Eyewitness Reports Michael Hastings Car on Fire Before the Crash

Alex Jones had some comments about the death of Michael Hastings who was a Rolling Stone Magazine journalist who revealed abuses in government and was apparently working on a new story which he called Wikileaks attorney regarding his fear he was being watched by the FBI per reports.  The raw footage has a Hispanic gentleman telling what he saw. At about the 3:50 mark he seems to say the car was on fire and then crashed.  Of course the media and police have already said there is no foul play!  I thought you had to do an actual crash investigation before you determine the cause of the crash.  Now of course the smear campaign has begun about Mr. Hastings life and actions to paint him in the public as a reckless individual who basically caused his own death.

Nice image of a beer bottle eh?  I mean they wouldn’t put that there to incriminate Mr. Hastings as a drunk driver would they?

Now, you see the cop dash cam spot the apparent car driven by Hastings run a red light and it goes after him.  The video is cut several times.  Then as the cop turns the corner and sees the fire, you hear, “Oh shit” from a female.  Was that the cop driving?  Then it sounds like a male yells, “Where’s the driver, where’s the driver, is there anybody in there”?  So, I guess it was just lucky to have it all on tape to show us how it must have been Mr. Hastings fault.  Usually cops chase a car speeding and running red lights, but this cop just seems to know where to go without any real effort.

I saw this video very quickly yesterday.  It was amazing how they had this police dash cam view so fast. It sort of reminded me on 9/11 how they just happened to find one of the hijackers passports that had not been burned up in the massive fire when the plane hit the world trade center.  I mean, what are the odds?

So, what is so shady about how Mr. Hastings died?  Listen to this information from Infowars:

Breitbart was killed hours before he was to reveal what he said was information that would bring down the Obama administration.   His death was declared an accident before the Autopsy results were even completed!  If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck!  This is a clear message to all journalists to keep their mouths shut or die a horrible death.




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