Police Chief Mark Kessler: “Shameful” how academy trains officers to treat everyone

I think we have all seen the video’s of cops treating people like they are hardened criminals over nothing!  One young man was beaten to death literally over nothing, but sitting on the ground.  This is what they did to him for his crime:

Now learn why your son, husband, cop friend treats people this way, and I don’t want to hear any crap about the good cops getting a bad rap.  It used to be that the 1% bad cops gave a bad name to the force, but my friends, things have changed drastically in America just like they did in NAZI Germany.  It is now the 99% of the thug cops giving the 1% a bad name!

Police Chief Mark Kessler: “Shameful” how academy trains officers to treat everyone like a criminal

“When I go through the police academy, they treat everyone that you come in contact with is a criminal. Everyone with a firearm is out to kill you. That’s what they teach us at the academy.” He continued, “I have a real hard time swallowing that.”

“That’s why you have all these young police officers that graduate from these academies and they come out and they want to kick butt and take names, and ruin lives, over nonsense. They terrorize people over a turn signal, or having a brake light out. They want to search your car right away, they want to demonize the American people, the average citizen, the law-abiding citizen.”

When the SHTF cops better hunker down, because they have a lot of angry citizens who have been abused by them.  I do have friends who are cops.  I happen to know these are honorable people stuck in the system.  They have too many years in now 20+ to get out.  I feel very sorry for them, for they see what is happening too and bravely put on that uniform, help whom they can, and know the younger cops are not like the men and women they went into the academy with 20 years ago.

Wanna see some more crap they are doing?

Is your landlord not mowing the grass? Watch out!

Think you can stand on a corner?  Not according to cops.

Is your child riding a bicycle home? Ever think to hand out some literature ON PUBLIC property?  Better think again.

This is coming to a neighborhood near you! 

You better shut up, do your job, collect your benefits, not express your views in writing or speech!  You should know your place because the cops know it!  They are only following orders of course.


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