Disclosure Project is a Scam to Make you believe in UFO’s

While I believe most who were part of the “Disclosure Project” shared the truth as they know it, few of them realize they are being deceived.  Wayne Hershel put up a video explaining why we should not trust Steven Greer who started the Disclosure project.  I will state that I believe the last and greatest lie to befall us will be that we were genetically engineered beings and that our creators were these “aliens” from Sirius who have been maligned over the ages and called demons and negative beings.  You see, we will shortly have the Catholic Church who has already started stating aliens could exist and that it does not change the gospel of Christ which sets the stage for them to endorse these beings when they return as our creator / God.

There are many churches today trying to come together with other world religions and say we all believe the same thing in essence.  The goal will be to create an amalgam religion that encompasses all beliefs and ultimately when the false Christ shows up, they will herald in the Dawn of a New Day or the New Age.  It’s been a slow process to reduce the impact of Christianity.  There have been movies, books, and TV shows that strive to tear down the fundamental truths of the bible and teach a “deeper” / Secret meaning that relates to this idea of Christianity being a metaphor for astrology and our true creators from the region of the stars most played upon in the New Age and that is the region of the Pleiades.

The Church was co-opted within the first 100 years of it’s creation.  Once Paul got in and started changing the teachings of Christ it was all downhill from there.  So, it is not that the church is hiding this ancient “secret” of who we really are, but they are supplanting the truth with their own religion which will herald this coming false Christ.  I have several posts revealing how Paul is a false apostle and yet few Christians will even think about this because Paul’s words make up 2/3rds of the New Testament and they closely mirror much of the Old Testament.  The problem is, Paul throws in subtle lies here and there which cause ALL of the divisions we see in the Church.   You can read this in more depth if you care to really examine Apostle Paul’s gospel vs. Jesus gospel.

So, for those of you who enjoy looking into UFO mysteries and are familiar with the “Disclosure Project” consider what the facts reveal about Mr. Greer:


4 comments on “Disclosure Project is a Scam to Make you believe in UFO’s

  1. Darn-you!

    Thanks a lot though. From about my first read here, you have referenced the writings that you have done in the above link, but you have so much material here, that for me to find it is all-but un-doable. … I have read “Apostle Paul’s Gospel vs. Jesus’ Gospel.” I’m now on “The Final Act”, and see that it is also a long one [good!]. I shall read all of the links at the bottom of “Apostle Paul’s Gospel vs. Jesus’ Gospel”, for sure. So, let me reply now, before I move in a lot deeper, and forget to.

    I was raised Roman Catholic just like you were, and in 2007 I Baptized into the Russian Orthodox church to get back to the four churches that were of the original five before “Rome” made their power grab.

    I will admit that you really set-me-back today, but you present a good file; let the file speak for itself. Now, I need to go back and read the New Testament, but reading nothing written by Paul. I have never read the Gospels in the light that I am about to do. I will take notes as well. I will probably exclude Revelations because it is just that far over my head.

    I would love to bring your material to my people in church, both here in Moscow and Buffalo N.Y., but I already know for a fact that that boat won’t float!!! What to do, what to do? Read and learn is all one can do. …

    Thank You Sister,
    Brother John

    • Hi John, I daily pray for God’s children’s eyes to be opened. It was very hard for me to come to the conclusions I did about Paul. It’s not that I was unaware of the differences in Paul’s teachings, it’s just that I did mental gymnastics to get around it. I still find myself quoting Paul because he did write 99% truth. It’s just those areas that always stuck out at me about the law that really got to me. How can the Law be gone now if Jesus New Covenant is the law written on our hearts?

      I truly do believe if people would set aside their church doctrines and the idea that the New Testament is Scripture when the bible says all scripture is inspired by God, that was not the New Testament, but the Tanach which is the OLD Testament. How can we be admonished by Paul to obey those in government who were according to Paul chosen by God if the very things they are demanding we do are against the will of God as revealed in the scriptures? So, I wish you well my dear brother. Pray for an opening to share. I truly do believe Paul is a Kenite and we have the clues before us. I love the fact that he by trade was a tent maker and that Cain’s children were to always dwell in tents…. that one makes me snicker. Just as Obama says his daddy was a goat herder…. LMFAO! Ah well, the joke is missed by some.

  2. Morning Christina,

    Scripture – up until yesterday I thought that Pauls work was a part it it to. However, without being able to put my finger on it, I have always questioned and often refused to “follow all man-made-law[s].” Now, I ask the question after going to my Bible and confirming acts 9:26, why is Paue even in the Bible, and people such as Thomas are not??? We are never too old to learn, but I am already meeting resistance to “dogma” here. this is not easy to wrap one’s head around, but the facts speak for themself. I am not done with this issue just yet – will I ever be done – probably not.

    I got that joke stright away – “a goat herder” really fits, and the symbol of a goat is not really a joke – LMFAO with you – good one sister!

    PS: I made the flight with no problem:~)))

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