Genetically Modified Papayas Attacked In Hawaii

More media black out of citizens rising up against abusive big money corporations pushing GMO crops that the people DO NOT WANT!  The saying, “Money talks and BS walks” has never been more true in our country.  We see big corporations paying off the government via bribes contributions to their campaigns and giving them cushy jobs when they leave the government or get named to high posts by the next dictator in chief, scandal after scandal and no charges filed despite proven lying to congress, murdered Americans in Benghazi abandoned by their our government, gun running gone amok, and open boarders for drug running, human trafficking and vote grabbing by Democrats and the fact is Americans have apparently had it!

Again, the media is absent in the wake of these events!

Genetically Engineered Papayas



HONOLULU — Thousands of papaya trees were chopped down on 10 acres of Big Island farmland under the cover of night last month. Hawaii County police said the destruction appeared to be done with a machete, but there are no leads and few clues beyond the tree stumps and all the fruit left to rot.

“It’s hard to imagine anybody putting that much effort into doing something like that,” said Delan Perry, vice president of the Hawaii Papaya Industry Association. “It means somebody has to have passionate reason.”

A growing theory among farmers is that the attack was an act of eco-terrorism, a violent protest against the biotechnology used in growing papayas here. Police did not respond to calls seeking comment.

The majority of papayas grown on 170 farms on Oahu and the Big Island are genetically modified.

University of Hawaii scientists developed the genetically modified fruit that’s resistant to a ring spot virus that wiped out production on Oahu in the 1950s and was detected in the Puna district on the Big Island in the 1990s. Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are crops whose genetic makeup has been altered to give the plant a desirable trait. The genetically modified fruit is credited with saving Hawaii’s $11 million papaya production industry. MORE

I just wonder what other news we have been kept from knowing because it did not support what the government wanted us to know or act upon.  My main concern is the tipping point and will we have mayhem and a revolution akin the the French revolution.  That of course is the goal of the PTB, and they are just waiting on us to get “up in arms” so they can respond as a loving and caring government.  Remember the eleven deadliest words,

I’m from the government and I am  here to help you!



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