Zimmerman Jury Picked – ALL FEMALE

I just read on the AP news that the jury for the George Zimmerman trial has been picked and it’s all female!  Now, how is that a balanced jury of his pears.  I am now going to look and see if it’s all black women, All white Hispanic women or a mixed jury because that will play a key role.  I see this playing out two ways:

1. Zimmerman is found not guilty and we have black riots around the country which could spark a race war.

3. Zimmerman is found guilty and a play is made to have whites up in arms, which I doubt because whites just don’t get “up in arms” over much of anything.

More to come…. I will update this as I find out more.

OK… this isn’t taking long:

The jury is 6 women who are 5 white and 1 black:

Here’s the jury,

B-29: A Hispanic nurse
B-76: A white, middle-aged woman
B-37: A middle-aged white woman
B-51: A retired white woman
E-6: A young white woman
E-40: A white woman in her 60s


E54, white middle-aged man w/ teenager
B72, young man, maybe Hispanic
E13, white college girl
E28, white middle-aged woman nurse

Great clip about the Zimmerman selection process

More thoughts:

Listen to that one guy in the video say he doesn’t even like the ideas of juries right after he said he thinks most people are stupid and he would rather have a “panel” of legal experts make these decisions!  Can you believe that crap?  I mean really, let’s put our guilt or innocence in the hands of “professional” experts!  America is screwed.  I really want to hear your thoughts on this. I obviously believe Trayvon attacked George and was bashing his head on concrete and therefore got shot and killed which means “SELF DEFENSE”!

One blogger / citizen journalist said,

We now know that Trayvon Martin, despite the cutsie pictures of him plastered everywhere by the media, was not so cute; that the rap sheet for this 17-year-old, 6 foot something teenager with gold plate on his front teeth such as gang-bangers have was growing, including assault on a bus driver, possession of jewelry that did not belong to him, possession of a burglary instrument, and possession of a marijuana pipe and marijuana; that he was serving the second suspension from school since October 2011 – all indicative of an attitude headed for bigger trouble down the road.

We now know that George Zimmerman did not mouth the racial slurs claimed by mainstream media sources, nor did he target Martin because he was “black”; rather he found Martin’s behavior – looking in windows, walking between houses – suspect in a gated community that had experienced an inordinate number of residential burglaries; and that, when asked by police dispatch for the race of the individual he was following, told them he thought Martin might be black. A long way from what the mainstream media spread across the airwaves.


One comment on “Zimmerman Jury Picked – ALL FEMALE

  1. There are three branches of the government: the Legislative branch, the Executive branch, and the Judicial branch.

    They are all voted into office other than many in the Judicial branch, who are appointed, often for life.

    The “key word” above is “vote.” We, the people are entitled to vote. In the case of being on a jury, we vote, and no judge in entitled to tell anyone on a jury how to vote, anymore than a “thug at the ballot box” in entitled to tell us how to vote.

    We have every right to judge both the parson, and the law being used, when we sit on a jury. Period.

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