What’s going on with Fukishima? Cover-Up

Have you noticed that we never hear about Fukishima Nuclear disaster anymore?  I mean, did it magically go away?  Is there something they don’t want us to know about it now and just how is it affecting the environment? I mean, I would think the tree hugging environmental wackos would be out in full force on this, but all I hear is crickets chirping. It’s as if, unless their overlords in the elite don’t want them saying anything.  So, I thought I would dig up what I can find say from last year to now and see how we are doing.

So, I started digging and you know what?  NOTHING NEW!  This sends up red flags to me. What I mean is we had this tracking from March 2011 thorugh 2012 and now nothing, but this is what they showed as of March 2012

And yet, I am trying to find an update from 2012 and it is like pulling rooster teeth!  So, if you find an updated map from NOAH or some other site, let me know please.  I have some videos that talk about the impact of radiation from 2012 to now, but I can’t find this hard sort of imagery.  I found this tweet and image saying panicked Americans seeking out iodine tablets, but not sure of the date of the image:

Here is a similar image from the EPA in 2011, but nothing newer? The adage, out of sight out of mind must be true.  Baffle us with bullshit and scandals and we won’t remember there is a nuclear plant meltdown in Japan spewing radioactive waste across the Pacific towards America!  Wake-Up people. What is our government doing? Oh, we need to spy on American’s and watch them develop cancer and respiratory disease, sprout two heads and eight fingers, but damned if we’ll actually help!

Again, 2011 images!  Why nothing in late 2012 and 2013?

Fall Out Map March 2011

Could it be the news is really bad?

August 2012

Remember what actually happened

Very good update of what’s NOT being talked about:

December 2012  (these guys sound like they are sitting in the basement, eating chips, and asking mom for more soda, but the info actually is good… surprise. God did once talk though a jackass though, right?)

February 2013

March 2013

April 2013 (just what do you think is happening to America that gets all the wind from that direction? Ever wonder why people are getting so sick?)

I’m always concerned about our military and this article should concern us:

Fukushima And The Navy: Sailors Sue Japan Nuclear Plant Owner, Saying Disaster Made Them Sick

from huffpo:

Within weeks of setting off a geiger counter and scrubbing three layers of skin off his hands and arms, former Navy quartermaster Maurice Enis recalled being pressured to sign away U.S. government liability for any future health problems.

Enis and about 5,000 fellow sailors aboard the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier had finally left Japan, after 80-some days aiding victims of the March 11, 2011, Fukushima earthquake and tsunami, and were about to take a long-awaited port call in Thailand.

But first, they were told they needed to fill out some paperwork.

“They had us sign off that we were medically fine, had no sickness, and that we couldn’t sue the U.S. government,” Enis told The Huffington Post, recalling widespread anger among the sailors who saw it as “B.S.” but who also felt they had little choice.

On Monday, the two-year anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, Enis joined a lawsuit with more than 100 other service members who participated in the rescue mission and who have since developed medical issues they contend are related to radioactive fallout from the disabled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Rather than targeting the U.S. government, the federal lawsuit names plant owner Tokyo Electric Power Co. the defendant.

TEPCO, as the company is known, provided false information to U.S. officials about the extent of spreading radiation from its stricken reactors, according to Roger Witherspoon on his blog Energy Matters.

Among the lawsuit plaintiffs is Enis’ girlfriend, Jaime Plym, who also served as a quartermaster on the aircraft carrier, a position that involves guiding the ship and spending significant time on deck. The couple had been looking forward to leaving the military and starting a family. Now, Enis said, they don’t know if children will be an option due to health problems they’ve both developed since signing away government liability. They’ve both been honorably discharged from the military and don’t know how they will pay for medical treatment.

Plym has a new diagnosis of asthma and her menstrual cycle is severely out of whack. Enis has lumps on his jaw, between his eyes and on his thigh. He’s also developed stomach ulcers and lung problems, and is losing weight and hair. MORE


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