Censored News – Black on White Crime is not News and Not Useful

I’ve known about this case for years, and I’ve wanted to put up this information because to me it is indicative of the problem we have in our society.  Crime is wrong no matter who it happens to, and therefore whether the victim is white, black, Asian, Hispanic (pick your race) and the perp is white, black Asian, Hispanic (pick your race) it should be reported on especially if it’s of a heinous nature.  Yet, few people even know about this particular crime.

Finally, in 2012 Nancy Grace does this piece about the case

“They go ten miles for the defendant’s rights, but the victim has no rights” Gary Christian father of slain Shannon Christian

We live in a Godless evil generation.  This is just more proof.

Just putting up a post like this will get me labelled a racist!  Posting the truth is now racism.  I don’t care who didn’t get hugged enough as a child, didn’t have their daddy around or get to become a famous athlete and feels they’ve been robbed.  These psychopath black monsters murdered the white people for no apparent reason other than they were white.  White guilt has gone too far in America.

Every ethnic group has been unfairly treated at one time or another.  The perpetual victim hood of the black community is not helping anyone.  It’s not about forgetting the past, but learning from it, healing from it, and living without that hatred.  We all can come up with some excuse to use if we want to victimize others.  It’s a choice. It’s a Godless choice and we are supposed to stay silent?   I don’t think so.  This is what comes from tearing apart the family. This is what comes when the government becomes the paycheck and women don’t need a man around except to pop out another welfare baby.  We have generational welfare with mothers as young as 12 years old having a baby, and that baby growing up and having a baby at 14.  Just who is instilling values in these girls?  Much of the black community used to be so strong and honorable.   What happened? I’ll tell you what happened. A war on drugs and poverty is what happened.  Legalized abortion for any reason is what happened.  Girls can be just as slutty and cheap as boys.  It’s “normal” after all right?  You shall be known by your fruit.  That goes for individuals as well as communities and nations.

Are we proud of the fruit of America now?  I am not.

Need more proof of the censored media of black on white crime?

Blacks calling for “exterminating of white people”… I bet you did not hear of this on TV

Obviously, extremists get the most attention.  This is one woman I wish I could know personally.  I don’t care about race. I care about abuse of issues and race baiting, and ignoring problems that do effect us.

She is not alone either


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