The Power of Directed Prayer – Energetics

I have practiced energetics for close to 25 years.  I have witnessed amazing things happen, and I know that much of what we experience we actually do desire or open ourselves up to.  If you begin to pay attention to your thoughts and how you take ideas into your mind and heart, then you recognize the “birth” moments of experience.  I will share one bad one with you.  Back when Joe Theisman had his terrible career ending injury, I truly went into that moment out of my sensitivity to others.  I did not know at the time that I was opening myself up to living that experience, but in 2000 I had a compound pylon fracture of my right leg!  It changed me from that day on, but I gained so much more.

I lived with crippling pain for almost 10 years.  There were some days I would just go to my office and cry because of the agony I was in.  I would call my partner up on my way home and ask for the crutches to be brought to me when I arrived because I just could not walk on my own.  Then, as I was sitting outside at lunch one day I was meditating and trying to center myself and focusing on my pain.  I recalled a lesson I had learned a long time ago, but was not embracing then and that was, to love my pain.  Oh, it’s not some sick idea of getting off on pain, but the recognition of what is, the physics of force in that every action has an equal and opposite reaction so if I applied resistance to the pain it was going to push back.  So, I needed to let it go, and since the strongest force I know of healing is love, I simply centered myself, accepted my leg and in a space of divine love and acceptance the pain disappeared!

I was without pain for pretty much the next month, and then if it came back I would again pause, recognize it and relax in a moment of surrender and love and the pain would go away.  I don’t want you to miss the first part though of what I shared in that I birthed this moment I am sure when I joined in empathy with Joe.  Many healers have to learn to let the pain of others go and not let it take root in themselves less they find themselves very sick.  Massage therapists will often do a short exercise of energy cleansing before and after they treat their clients.  Visual cues of washing are helpful but not necessary in energetics, but to start out they really do help.  It’s like a Christian who has a bible on their car seat.  There is nothing intrinsic in a book, but what one identifies in their heart does matter. It’s the same for those tiny crosses some carry in their pocket.  They don’t even have to meditate on it because their faith is nurtured enough that it become subliminal at some point that just touching it stirs that faith and activates a flow of spiritual energy around them.

Becoming active in your present moment is key to walking in unity with God.  This is why Yeshua said to not worry about tomorrow because it takes you out of the present moment.  You cannot change the past and you cannot rush the future, but if you are singular in your thought in the present then you are a useful spiritual vessel.  This takes practice and it makes you highly rare.  You no longer get disturbed easily.  You become content whether in abundance or not.  Your balance is even and thus you can assess things better.  It allays depression and other physical symptoms because it helps you to get out of the flight vs fight energy most people are stuck in.  This stress response so many are stuck in is unique to humans.  Animals have it, but once the danger is past, they revert back to a relaxed energy.  Humans get stuck and the symptoms are high blood pressure, indigestion, hormones out of whack, headaches, acne, heart palpitations and a plethora of other ailments that really are symptoms or being stressed out.  Back in the 1980’s when I first got saved, I was impressionable and thought creative visualization was basically witchcraft.  Then I started to actually study the bible instead of just listening to charismatic teachers.

Jesus / Yeshua said that a wise man considers his project before he begins to build.  How do you consider if you don’t imagine it?  Just as I learned the deepest truth about our abilities to create comes from the spirit.  Nothing comes into being here in our world that is not first born in the spirit realm in our hearts to our minds and then acted out and created.  None of what I am saying is meant to imply that you should stop seeing your doctor or stop taking medication.  You should talk to your doctor about stress, meditation and other ways to de-stress, and then later he may agree that you no longer need some medications, but please do not make the mistake of going off medication without talking to your doctor as that could be very harmful.  What is the opposite of Stress?  It is Ease, and thus we get ill when we are in a state of Dis -ease.  You see, medicine is very up front with our problems, but we have lost our way spiritually.  You cannot just think about God on Sundays.

We are truly spiritual beings having a physical experience and if your life is not physically as you want it, then stop, refocus your intention and stay balanced so you are not out of sorts and going into dis-ease.  With all the turmoil in the world that I research and present, it’s very easy if you stay focused on that to become angry, sad, distanced because you don’t want it to happen.  The fact is, God is in control and there is nothing you can or should want to do to stop God’s will.  We were told the last generation would be evil, it would see more wars, disasters, and famines than any other generation.  If you push back against that then the simple fact is that energy will push back at you and I truly do love everyone who is a truth seeker.  I am writing this today because I feel the pressure around us, and you will either let it flow by, aware and yet unharmed by it or you will resist it and the pain of it will affect you, your family and life.  So, take a deep breath, hold it for the count of seven and then exhale through your nose to the count of eight.  Do this four times, and I swear you will de-stress!  4,7,8 breathing is a fast way to reset your system so it’s not in fight vs flight mode.

Remember the beauty around you.  Look at your children, see them as when they were newborns, and see them whole in spirit.  No matter your problems, see the true spirit and send love towards it because we are His disciples.  He said, “It is by the love you show one another that others will know you are my disciples”.  And, it is our duty and heart if we love Him to follow in his footsteps.  What do we know about our blessed Messiah Yeshua? We know that while we were yet sinners, he loved us and showed us the way.  He laid down his own life for us, and died for our sins.  We can be angry, but do not let it take root.  We are not to react in that anger in an unloving way.  If you are a person who internalizes your problems because you don’t want to be a burden on others, please know that stress will show up in you eventually.  It might be high blood pressure, headaches, depression, turning to alcohol, sex, other drugs and it won’t take the pain away.  It is a decision to share a burden.  I discovered a long time ago that He really is there to take our burdens if we will let him.  So, my friends, this was a personal letter to each of you to know that you are a very loved soul.  You have existed far longer than you can imagine, and your future will be incredible.  Forgive others and forgive yourself.  Take today as a chance to begin anew, and take time to stay in the present moment.  I am going to post this video about energy and if you have any questions, please ask.  Chi is not evil, it’s a different manifestation than many in the West are used to, but the truth is, I have lived the example of letting it go and seeing myself whole and accepting things as they currently are.  It’s called learning to be content, and I wish you that peace.


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