WWIII has Begun – Will it go Nuclear?

I believe we will see a limited nuclear war for lots of reasons.  The first and biggest one is the fear factor.  I believe it could very easily happen in the middle east and possible one or two large cities in America and Russia or UK.  I do not wish this to happen, but the symbolism of it is compelling in various movies and seek to program our thinking and expectations, must as the infamous 9/11 images that began appearing in various TV shows and movies years before it happened.  We see a nuclear event in many places as well, but then again it is a popular fear tactic in movies so I won’t vehemently stand on that.  Nonetheless, we the people of the world are already at war.  We are doing it quietly for the most part at this time, but there could become a touchstone moment where it becomes outward and obvious sides are drawn.  Watch these two videos which echo my thoughts and think about what might be coming in the next couple of years:



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