An Open Message to the NSA

I am forwarding this to Facebook, and hope you do the same.  The truth is this “Snowden scandel of spying” is meant to intimidate us.  Are you afraid to speak your mind verbally or in writing?  If so, they the elites are winning.  I say its time to start YELLING and stop caring about who might get offended.  The government is out of control, and it needs to be start following the constitution and get rid of this monstrosity they call DHS and all the laws passed in the war on terror.

Guess what? It was already illegal to come into the United States without proper paperwork. It was already against the law to plan and implement acts of terror.  So, all the new laws that have passed from the 1990’s to today are not for our safety, but to take away our rights.  So, speak your mind and to hell with who is watching.


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