Mad as Hell – Aaron Russo’s Amazing Discussion on Freedom

I love Aaron Russo, and I believe he tried his best to help wake Americans up.  He passed away in 2007, but he left a legacy of truth for us.  This article is given with videos I feel are important that show just how evil and insane things have gotten in America.  You will not believe what your government locally is doing via civil forfeiture, and folks this is not new.  You can be accused by someone of doing something illegal in your home or on your property and the government can seize it under civil forfeiture laws.  You have to come up with 10% of the value of said property to take the issue to court.  If you do not do this within in some cases 15 days, then you lose the property!  Oh, and here is the best part, the jackwad who turned you in for whatever gets 25% of the value of YOUR property.  You didn’t have to be guilty of anything!  Watch this show from the 1990’s and see how the warning was sounding back then and yet we are further down the road to tyranny:





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