Webbot Revealed FLT 800 weeks ago would be revealed

Webbot is a very interesting algorithm system that somehow makes some astounding predictions of what is going to happen based on it’s searching the internet for what people are talking about and somehow uses that data to show what is going to happen.  Watch these videos:


Cheney admits to shooting down flight 93

How long do you think it takes to set charges to take a building down and yet here we have Mr. Silverstein say he told the fire department to pull it!  It was already set to blow, and yet building 7 never made it into the 9/11 report!  They lied about Oklahoma City (Watch “The Noble Lie), they lied about 9/11, yellow cake uranium, weapons of mass destruction, they lied about London 7/7, they lied about Flight 800, they lied about Sandy Hook and each time they have done this they have taken more freedoms and rights from Americans promising security.

The question is why is this all coming out?  Is it as the bible says that everything done in secret will be revealed before the end?  Is it to stir up dissent to create anarchy and thus martial law?  Is it to prepare us for another attack so incredible our minds cannot handle it?  Is it to make us feel helpless as though we have no power to stop this monster?  I do know one thing, they want to take down the current world system and create their new world order.  You cannot do this by talking, but by galvanizing the people to do what you want them to do.

It will be curious what the webbot comes out with in the future.


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