The Government Lied about 9/11 – Just like they Lied about Benghazi & Spying

I know this seems like old news.  I mean it happened in 2001 and can’t we just forget about it or as Hillary Clinton would say about Benghazi, “What difference does it make”

Now that the public is all outraged at the abuses of the government spying on Americans and Obama’s administration for targeting conservative Americans and any journalists who try to investigate the Obama administration, don’t you think it’s time we re-examine what happened on 9/11? This very short video sums it up:

If  you want to watch serious investigative reports on why the twin towers could not have come down from two planes hitting them then watch these two videos:

Hundreds of Professional architects say the buildings could not come down after being hit by planes as the government claims:

Our government has planned false flags and it’s known from released documents. This is a great video to understand how we were fooled on 9/11. Remember, what happened after 9/11.  War is a racket and the people pay for it.

Since we did 9/11 and we have killed over a million people in Iraq and Afghanistan are we guilty of innocent blood? I mean, as Americans who vote for our government who acts on our behalf are we not culpable?   How can people be so blind based on their party affiliation to not see the plain truth?  Liberals can’t see Obama’s criminal unconstitutional actions and conservatives can’t see Bush’s.  When will  the people realize that an evil group is directing both parties.  They control who gets elected, and they are moving us towards anarchy to destroy the present system for a more “perfect” and controlling one where there will be no money but cards to track your every move.  You will live where you are told to live, you will work where you are told to work, and you will watch & read what is sanctioned as appropriate which means you will write and talk about things only if given permission.

Tex Marrs presents his findings at a UFO conference:

One tidbit I will share from the Tex Marrs video for those who want to bring up the “Popular Mechanics” articles supposedly debunking the 9/11 debunkers.  According to Tex, a couple months before the first article came out on “Popular Mechanics” they cleaned house of the old researchers and reporters and named Benjamin Chertoff the chief investigator.  One smart reporter asked Benjamin, “are you related to Michael Chertoff ” (who is now the head of DHS)?”  Benjamin said, “I don’t know” and the unsatisfied reporter as real reporters do, he went to Benjamin’s mother and asked her if they were related to Michael Chertoff and she said, “Oh yeh, he’s our cousin”!   MORE

This is OUR government America.  When will we HOLD them accountable?  If we are waiting on the government to come clean, police their own, then it will not happen.  In all of this subterfuge (lies and secrecy for those with a public school education) they spin until we are exhausted and just want it to go away.  Look at the world economy, wars, and turmoil.  Why is your government buying billions of rounds of HOLLOW POINT ammunition, tanks, assault weapons for domestic police to use against you?  If you cannot see that there is a plan for anarchy you must be willfully blind. Sticking your head in the sand will not change anything!


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