La. State Sen. Elbert Guillory Leaves Democrat Party

Now, this is news that should shake up the Democrat Party. One of their own, a black man has had enough of their leadership and has switched parties.  Sadly, he does not realize the Republican party is the same because they are owned by the same elites.  Whenever the elites want to bankrupt us through some social program, they put a Democrat in the White house and whenever they want to bankrupt us through war and pay off their war profiteers, they put a Republican in the Whitehouse.  Nothing really changes.

Each president carries for the same agenda and pretends to be different, but as you can see, America is going downhill fast.  They rig the primaries so that their candidate wins and thus we vote on either one of the elites candidates.  It’s the same as when I used to lay out 2 outfits for my daughter (bohemian in nature) to pick from to wear to school as a child.  She thought she was picking out her clothes when in reality, I had picked two I approved of as I did not want to see her run off in a leopard pattern brown top and purple pants.

This is what the Blaze had on the issue of this brave man leaving the Democrat party:

Louisiana State Sen. Elbert Guillory sent shock waves throughout the nation when he enthusiastically joined the Republican Party after a long life as a Democrat.  In a powerful video explaining his decision, Guillory likened the Democrat Party to a plantation, claiming the “charity” of the welfare state is nothing more than a tool to control.

He appeared on the Glenn Beck Radio Program Thursday to speak more about his decision, saying he’s been a fan of the program for years.

“I was dissatisfied with the principles and the values of the party of disappointment,” he began, “the Democrat Party in Louisiana.”

LA State Senator Elbert Guillory Tells Glenn Beck Why He Became a Republican

Guillory said he has watched the party moving further left on gun rights, abortion, prayer in schools, big government spending, and the family, but it was a shocking claim in the Senate that finally crossed a line.

When he heard Democrats claiming that if you oppose Obamacare, you’re a racist, Guillory said he couldn’t believe it.  His 103-year-old mother called him and said she didn’t want him associated with “anything like this,” despite the fact that she also has been a lifelong Democrat.

“It was the last straw,” Guillory reflected.

He has been called vile names and has been “taken to task” by the Democrat “hierarchy” in the wake of his comments, but Guillory said: “I’m very comfortable with who I am, doing what I’m doing.  It doesn’t hurt my feelings.”

When Beck asks how Guillory thinks the cycle of people “continuing to vote for the policies that are enslaving them and destroying their families” can be broken, Guillory said it is all goes back to education.

“We have to…uplift the level of basic education, but we also have to do some political education, and convince people that [just] taking a few little handouts, just having a subsistence living…that it will keep you on the plantation for the rest of your life,” he said.  “That’s not a life.  That’s not living. It’s not good enough. It’s not acceptable.  We have to educate our people…You have to get off the plantation, the government plantation.”

Watch Beck’s complete interview with Guillory is located here.


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