To Hell with Waterboarding, Obama Administration Supporting Cannibals and Torturing Children

I am not even going to post the videos which are very graphic, but I will post the picture of a little girl chained up by the Obama supported Syrian rebels to  watch them kill her mother and father!

I do not post things for sensationalism.  I posted this picture because THIS is what your government and my government is doing in our name!


Article on Before it News site:

Horrifying Picture! Child Chained Up, Forced To Watch Parents Executed By Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels

My message to Barack Obama that I hope is heard LOUDLY AND CLEARLY (since we ALL KNOW that the NSA and the FBI and DHS are all reading BIN every day anyways), WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON, Barack, the Free Syrian Army cannibals, or hers?

Barack Obama, a name that will forever go down in American history for arming and SUPPORTING MURDERERS and CANNIBALS and KILLERS of CHRISTIANS as the shocking videos below clearly share. (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGERY!)

According to Syrian Truth’s Facebook page, the above photo is of a toddler living in the Deir ez-Zor Governate in eastern Syria, bordering Iraq. She was tied up by members of the U.S.-supported “Free Syrian Army” — which is dominated by foreign, Sunni jihadis — and made to watch as her mother and father were killed for being Shia. Here is how the Obama administration is using your tax dollars — mockingly in the name of “freedom.”

Graphic videos follow



7 comments on “To Hell with Waterboarding, Obama Administration Supporting Cannibals and Torturing Children

  1. I have been trying to spread the word on Islam and their treatment of women and children. Youtube videos of stoning a women to death, the female sex organs and the female genitaily, Child abuse of female and male children. Look up PBS frontline expose of Bachi Bazi. It will turn your stomach

  2. I am in full agreement with the line of thought that declares Islam to be a religion of butchers, rapists, liars, thugs, pedophiles, muderers and all around heinous bastards. The rise of Islamic Fascism is the greatest threat to Western civilization since at least Hitler, and probably the greatest threat in centuries. Obama’s embracing of his Muslim Brotherhood friends is in itself good grounds to remove him from office and try him for treason, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Congress is following the path of the old Roman Senate and merely grumbling when it should be using it’s authority to remove Caesar from power.

  3. Are you really that GODDAMNED STUPID?!! This is just a test run for what the US military plans to do to the American people!!

    The victims are clearly the Arabic people and the perpetrators are clearly the Americans who provided funding and training and chemical weapons for these al-qaeda “rebels” in Syria. And you still have the goddamned audacity, even after the blatant photographic evidence in the above article, to claim its the Muslims?!!

    Calling all Islam evil is just as stupid as calling all Christianity evil just because of a few psychopaths like George Bush Sr who claim to be Christians. The Muslims have their psychopaths too -like the ones in Saudi Arabia who are close friends and business partners with Bush Sr!!!

    But the rest of the Arabic people are just like us, just trying to get by in a world where the banks/corporations/military are taking control of everything.

    Obama is the “pepper” to George Bush’s “salt,” showing off for his white corporate masters. Obama is clearly devoted to Bush Sr’s plans to replace the law of the US Constitution with “national security,” or more accurately described as the New World Order.

    The “butchers, rapists, liars, thugs, pedophiles, murderers and all around heinous bastards” that you refer to are the U.S. military along with their well-funded “rebels,” all over the world, like the al-qaeda in Syria, making the world “safe” for corporate rule.

    THIS IS WHY WE HAVE AN AVERAGE OF 22 AMERICAN WAR VETS COMMITTING SUICIDE E V E R Y D A Y!!! Because they can’t cope with the memories of their participation in crimes against humanity, raping and torturing their victims the world over.

    What the US military is doing to people all over the world is only a practice run for what they’re going to do us Americans. And it’s all in thanks to delusional people like yourself, still caught up in the lie about the Muslim “terrorist threat” and how we need to have our civil liberties removed to fight terrorism, they are very likely to succeed.

  4. I do believe you are a bit myopic in your zeal to condemn America and the military. While we know there are psychopaths running our government, please to not be naive about Islam. While it’s not ALL Muslims, it’s a LOT of muslims who harbor intense hatred for anyone who does not follow their path.

    Tell me, when was the last time you saw fanatical Christians butchering people in the name of God? We both know the answer to that is not for hundreds of years. Islam is a problem, and how to deal with it, well, that is the big question.

  5. Image of a girl from the Sunnis in Syria make Alawite Bashar al-Assad gang goal of each of her approaching, Iguensouna and the picture or the subject of three months, fear God Syrian people and know what is published
    الصوره لفتاة من اهل السنه في سوريا جعلها العلويين عصابة بشار الاسد هدف لكل من يقترب لها و يقنصونه و الصوره او الموضوع من ثلاث اشهر اتقوا الله بشعب السوري و اعرف ما تنشره

    Continued the fact that the picture here تابع حقيقة الصوره هنا

    • Before anyone clicks on these links, know they show a horrific act of violence beyond what you really can imagine.

      I am not sure I can put this on my blog… it is so graphic! My heart is just stunned and I think in shock! How did you find this? What do you know? How do we know this is true?

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