The Oldest Lie Spreads in and through the Church Today

Writing this blog is sort of like having an ongoing diary with anonymous readers and others who share their thoughts from time to time.  If you are a regular reader then you know sometimes I put out a flurry of posts and other times a couple a day or none for a few days.  Today I feel I have been driven by the Holy Spirit.  I love days like this.  I’ve been at this since I got up at 8 am and it’s now past midnight and I am not tired.

Things come my way and it’s like I would have thought of something a day or two ago and then I trip over a link or youtube video and there is this plethora of information.  Sometimes it’s shocking, sad, or funny, but I never feel burdened by them.  I always feel blessed, and if you are a truth seeker and can handle some hard facts about the world and even possibly people you like and respect, then this video I am posting is definitely one to watch.

My heart ached at times for the terrible deception we are under.  The shepherd’s of God’s flock have truly left and we have nothing but hirelings in their place.  I was not expecting what the video shares as it seemed to be mainly about David Wilcock who as most know is a charlatan new age guru who no matter how many bad predictions or bad imitations of a channeler he does there is a crowd who just loves him.  So, since I have not heard a lot about Wilcock in a while I thought I would watch it, and it contained so much more.

As much as I dislike the lies Wilcock and his ilk spread, I don’t feel wounded by them for most who seek after their information are not believers in Yeshua.  But, to see Pastors and the Pope spreading the sickest message which is the oldest of lies told to Eve in the Garden that we are gods is so heart wrenching.  So, I ask those in agreement to pray for the lambs and sheep who love and want to follow God through Yeshua to not be led astray by such lies.  I mean, it’s in the very Catechism of the Catholic Church stating that Jesus gave up his Godhood to become a man so that we as men could become as God!  Sack cloth and ashes cannot take away this in mourning for our children and loved ones who buy into this.  We are as one in Messiah as a husband and wife are as one, but do you think for a minute that the husband suddenly likes to put on high heels and the wife wants to sit around a camp fire and fart with the boys?  It’s a spiritual joining and it’s a place of complete openness, but never is it said anywhere that we somehow become God.  This is the lie the world will buy at the right time, and it appears that is very soon.  Thanks reading and know that God does love each and every one of us so very much.  May we have strength and wisdom to not fall into deception.


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