military.  Maybe God will see fit to …. nevermind…. NSA might get mad.

Priorities: Fourth of July Cancelled for Military Bases While the Obamas Tour Africa on the Taxpayer Dime





What makes a good leader? Is it the willingness to do as one would have others do? Is it an underlying bravery, to do what needs to be done even in the face of potential peril? As philosophers have contemplated this notion for millennia, I cannot honestly claim to have a firm, definitive answer as to what makes a leader great.

I can, however, pinpoint qualities that are not found in a true leader. Cowardice, selfishness and an almost pathological willingness to avoid any accountability whatsoever are not qualities that can ever be found in a true leader.

Which brings me to President Obama…

Though we ask our soldiers to risk life and limb for their country, many soldiers will be unable to see the rocket’s red glare this year as we celebrate our nation’s birthday. But don’t worry; The Obamas are reportedly having a great time on their taxpayer-funded vacation to Africa.  MORE


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