Obama called “war criminal” and “hypocrite of the century” in Irish Parliament

Now, watch this video.  I am a little surprised at the above speech since she has been a member of the socialist party

She spoke the truth in the first video and yet is heart and soul tied to socialism?  Why the attack on the Obamas?

Apparently she resigned from the Socialist Party in 2012

Who is this woman? She has guts and seems to have a heart for the people

We don’t hear a whole lot about Ireland.  American’s seem to be pretty myopic regarding information and tend to not even know what is happening in the rest of the world. As the EU is collapsing, how will the things happening their affect America?  This article discussed Ms. Daly leaving the socialist party,

Ireland: Behind Clare Daly’s resignation from Socialist Party

By Dermot Quinn
17 September 2012

On September 1 Dublin North TD (Teachta Dála—member of parliament) and long-standing Socialist Party member Clare Daly announced she had resigned from the party following a row over her political connection to the disgraced property developer and Independent TD Mick Wallace. She said she will “redesignate” herself as a United Left Alliance (ULA) TD.

Daly’s move demonstrates once again the thoroughly unprincipled character of the Irish ex-left as a whole, as it lurches ever further to the right. The ULA was founded against the backdrop of the collapse of Irish state finances and the negotiations with the Troika of the European Union (EU), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Central Bank (ECB) over an 85 billion euro bailout in November 2010. It is an opportunist alliance between the SP and Socialist Workers Party (SWP), designed to channel growing anger over the vicious austerity measures of the ruling elite back in to parliamentary politics and to maintain the control of the trade union bureaucracy over working class struggles.

Daly herself now expresses concern over the failure to fully exploit the ULA, illustrating the fears within the ex-left as a whole over Ireland’s deepening economic crisis, the danger posed by a possible second troika bailout, and the threat of the emergence of an independent working class movement. She wants complete freedom to deepen her political alliances with sections of the establishment.

The SP responded to the resignation by pouring scorn on Daly, declaring that she had “placed more value on her political friendship with Mick Wallace than on the political positions and work of the Socialist Party”.

She offered him “political support”, “publicly vouched for him” and “consciously and consistently” sat next to him in the Dail (parliament). She was accused of “promoting” Wallace in the campaign against the household charge—a non-payment campaign which the ULA led alongside a collection of Sinn Fein and “independent” TDs against the government’s introduction of a 100 euro charge on all homeowners—and of refusing to work collectively with her colleagues.

Daly’s political relationship with party leader Joe Higgins has, since her resignation, disintegrated rapidly. She was summoned to explain herself on three occasions before the SP national committee but refused to make the break with Wallace.

Daly’s political relations with Wallace were in fact no aberration. The SP within the ULA has included itself in building the foundations of a new populist organisation, and the ruling elite in Irish society knows it has nothing to fear from such a party. The mantra of the ULA has been that capitalism needs to be regulated in a “fairer” way.  MORE

While I applaud her speech about the Obama’s visiting Ireland, the jury is out for me on who Ms. Daly really is.


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